The 20 Best EDC Flashlights

bushnell flashlight

Ounce for ounce, you will never do better for a useful daily carry tool than a good, dependable flashlight. There is no gun, perhaps even no knife that is as vital in all situations, all seasons, and all places as a flashlight. From boring everyday chores to hardcore survival situations, you’ll always have a need … Read more

15 Must-Have Truck EDC Items

truck drifting

One of the most important tools in a prepper’s arsenal is their vehicle. Serving as a conveyance for evacuation or bugging out, a prime mover for mass amounts of cargo or a taxi to get you and your group where you are needed, when you are needed, it is difficult to overstate the flexibility and … Read more

15 Critical Survival Items for Your Purse

womens purse

Part of being prepared means keeping certain tools and gear with you at pretty much all times. Improvisation might be a tenet of prepping, but only the unprepared or the extremely unlucky will have to resort to it. It is far better to go out into the world with a few, modest gear choices that … Read more

15 Rural EDC Items to Never Be Without

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EDC items you tote with you will be highly impacted by both where you live and where you work. State and local laws will determine what type of self-defense tools can legally be carried, and even what size of bag can be taken with you into work, shops, and restaurants you frequent when away from … Read more

Differences Between Rural and Urban EDC

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EDC is shorthand for everyday carry, describing both the procedure and choice to carry useful tools and other gear on your person daily, but also describing the things that are carried, for instance your EDC knife, EDC gun, etc. EDC has also been picked up as a sort of “movement” where advocates and enthusiasts try … Read more

Smart Ways to Carry Your EDC

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The EDC “movement” or philosophy or whatever you want to call it is nothing new, never mind the fact that some folks have found a way to buttress the idea as a cool “mindset” or shared belief to make money off of people who enjoy that sort of in-group lifestyle. Carry of small tools, weapons … Read more

Top 7 EDC Mistakes to Avoid

EDC is more than just an acronym for a collection of stuff you choose to carry around; EDC is now shorthand for a lifestyle choice, one in which a selection of carefully chosen equipment is called on to solve anticipated problems in your day-to-day reality. EDC loadouts can range from bare-bones minimalist tools, to a … Read more

The 9 Best EDC Bags for Everyday Carry

Each year, the manufacturers who listen to their customers learn a little more about how their products are being used and what can be done to improve them. Then technology keeps advancing so the quality of materials and the designs improve year on year. From backpacks to sling bags, messenger, laptop bags, pocket organizers and … Read more

Everyday Carry Kits for Kids

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Have you ever thought about what your kid carries with him every day? While you can expect him or her to be able to survive any disaster, making sure he has these survival items with him in his backpack could make a huge difference. This article written on Everyday Carry Experts shows exactly which edc items to get … Read more

What to Have in Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Kit

If you are new to prepping, or interested but not sure that it’s for you, a great place to start out is with what to have in your Every Day Carry (EDC) kit. Your EDC kit is made up of items that you commit to carrying with you every day, at all times. The only … Read more

What do you carry?

by The Coach Here is a question for you. What is the MOST important survival equipment that you have? Think about that question for a minute before you read on. Here is the answer; the most important survival equipment that you have is the equipment that is on you when you need it! You can have … Read more

One Woman’s Perspective on an EDC

My husband is thrilled – after several false-starts, I finally have an EDC that he and I agree is practical and useful. Before you laugh, let me explain.  In three years I’ve had four Hubby-attempts to supply me with a Every Day Carry Bag.  The first was an expensive, backpack purchased for my birthday.  It … Read more

Reality in Everyday Carry

Reality in Everyday Carry by Bret Gould   For all of those reading survival blogs, we obviously have our eyes on the upcoming problems on the horizon.  The astute have been forecasting for years that a currency collapse, a false flag EMP, an Iranian EMP or something we cannot even imagine may happen in the … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks of EDC…….

Everyday Carry   Not long ago, my daughter who is a third year medical student and I planned to dine at a nice restaurant which is co-located in a busy area along with other restaurants and fast food businesses. We were in a diesel one ton ranch pickup equipped with a massive front bumper concealing … Read more