15 Critical Survival Items for Your Purse

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Part of being prepared means keeping certain tools and gear with you at pretty much all times. Improvisation might be a tenet of prepping, but only the unprepared or the extremely unlucky will have to resort to it. It is far better to go out into the world with a few, modest gear choices that … Read more

Oklahoma State Knife Laws

Oklahoma flag

There is not much to read in the law books of Oklahoma concerning the possession and carry of knives. This was not always the case and, like many states, Oklahoma’s laws were once upon a time a jumbled mishmash of statutes resulting from repeated visits from the good idea fairy over the years. In 2015 … Read more

Pennsylvania State Knife Laws

Pennsylvania flag

Perhaps the only way I can describe Pennsylvania’s knife laws is disappointing. Upon cursory review, you might want to congratulate the state for being so pro-knife: you can own virtually any kind of knife except automatics and switchblades, and may legally carry pretty much any other kind of knife you want, to include such common … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Make Fertile Soil

newly planted garden

If you have spent any amount of time growing crops, either in a small backyard garden or a large multi-acre farm, you probably know by now that producing bountiful, healthy returns is anything but easy, and doing so repeatedly can be maddeningly difficult. Between irrigation, pest control and dozens of other variables that must be … Read more

The Right Way to Use a Blackjack or Sap

Almost everybody is familiar and comfortable with carrying guns, knives and pepper spray for self-defense, with a few folks still choosing to carry a taser or stun gun. But there is one venerable close-quarters weapon that used to rule the roost when it came to close-in, high stakes fighting: The blackjack. The blackjack is still … Read more

Batteries – The Ultimate Prepper’s Guide


Batteries. Unless you are living some agrarian “Little House on the Prairie” lifestyle, these indispensable little marvels are utterly essential for modern life. Batteries large and small make many of our technological innovations possible and serve all kinds of purposes, from the trivial and entertaining to the critically important. From pumping out tunes to running … Read more

Nevada State Knife Laws

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Nevada is a state with all around excellent knife laws, marred only by one single, ugly flaw. Nevada allows its citizens to own and carry virtually any kind of knife that utilizes any action with a blade of any length with the sole exception of machetes. This applies whether or not a citizen has a … Read more

Juniper Berries: Are They Poisonous?

juniper berries on branch

The juniper plant is one of the most widespread and hardiest that grows across the world. Ranging in shape from a tall tree to a low shrub, this versatile and adaptable species can be found anywhere from the frozen poles of the Arctic reaches all the way down through the blazing heat of Africa and … Read more

Hiking 101: How to Prepare and Execute

man going on a hike

Hiking is an enjoyable pastime that millions and millions of people partake of every year, all across the globe. There is just something about setting out down the trail in the middle of an otherwise pristine natural environment that recharges your mind and soul. It is good to get away from it all sometimes! For … Read more

15 Survival Items Lying Around Your House Right Now


If you have put off prepping until very recently, you might well be unprepared for events that follow. Just imagine it… That fateful day comes when the sky literally starts falling, the government implodes or society collapses. The power goes out, the seas roar and the mountains give up their dead, cats and dogs living … Read more

15 Prepper Pantry Essentials to Hoard

canned foods on can racks in pantry

One of the foundational elements of prepping is ensuring that you have enough provisions on hand for yourself, your family and anyone else that you care about to last through the disruption of society that occurs as the result of disaster or crisis. Food, naturally, is never far from people’s thoughts and most of us … Read more

Idaho State Knife Laws

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Idaho is a fairly dependable state for knife carriers. What restrictions they have on type and length are ameliorated for those who have a state-issued or state-accepted concealed weapons permit. If you do not you only run into trouble concerning knife selection if you attempt to carry it concealed. So long as you are carrying … Read more

Hawaii State Knife Laws


Hawaii is a state that is fairly infamous regarding its restrictions on gun rights, but happily it is far more lenient when it comes to the carry and ownership of knives. Within the state there are some bans on specific categories of knives that, combined with some fairly blurry language regarding what does and what … Read more

10 Bug-Out Bag Items You Completely Forgot About

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Bug-out bags are crucially important components in a prepper’s overall readiness plan, and serve as a mobile store room, armory, medicine cabinet, workshop and even house. No matter what the situation and no matter what you might be facing you will rarely make things worse by grabbing your bug out bag when you head out … Read more

So How Long Will My Propane Last?

propane tank on property

Propane is a versatile, efficient and all-around good choice of fuel for prepping. Propane is just as suitable for running your furnace, hot water heater and stove at home as it is firing up your grill, keeping your workshop or campsite warm with a portable heater or even operating certain kinds of heavy equipment like … Read more

The Case for Repacking Your Bug Out Bag Seasonally

green bug out bag

You can ask any prepper what most scares them, and they will probably tell you that it is being unprepared for a bad situation. Inquire further into what they hold a serious disdain for, and they will probably tell you that it is inefficiency, or wasted effort. Accordingly, most of us will strive to be … Read more

Why Do Tactical Flashlights Have Those Sharp Edges?

Bushnell flashlight

If there is one tool that everyone should carry when they leave the house, it should be a flashlight, and preferably a bright, tough and compact tactical flashlight. These modern lights are incredibly robust and have outputs typically measured in the multi-hundred lumen range, making them more than adequate for basic illumination and also for … Read more

10 Bug-Out Bag Items You’ll Regret Buying

tactical survival kit

Every prepper should have handy a bug-out bag, or BOB. This is a central piece of equipment to many disaster and crisis response plans, as it is the BOB which will carry all of the supplies and assorted gear that a person anticipates needing when the time comes to evacuate to someplace safer. If you … Read more

15 Conservative Movies You Should Watch

old movie tickets

Though there is no shortage of big-budget, Hollywood entertainment available through every outlet imaginable these days, it has long been difficult for conservatives to find films that really speak to their life ways and values, or at the very least, films from which conservatives can derive any message or meaning aside from “don’t act like … Read more

Washington D.C. Knife Laws

Washington DC flag

The capitol of the United States is not quite as hard on knives as it is on guns. Citizens are still allowed to openly carry or concealed carry the majority of knives so long as they do so with some discretion and are willing to contend with a list of restricted places that is as … Read more

7 Clever Survival Uses of Potassium Permanganate

potassium permanganate

Savvy prepping means being prepared for anything, and since time, resources and materials are always limited clever preppers will rely on choice gear and provision selections that can be used for a variety of purposes, or adaptable to different situations. Flexibility is key when you never know just what you’ll be facing day to day. … Read more

Are Bandages Good Past the Expiration Date?

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Nothing made by man will last indefinitely even when it isn’t being used. This is certainly true for medical supplies. There is no drug that will not start to degrade over time and no piece of equipment that will not eventually wear out or rust away. That is easy to understand for those two categories … Read more