The Megalist of Bushcraft Tools and Weapons

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Many a prepper has grand ambitions of running away into the wilderness to live in comparatively peaceful anarchy whenever trouble strikes. You have to admit, the notion is definitely romantic. Heading into the deep country with only your knife and your wits, and carving out your own home and existence from the bounty of the … Read more

These 20 Non-Electric Devices Will Work After an EMP

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One of the greatest threats facing society today is that posed by an EMP. An EMP, short for electromagnetic pulse, could originate from natural cosmic phenomena or man-made weapon systems of the nuclear or non-nuclear variety. Whatever the cause, one powerful enough could conceivably plunge civilization across a large swath of the Earth back to … Read more

10 Clever Ways to Move Heavy Loads

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No matter who you are and where you live at some point in your life you have probably had to move something heavy, or several heavy somethings. Depending on your job and lifestyle, you might be moving heavy loads on the regular with or without the assistance of machines to help you. You are not … Read more

Pepper Spray Laws in Colorado

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Colorado is a state that has turned tail and shown a strongly anti-Second Amendment bias in recent years, but mercifully they have not seen fit to dramatically restrict civilians from carrying pepper spray or other defensive sprays. Residents and visitors alike in Colorado may carry any common formulation of defensive spray they prefer, and carry … Read more

Surviving Cold Weather with Snow Caves

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Among all the many bad outcomes you can encounter in a survival situation, one that is most likely to kill you and other members of your group is simple exposure. Exposure to the elements, particularly cold weather, is one of the single deadliest threats in any outdoor survival situation, far more than any exploratory mishap, … Read more

Pepper Spray Laws in Delaware

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Pepper spray is an excellent defensive implement for citizens, but one that is sadly underutilized. It’s even worse when you consider that pepper spray is legal in all 50 states. Yes, you can carry pepper spray nationwide, literally, but you must be aware that each state has its own laws and regulations about what is … Read more

So, What Will Work After an EMP Attack? (Here are 10 Things that Will)

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One of the most terrifying, and sadly most plausible, doomsday scenarios is that of a major EMP attack. Whether it is caused by a high-altitude nuclear detonation or the deployment of a purpose-made EMP generator, either has the capability of plunging a society back into the pre-industrial era by destroying electrical grids and any technology … Read more

All Pepper Spray Laws by State

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When it comes to self-defense, being properly prepared is vital. This entails mental preparation, physical preparation, and of course material preparation- having the right tools. In America, plenty of people carry guns and knives for self-defense but there is little attention paid to humble pepper spray. That is a major mistake, since pepper spray is … Read more

Alaska’s Pepper Spray Laws: An Overview

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A great case can be made for every citizen to carry pepper spray for self-defense. No other option can do what pepper spray does as effectively and conveniently. When lethal force is too drastic an option but resorting to hand-to-hand might entail too much risk or escalation, reaching for pepper spray is the right call. … Read more

Camping Checklist: 15 Items to Always Bring

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Camping is an enjoyable recreational pursuit and a valuable prepper skill at the same time, and one that you would be well served to partake of. Camping allows you to get out into nature and disconnect from the stresses and static that are so attendant with modern life. It is a great way to recharge … Read more

Air Drying Vegetables Step by Step

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Drying your veggies is an excellent way to preserve your harvest, as well as a great method for making your own long-lasting and nutritious snacks or meal sides. Dried vegetables are tasty and make for an interesting and sustainable alternative to other methods of preservation. If you’re a prepper, there’s a good chance you’ve already … Read more

Air Drying Fruits Step-by-Step

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One of the best ways to preserve fresh fruit is by air-drying it. This process removes most of the water from the fruit, which helps to prevent spoilage. It also concentrates the flavor and nutrition of the fruit, making it a valuable addition to your food storage plan. Whether you’re air drying vegetables, fruits, meat, … Read more

Sling Bag: The Best Bag for Bugging Out

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The bug-out bag is a central fixture in prepping, central enough to the point where entire survival strategies revolve around what a BOB and its contents prepare you to do. Everyone has their own ideas and their own wants for the BOB and this is a critically important and just as an important personal piece … Read more

9 Types of Fuel for Survival


If you are a prepper, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be relying on various tools and devices that require liquid fuel to function. It could be a vehicle, a generator, a chainsaw, a lantern, anything- no fuel, no go, it is just that simple. That means that accumulating, properly storing, and rotating your fuel supplies … Read more

So What Type of Weapon is Used in Sambo?

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Sambo is a Russian martial art developed in the early 20th century, originally intended to improve the hand-to-hand fighting capabilities of Red Army servicemen. It has since spawned myriad forms or schools, some with an emphasis on sport and others on very real self-defense or military action. This is a martial art that has combined … Read more