DIY carpet cleaner

Easy DIY Carpet Cleaner Recipe

February 2, 2020 Tara Dodrill 0

Stockpiling the ingredients to make a DIY carpet cleaner should be worked into every prepper’s budget. Cleaning your carpets might not initially sound like a priority chore on your survival plan list – but it […]

log cabin

Building Your Own Log Cabin

December 23, 2016 Ryan 4

by Ryan Building a log cabin is not complicated, but it is difficult. The work is back-breaking, and the process requires incredible tenacity. If you are doing the work by yourself, the build will take […]

smoke bomb explosion

How to Make Smoke Bombs

April 2, 2016 Dan Stevens 1

by Nicholas Disclaimer: the advice given in this article is for information purposes only. Before making smoke bombs, check the rules and regulations where you live. Always use protective equipment. Smoke bombs are a firework-like piece of […]

boots and a walking stick

Making Your Own Walking Stick

March 30, 2016 Dan Stevens 12

by Pearl A walking stick serves a number of uses. It is often used in hiking, to help navigate uneven terrain. It can also be used by those injured and the elderly for support and balance. […]