Review: Waka Waka Power – light and solar charger

Right off I have to mention that this post has nothing to do with Fozzie from The Muppets. Those old enough to remember might recollect the fuzzy bear saying “Waka Waka” whenever he really liked something. No – the Waka Waka Power is a really unique product that combines the following – a solar charger, a built-in battery, and a light source.


In any emergency situation having light when the power is out not only is helpful for safety reasons but is a huge morale booster in what is likely a very stressful time. The Waka Waka Power contains a 2,200 mAh Lithium Ion battery. The battery can be charged via the built in solar panel or using the mini-USB port located on the side of the unit. Detailed instructions are included that cover all aspects of the Waka Waka Power’s operation. There is even a built-in emergency SOS beacon mode.


When charging the internal battery there is a small green LED light on top of the unit which flashes indicating that charging is taking place. The rate in which the light blinks correlates to how fast the battery is charging. A single blink indicates a slow charge. Two quick blinks relates to medium rate charge. Three blinks represents a fast charge. The current battery level is easy to check by pressing and holding the main power button down and looking at the four green LED lights on the side of the unit. Simply – 1 light shows 25% battery charge, 2 lights 50%… get the point.


The Waka Waka Power has been extremely easy to use and has worked great. The dual LED elements throw out a good amount of light – plenty to place in a completely dark room and light it up. It throws plenty of light to use to walk around or place in the corner of the kitchen and work on counters, tables, etc. 


The solar panels located on the back of the unit charge the Waka Waka’s internal Lithium Ion battery. I placed my test unit on my bedroom window sill prior to going to work with a 25% charge battery indicator – and when I returned home that evening it was fully charged. Cool! 


Overall – the Waka Waka has performed well and provides excellent emergency lighting as well as expedient power for a cell phone. The fact that it has a built in solar panel which to charge the power pack indefinitely is a huge benefit.



A device like the Waka Waka Power can take the place of several others. It combines a flashlight, battery pack, and solar charger. Pretty cool. At a price of around $70.00 – it is not cheap. Read that again – IT IS NOT CHEAP. This is a high quality product that would be extremely useful in a grid down, lights out situation.


For more information visit the companies website The Waka Waka Power is also available on Amazon with discounted pricing.



What Is WakaWaka Power? The World’s Most Efficient Solar Charger & Lamp




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1 thought on “Review: Waka Waka Power – light and solar charger”

  1. I bought one of these a about 3 months ago. I love the idea, and it is a nice compact unit, easy to carry, but I find that it is very slow to recharge. Mine certainly isn’t going from the 25% level to fully charged in one day, even in bright sun. It’s been in my south-facing window all week (a couple very sunny days and a couple cloudy) and is still stuck at 25% charge. i live near Philadelphia.


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