Tractor Supply LED Emergency Light

Went to my local Tractor Supply to get my dogs favorite treats. While walking around looking at all the goodies I came across this multi-LED flashlight priced at $4.99. It came with batteries and had a spring-loaded clip point on it. It also had a magnet on the backside so it could be stuck on a fridge – or wherever. It also had a second flashlight on one end which provided a pretty decent concentrated beam.

What I have been most impressed with is the grid of 20 LED’s on the front. When turned on they throw out a wide flood of light. Truly – this would be great to stick on the fridge and if the power goes out it can light up the room.

Quality is – Chinese. Leave no doubt this is a cheap item. How long will it work? Good question. The on/off button seems to work well but the battery compartment cover seems to barely be on.

Hey – it’s $4.99. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and with all things considered is a great deal.

A few pictures follow below.

Take care all –



20 very bright LED elements.


Magnet on the back is useful – though not extremely strong.


The spring-loaded clip is very strong.


Three AAA batteries power the light.


On my fridge the single narrow beam is extremely bright. By the way – I am a Georgia Bulldog fan – my wife likes Carolina.


Pictures shows the best aspect of this flashlight – the front 20 LED’s at full power.

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5 thoughts on “Tractor Supply LED Emergency Light”

  1. With regret my Dear fellow… Harbor Frieght gave away these lights ala “With any Purchase”. Momma leaves one in each glove ‘pantry/edc’ box.

    We never pass up a give away at these places. Chicom or not… the tarps, lights, tools etc make a useful stack in the preps.

  2. Rourke-uh oh another prepper goodie-at Tractor supply- smile- I will get over there soon.These would be great Christmas gifts.Thanks. Arlene
    PS Last year we gave Emergency essentials liquid candles- wrapped in pretty celophane with a ribbon-they came as a set from EE.

    Everything was white this am- a killing frost .We have the woodstove going .

    Does anyone know of a good site where I can sell some books?I have never attempted E Bay.

  3. I have to echo Thomas here Rourke. Check out Harbor Freight, they have several undoubtedly made in China or Korea LED lights. I have several of the three puck multiple LED lights in deep storage.


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