Review: Olight S1 LED Baton Flashlight

I have dozens of flashlights ranging from very small and just a couple of lumens to larger super bright models. Ever since I was a kid and had an old silver flashlight that had an ultra-cool button on the switch that allowed me to do morse code with it I have been hooked. Flashlights today … Read more

Review: Canik TP9SA 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

Colt. Springfield. Glock. Smith & Wesson. H&K. Ruger. All these brands are well respected and have been putting out high quality firearms for years. For most the mention of any of those brands and it is easy to think of at least a half dozen quality models offered. Canik? Not so much. Canik is relatively new … Read more

Gear Review: Alocs Alcohol Stove

Alcohol stoves are very popular with backpackers and campers who look for lightweight cook systems that burn inexpensive fuel. There are no moving parts, no electronics, no valves, and no pipes. Simplicity. They are also inexpensive and can be made from common household materials if so desired. Alcohol stoves are mostly used for boiling water for … Read more

First Impressions: Ganzo G704 Folding Pocket Knife

I could easily develop a serious knife collecting problem. So far in my 45 years I have managed to keep my fascination with knives in check. One of my most recent additions is the Ganzo G704 folder. If you are not familiar with Ganzo they are a Chinese manufacturer of knives with a decent reputation. … Read more

Flashlight Review: The Sunwayman C22C

I am a flashlight junkie. With the continued improvements in LED technology and power efficiency, lights are getting more powerful and and lasting longer. This bodes well for those of us who prepare for power failures and grid down events. I received an offer to review the Sunwayman C22C from It was provided to me … Read more

Review: Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight

Flashlights are a critical item in prepping supplies. Every member of your family should have AT LEAST one flashlight with extra batteries. Over the past few years I have seen a huge performance increase and cost decrease in flashlights using LED technology. Steamlight is a major brand name in flashlights. Known for their high quality … Read more

REVIEW: Kelly Kettle Trekker

Most every prepper in existence has at least one – if not a dozen –  ways to cook in the absence of electricity.  Whether on the go or sheltering in place, cooking and boiling water are right up there on the “list of important things” that must be done. There have been a multitude of … Read more

Review: Solar AIR Lantern

There have recently been a multitude of innovative preparedness products hitting the market and the Solar AIR Lantern is one of them. Most any emergency generally ends up with the lights out. Ever get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stub your toe navigating the darkness? Yeah – … Read more

Review: Waka Waka Power – light and solar charger

Right off I have to mention that this post has nothing to do with Fozzie from The Muppets. Those old enough to remember might recollect the fuzzy bear saying “Waka Waka” whenever he really liked something. No – the Waka Waka Power is a really unique product that combines the following – a solar charger, … Read more

Review: Gunshack G2 flashlight

I recently had an opportunity to purchase two(2)  Helotex G2 flashlights through at a really good price. I love flashlights in my preparedness system I can’t have too many (along with batteries of course). Over the last decade technology has lead to flashlights getting brighter, smaller, and less expensive.  Most of my lights run off of either AA alkaline or CR123 batteries. … Read more

Tractor Supply LED Emergency Light

Went to my local Tractor Supply to get my dogs favorite treats. While walking around looking at all the goodies I came across this multi-LED flashlight priced at $4.99. It came with batteries and had a spring-loaded clip point on it. It also had a magnet on the backside so it could be stuck on … Read more

The Deadwood Rocket Stove for Cooking Indoors

This post originally appeared over at It can be seen in its original form HERE. – Rourke   By Beverly Sandlin You all  know I am a fan of the Deadwood Stove for camping and by my grill, because I wrote about it in 2012. I even have two Deadwood Stoves! These are, to … Read more

Building and Operating a Makeshift Wood Oven

smoker, survival stove, oven, SHTF, TSHTF, TEOTWAWKI, economic collapse, food storage

One of the basic needs for any survival situation is a means of cooking food. The most abundant fuel available is wood.  There are many ways to use wood to cook food…the most common being a camp fire or the “rocket stove”.  However, these methods are not the most fuel efficient, and a lot of … Read more

The Paladin Go Bag Toolkit

the Paladin go bag

I was the lucky winner of the Paladin Go Bag during the last guest post contest.  Rourke asked me if I could do a review of the bag after receiving it.  Upon receiving the bag, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  I made my Paladin Go Bag a portable toolkit for emergency … Read more

Review: Streamlight 88850 POLYTAC LED Flashlight

I love flashlights. They are a basic and integral part of any preparedness plan. Ask anyone to make a list of the top 5 things that should be collected in case of any kind of a disaster and surely”flashlight” will be ranked up there. As I continue to build my preps I sought out a high quality, high … Read more

Flashlight Review & Test: UltraFire versus TrustFire

I love flashlights and have since I was a kid. With today’s technologies flashlights are brighter, lighter, and cheaper than ever before. LED technology has taken flashlight brightness to a level never seen before. I have flashlights I have paid over $60 for and I have some I have paid as little as $1.00. When … Read more

The Surefire 60-round AR Magazine

Although it appears that AR-type firearms as well as magazines seem to be in much better supply than just a couple months ago, magazine such as the Surefire 60 60-rd capacity remain in very high demand. I managed to acquire two samples for testing. With the higher prices on .223 and 5.56 ammunition – testing was limited … Read more