Review: Solar AIR Lantern

There have recently been a multitude of innovative preparedness products hitting the market and the Solar AIR Lantern is one of them.

Most any emergency generally ends up with the lights out. Ever get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stub your toe navigating the darkness? Yeah – me too. Light is valuable and a redundant supply of multiple light sources should be a basic stored preparedness supply.



The Solar Air Lantern is a solar powered light source unique in that the body of it is blown up. Yeah – I said “blown up” – like a beach ball. This means the light will float. The 10 LED’s are surprisingly bright. On the bottom of the unit is a reflective surface to help spread the light out in all directions.

It is lightweight and when deflated is extremely compact. An integral handle is built in to the top and can be hung easily.

The light has three settings – High, Low, and Emergency Flash.

The Solar Air Lantern is charged with the built in solar panels on top of the unit. This allows for easy charging by leaving it exposed to sunlight.

Here are a few pictures:


Above: The pictures really do not do the Solar Air Lantern justice when displaying the level of brightness. The amount of light is not blinding however it does an great job lighting up an area.


Above: Light from fully charged batteries will last upwards of 12 hours.

Below: Like I said before – pictures do not do the Lanterns just. Here are two lighting up my garage. In person the garage was much brighter than what the picture conveys.


Below: The deflated Solar Air Lantern can be hung on a backpack and charged while hiking. Its lightweight and small footprint makes it perfect for inclusion in a survival or get home kit.



The Solar Air Lantern is an area illumination option that is unique, portable, lightweight, rechargeable via the sun – it works! It’s darn right pretty cool.

Did I mention that it is waterproof?

At $19.97 the price point is right on for the features provided.

For more information visit the following website –



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3 thoughts on “Review: Solar AIR Lantern”

  1. I have two of these and they are quite handy. It’s quite surprising how much light they put out.

    I got mine for $10.00 each at Best Buy. They were hanging in a little kiosk right by the check out.


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