The Right Way to Shoot a Bow

how to shoot a bow collage

Humans have had bows for millions of years, before that the ranged arrow was loosed from an atl-atl, which still exists today. The invention of the bow changed hunting and over the years changed warfare. The English used longbows to dominate warfare for hundreds of years, as the bow could be nocked, drawn and loosed … Read more

How to Throw a Spear the Right Way

how to throw a spear collage

Among ancient weapons, the spear might well be the king of the battlefield. Compared to swords, axes, clubs, and other melee weapons, spears have major advantages both logistically and operationally. Spears provide reach, and reach equals safety. Spears used as part of a group act as a force multiplier compared to other weapons and spears … Read more

So What Type of Weapon is Used in Sambo?

men practicing martial arts

Sambo is a Russian martial art developed in the early 20th century, originally intended to improve the hand-to-hand fighting capabilities of Red Army servicemen. It has since spawned myriad forms or schools, some with an emphasis on sport and others on very real self-defense or military action. This is a martial art that has combined … Read more

Bows vs Crossbows – Pros and Cons

bows vs. crossbows pin

When discussing weapon systems useful for putting meat in the freezer and warding off threats, the conversation among preppers naturally turns to guns much of the time. However, other projectile weapons have special qualities to recommend them for the job, both during everyday life, and during an SHTF survival event. The two that most often … Read more

20 DIY Weapons for Self-Defense

knife attached to a pole makeshift spear

Being prepared to defend oneself and one’s holdings is a big part of prepping. As it turns out, we won’t all just be able to get along. Weapons are an important part of these plans and preps, as they will afford you the power, effectiveness and sometimes the range needed to fend off desperate looters, … Read more

Review of the SIG Pro SP 2022

Sig Sauer 2022 9mm

Many companies become known and famous for their products, with the most successful ones going on to become iconic or indicative of what the company produces. Gun manufacturers are certainly no exception, with some of the most legendary names going on to be synonymous with entire categories of their guns. Names like Remington, Colt, Glock … Read more

The 5 Best Budget Pump Shotguns

Among all the vintage actions that remain popular and more or less viable today, the pump action shotgun is overwhelmingly the most popular among shooters, and one of the most viable for defense and general readiness. For preppers, shotguns are the do-all firearm, equally at home bagging game that walks, crawls or flies or felling … Read more

The Best 9mm Luger Ammo

“Best” is an adjective that starts fights faster than quick. No sooner than you declare something the best you have a dozen folks ready to refute you with master-crafted rebuttals, Powerpoint presentations or name calling. This is true of the gun world as with any other. You might even make a reasonable argument that even … Read more

The Best of the Best Glock 43 Holsters

The Glock 43 was one of the most anticipated pistols of the middle part of the decade, and has since firmly established itself as one of Glock’s most popular models. A superb carry pistol for deep cover applications, Glock’s single stack 9mm has proven itself a worthy standard-bearer for all of the manufacturer’s hallmarks: reliability, … Read more

An Argument for DA/SA Pistols

Beretta PX4 Storm

Modern pistol design has embraced the striker-fired action as the current paradigm. There are good reasons for this, greater mechanical simplicity and a moderate consistent trigger pull being two of the most common. Of course, the blockbuster success of a little pistol called the Glock (though not the first striker fired handgun by a long … Read more

Are Subcompact Pistols Worth It?

glock 17

Concealed Carry of pistols is a subject of enormous breadth and depth, covering such intricacies as who you are and what you do for a living versus where you are carrying and under what conditions you will be carrying: is the environment, permissive, semi-permissive, or restrictive? What consequences are there for you legally and socially … Read more

Awesome Airweights: Overview of 3 Smith & Wesson Lightweight J-Frames

Smith & Wesson revolvers are iconic and nearly timeless firearms that remain the fabled manufacturer’s flagship product. Their excellence in manufacture and highly innovative designs has set and continue to set very high benchmarks for wheelgun performance. There is no doubting that S&W makes effective and reliable guns for self-defense. Without question some of the … Read more

10 Carbine Drills to Master

m1 carbines

Carbines, modern, vintage or somewhere in the middle are exceedingly popular guns for general purpose readiness in prepper’s armories for good reason. Their combination of range, power and ease of use make them excellent guns for protection and harvesting game at nearly any feasible range. In the close confines of a building or the wide … Read more

Practical Carbine Skills You Are Not Practicing

m4a1 carbine

The modern semi-auto carbine is a proper do-it-all gun, equally at home putting lead on target at two yards or 200, and its nimble handling, adaptability and modest weight both ammunition and gun itself make them one of the most efficient and attractive options for preppers in a defensive capacity. For simple home defense or … Read more

The Best of the Best Pump Action Shotguns

Mossberg 590A1

The shotgun has remained a popular weapon for personal preparedness since shortly after its inception and it is, aside from innovations in the action departments, virtually unchanged since. The adaptability and versatility of the shotgun makes it a solidly dependable choice for hunting and a deadly defensive weapon. If it is a humble wood and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Survival Rifles

ruger rifle

Weapons, particularly firearms, are an important part of most preppers’ survival plans. Considering the importance of other supplies and equipment compared to any firearm, you might even say it is overemphasized. Nonetheless, most folks preparing for really rough times will not feel comfortable, or happy, without a good rifle at the ready. A smartly chosen … Read more

A Guide for Success with Off-Body Carry

Discussing concealed carry of a firearm often devolves, given enough time and impassioned opinion, into a list of hard dos and don’ts. What kind of gun you should carry, and those you should not. Acceptable caliber. How much ammo is enough? Things like that. One of the most common, based on my anecdotal observations, eavesdropping … Read more

Ruger MK I Standard – An Overview

ruger mark I

Ruger is one of the most iconic and popular of American firearms manufacturers. While they may not have the cache and history of Remington, S&W or Colt, they have carved a place as one of the most innovative and market-disrupting of the “Made in the USA” gunmakers. Starting from literally nothing with an idea for … Read more

The Very Best Tomahawks for Survival


There is something primally appealing about tomahawks. Something about a crescent blade on the end of a stick that gets the blood up. Maybe it fires the imagination with a vision of a lone, rugged individual making his way against nature. Perhaps its history as a vicious and brutal close combat weapon is an object … Read more