21 Famous Survival Experts You Should Know

man using a bow to hunt

Even in the world of survival, there are celebrities and legends. From legendary adventures and soldiers who overcame frankly unbelievable odds, to everyday people who found themselves embroiled in a fight for their very lives, the people on this list run the gamut when it comes to experience and expertise. Many are professionals who have … Read more

Badgers: Are They Dangerous?


Badgers are virtually synonymous with tenacity, but are they dangerous? Most folks don’t know too much about badgers. These are interesting animals that are noteworthy for their intricate social and family units that form in the wild, and they’re also important game and fur animals that are harvested for their hair and for their meat. … Read more

Blue Jays: Are They Dangerous?

blue jay sitting on a branch

For most folks who live anywhere in the United States, the blue jay is a common sight in your yard. From the loud, screeching calls to their bully-like behavior at the bird feeder, these corvids are definitely unique and ubiquitous in their typical range. But these birds are also known to cause quite a commotion, … Read more

Chipmunks: Are They Dangerous?


It is hard to imagine any animal being less dangerous than a chipmunk. From their beautiful, striped fur to those adorably chubby cheeks that carry food back to their burrows, chipmunks are among the most charismatic rodents on Earth. Arguably it is only squirrels that have better publicity. They are so tiny and delicate, it’s … Read more

Opossum: Are They Dangerous?


If you’ve ever gotten a good look at those needle-sharp teeth, I don’t blame you for thinking possums are dangerous. I think everybody, especially people living in the South, have been surprised by them in the night: hanging out near the deck or popping out of the trash can. Those beady black eyes, the loud … Read more

Bighorn Sheep: Are They Dangerous?

bighorn sheep

Many domestic animals have diverged quite radically from their wild or ancestral counterparts. Let’s look at sheep, for instance. While it’s true that sheep can grow to be quite large and sometimes physically powerful, they don’t hold a candle to their wild cousins. In the United States and elsewhere in North America, bighorn sheep are … Read more

Beavers: Are They Dangerous?


There is no shortage of amazing animals out in the wild. Some look magnificent, some are physically impressive and others are ferociously vicious or incredibly venomous. But there are a few animals, only a few, capable of fundamentally changing the environment around them. Beavers are that animal. Even a single beaver is capable of turning … Read more

Moose: Are They Dangerous?


There are all kinds of different deer species to be found around the globe, and many of them right here in North America. But standing over, literally and figuratively, the whitetails and elk on the continent we have the moose. Moose are the largest deer species in the world, and though they tend to keep … Read more

Raccoons: Are they Dangerous?

two raccoons on wooden fence

There is hardly an animal out there that is more entertaining, and more charming, then the raccoon. Or rather, there are plenty charming as long as you aren’t the one enduring their attention! Raccoons are notorious for breaking into garbage cans, outbuildings and sometimes even homes in their never-ending quest for food and nesting areas. … Read more

Owls: Are they Dangerous?

owl flying

All birds of prey are majestic. Whether it is a hawk, a falcon, an eagle or some other species there is just something about the image of a predator taking prey on the wing that stirs the spirit. However, as capable as these birds are all of them play a distant second fiddle to the … Read more

Foxes: Are they Dangerous?

The fox is regarded as a trickster, a livestock predator and a symbol of cleverness and cunning in virtually every culture around the world where these animals are found. That’s for good reason, and there are few wild animals that are as evasive as foxes. But as human settlements expand, foxes are seen in increasing … Read more

Black Bears: Are they Dangerous?

black bear

Out of all the bears that you might encounter in North America, it is the black bear, the smallest of the North American bears, that you are likely to run into. Black bears are crafty, curious, and commonly encountered in and around towns and homes when searching for food. Although their antics can be amusing, … Read more

Mountain Lions: Are they Dangerous?

mountain lion

Every once in a while, you’ll hear someone talking about how they caught a glimpse of one of the United States’ most elusive inhabitants. Preternaturally quiet, stealthy and extraordinary hunters, the mountain lion is the largest wild feline on the continent, and rarely encountered even in its natural range. They are magnificent animals, no doubt … Read more

Grizzly Bears: Are they Dangerous?

It’s hard to think of an animal that is more charismatic than the grizzly bear. Something about that big, pudgy body, those perfectly fuzzy round ears, inquisitive expression, and all of the antics that we see them get up to in various national parks that makes them undeniably charming. However, something tells me that those … Read more

Koalas: Are they Dangerous?


Most people instinctively understand which wild animals are dangerous. Precious few people need to be told that a moose, bear, lion or snake can hurt you, and most folks only need to learn their lesson with bees or wasps once! But not all animals are dangerous, and to make things even trickier some animals that … Read more

Skunks: Are they Dangerous?


I don’t think it is any great assertion to say already that pretty much every single adult alive, at least in North America, knows what a skunk is and what it can do to you. I also don’t think it’s any great stretch to say that there is no person on Earth who wants to … Read more

Wild Boars: Are they Dangerous?

wild boar

A growing concern in the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the world, wild boars are a known menace on farms and other agricultural installations. They cause untold damage, and have resulted in the collapse of a local ecosystems. They eat a ton, root up all kinds of plants, reproduce quickly and have basically no … Read more

Gopher Snakes: Are they Poisonous Or Dangerous?

gopher snake

You are wise to be cautious when dealing with any snake out in the wilderness, but the similarities between various species, including venomous and non-venomous ones, make the matter of positive identification anything but easy. Confusing a harmless snake for a dangerous one can lead to panic and fear for nothing, and the opposite might … Read more

Milk Snakes: Are they Poisonous? Or Dangerous?

When most people think of a snake, they probably think of a satiny brown, green, or black reptile slithering stealthily through the undergrowth. But as it turns out not all snakes are content with drab camouflage. Some snakes want to draw attention to themselves, usually as a warning to any larger animals to keep well … Read more

Ringneck Snakes: Are they Poisonous? Or Dangerous?

Among every order of animals on earth, there are always a few individual species that seem to go against the norm of expected behavior, color, and other distinguishing characteristics. Among snakes, you might say that the ringneck is that species. These snakes are wildly colored and exhibit a strange “curly cue” defensive pose, but they … Read more