Review: Olight S80 750 Lumen LED Flashlight

If you hate having to read through an entire review article just to find out of the author would recommend the product or not let me help you out: This flashlight is awesome! With that said I have just recently found out that this model has been discontinued. Before you run and get a box of tissues have no fear for it is still available from numerous retailers and other Olight models can be had.

My Olight S80 came via If you are a frequent visitor to MSO you may know that I have recently been promoting as they have some very unique products at great prices. The drawback is shipping can often taken up to 30 days as the product is coming direct from China. So – it is a decision: If time is not essential and you can wait some great deals can be had.

Back to the Olight S80……

The Olight S80 750 lumen Baton LED flashlight uses a very unique and rechargeable battery – the 26650 lithium ion. Although many may consider this unique battery a serious drawback it is rechargeable and extras can be purchased online inexpensively.


The S80 comes in a very nice plastic case with all contents laid out nicely. This is not a Wal-Mart special rather this high end product is packaged as such. Included with the light is the charging cable, battery, holster, manual, and an extra lens that I have never used.

Fit, Finish and Feel: The Olight S80 is what I would call a medium sized flashlight sitting at approx 6″ long and 1.25″ in diameter. The cosmetic finish looks great with a glossy black anodizing. The white lettering is bold and certainly contrasts well against the black.

Everything feels solid with nothing loose. Threads are tight, the button works as it should, and the glass lens is crystal clear. I would like to see a surface not quite so smooth and provides a better grip. When wet the light can be a bit slippery but to be honest I am probably being too critical.


The light can be stood on its end cap for projecting light straight upward.  This would be valuable if trying to illuminate a room.


At the rear of the light on the end cap is the charging port. A rubber plug is secured to the light and simply pulls out of the way for insertion of the of the charging plug.


Performance: The Olight S80 performs fantastically. It’s 750 lumen CREE XM-L LED throws an extremely bright beam that is what I would reference as “focused”. Although not a flood lam due to its brightness the area around and on either side of the beam certainly receives a decent amount of light.

Below are a couple examples of “before and after” pictures showing the brightness of the S80:

Side of House – no light


Side of House – Olight S80 750 lumens




Across the street approx 125 yards away – no flashlight. There is an exterior house light on.


House across the street with Olight S80 with 750 lumens – same external house light is on.


Value: As mentioned this flashlight has been discontinued but is still available from many online retailers. You get a rechargeable, 750 lumen, rugged flashlight – and did I mention waterproof? It is IPX-8 rated meaning it can be completely submerged.

Summary: No doubt you can tell I like the Olight S80.

High recommendation.

Due to this light being discontinued there is a similar Olight available sitting at 750 lumens – the Olight M21X L2 Warrior. This thing is n my wish list and looks to be more affordable.



M21X L2 Warrior 750LM Cree XM L2 4 Modes LED Waterproof Flashlight
Olight M21X L2 Warrior 750LM Cree XM L2 4 Modes LED Waterproof Flashlight


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5 thoughts on “Review: Olight S80 750 Lumen LED Flashlight”

  1. I bought one and am impressed with the overall quality. It’s a little heavier than what I’m used to, but it’s also a little larger than what I normally use. I think I got a close-out deal because mine was in the $40 range if I remember correctly. I guess the only thing I didn’t think about when I purchased it was that it can’t be waterproof with the charging port covered by just a rubber plug. I don’t anticipate that will be a big problem (the plug should make it fairly water resistant) but one I hadn’t considered. Overall I think it was a very good buy for the cost. I’d give it about a 4 out of 5 stars…

  2. When I’m next at the big lab, I will propose testing several LED lights for EMP survivability. It’s not time to through away those Mag Lights with incandescent bulbs – at least keep an incandescent in the battery cap storage.

  3. Looks like a good light. If I can get it on closeout for under $40 I may try to pick one up. My personal mantra is I will not pay more than $50 for any product made in china, which sadly, keeps me from purchasing many recommended or needed products. (for $60-$120 I can get a ‘made in USA’ Surefire or Streamlight…. Jus’Sayin)

    • Robeto – I hate to burst your bubble but SureFire lights are not made in the USA. Neither is Streamlight. They are great lights though. Most any product that contains electronic boards or chips come from China. Both Streamlight and Surefire do contain USA made material and are assembled here in the states.

  4. I got the M21 after I saw your recommendation for gear best several weeks ago. It was on sale for $32. It is my second Olight and I highly recommend it. I have lights by Fenix, JetBeam, and less expensive and less robust brands. The Olights are my favorite.


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