Is it Safe to Leave a Fire Extinguisher in Your Car?

fire extinguisher and antifreeze in car trunk

One major, though usually unexpected hazard encountered on the highways and interstates every year are vehicle fires. Resulting in hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and countless fortunes in property loss, vehicle fires are an ever present and significant emergency when operating any vehicle. A fire extinguisher is always the first and best option for … Read more

Vehicle Maintenance Advice

By: Tony D   As an auto technician and PREPPER, I would like to share some of my expertise in the automotive field. I have been “turning wrenches” for over 25 years, and have amassed quite a bit of knowledge. I often see vehicles in my shop that are in such poor shape, I can … Read more

Essentials for a Vehicle Emergency Kit

By Cherie Being prepared for an emergency is serious business. You probably realize, for instance, the wisdom of carrying an emergency kit in your vehicle. But do you have one in there right now? During the winter of 2006, a couple and their children were returning home from vacation. They missed their turnoff, drove perhaps … Read more

Enjoyable day on a 4×4 ATV…

This past Sunday I borrowed a friends ATV to go off-roading with a longtime friend. This was not my first time on an ATV and it was an absolute blast. I pulled the KINGQUAD 400 to Carolina Adventure World here in South Carolina. Place is awesome. They have tons trails with difficulty levels that run … Read more

Post-SHTF transportation: The Mountain Bike

Do a search for “bug out vehicle” and you’ll find everything from a small economy car to a monster truck suggested. Certainly there are numerous vehicles that can work in different situations. I recently picked up five mountain bikes for the family – mainly for recreation and exercise.   After having rode mine on pavement … Read more

Building the Budget ‘Burban Batmobile

by Wyzyrd Yes, it’s a silly title. If I had called it “A 72-Hour+ Kit for your vehicle“, or something similar, you might have just said “another one of those…” and ignored it, completely. No chainguns, no rocket-launchers, some humor.  A disclaimer: Anytime I recommend a particular item, the URL is the manufacturer, so you can … Read more