Purifying water with bleach

November 17, 2015 Rourke 18

Survival and preparedness is not all about zombies and being all “tacticool”. Often it is as simple as having water that is safe to drink. A well known method for disinfecting water is with common household […]

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Berkey Sport Bottle Review

December 26, 2014 Rourke 2

One item that in the past I was severely lacking was water purification. Due to the expense for water purifying equipment – I relied on having the ability to boil water, add bleach, as well […]

Product Evaluation: Powdered Gatorade

September 12, 2014 Rourke 14

  By “The Coach” (Contributing Editor)               Recently I took my grandsons on a weeklong camping trip. We were going to be camping in a tent, in central Mississippi during the month of June. The […]

Do you need Potable Water stored?

August 25, 2014 Rourke 9

  I was speaking to a person I recently met while shopping at an outdoor equipment store.  During our conversation the topic turned to storing food and water at home in case of an emergency.  […]

Water filtration on a “string”

July 14, 2014 Rourke 8

  Here is a very inexpensive water filter experiment I conducted over the past weekend.  I was taught this method while serving in the military several years ago and remember it being one of the […]

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Method for gathering water…….

July 17, 2013 Rourke 17

I live in the Southeast and we have gotten a tremendous amount of rain. I looked out my kitchen window and saw an umbrella sitting there in the rain – “BINGO!” I stuck the umbrella […]

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Water Off the Grid

August 9, 2012 Rourke 5

Water Off the Grid By Bev   When I was a little girl we used to go visit my great-grandfather, Harry, on his farm in Trout Valley.  We would carry buckets of water from the fresh […]

Water isn’t just for drinking……

May 29, 2012 Rourke 8

There is so much information and discussion out there on water filtering and purifying. From Berkey’s to Brita’s, to Clorox and boiling – it is an active topic with a lot angles. What I do […]

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Guest Post: Water, the Key Nutrient

July 28, 2011 Rourke 7

by E.T.   Water (H20) is the main constituent of the body, making up 70-75% of the body’s total composition.  It has many functions within the body, including maintenance of the body’s core temperature, helping […]