How Long Will an EMP Disaster Last?

An EMP can be created through everyday items, or it can even be produced through a reaction via a nuclear explosion or even produced via the sun and each EMP can be placed into Phases: E1, E2 and E3. An EMP is a threat to our modern way of life. Why? Because everything we rely … Read more

Kansas State Knife Laws

flag of Kansas

Kansas is something of a pleasant surprise when it comes to knife laws. Following a significant revision of the states statutes in 2012 and 2013, Kansas now has pride of place among the freest states for citizens when it comes to the ownership and carry of knives. Kansas is a state without any restrictions on … Read more

How to Make a Bulletproof Wall

Beefing up home security is always a good idea in this increasingly troubled world we live in. Political strife, cultural division and a general air of craziness can all lead to more violence, and what violence does occur will become more intense. You need to have a plan for dealing with such occasions and just … Read more

Bows vs Crossbows – Pros and Cons

bows vs. crossbows pin

When discussing weapon systems useful for putting meat in the freezer and warding off threats, the conversation among preppers naturally turns to guns much of the time. However, other projectile weapons have special qualities to recommend them for the job, both during everyday life, and during an SHTF survival event. The two that most often … Read more

Indiana State Knife Laws

Indiana flag

Indiana is definitely a pro-knife state, with only two real hard-and-fast prohibitions on a couple of types of knives, those being ballistic knives and throwing stars. Thanks to revamped laws governing knives that were finally tuned up from a hodgepodge mess back in 2013, you can own and carry nearly anything with no permit required, … Read more

Snow Caves: Are they Warm or Cold Inside?

snow caves

If you ever find yourself in desperate need of shelter while stuck in a wintry, snow-filled environment you could hardly do better when it comes to protecting yourself than excavating a snow cave. Snow caves are reasonably simple shelters that are dug out of deep snow, usually at the base of a hill but sometimes … Read more

How Should You Layer Clothing in Cold Weather?

group of hikers

One of the most significant environmental threats that any of us will face when it comes to exposure is that posed by deep cold. Temperatures that are near or even below zero combined with brisk winds can quite literally freeze you solid in a terrifyingly short period of time. Staying warm is vital, but even … Read more

The Top 10 Best Emergency Candles

lighting a candle

There is one emergency situation that everyday incidents and massive disasters alike have in common, and that is a loss of power. Power outage, blackout, brownout or any other sort of mishap involving our electrical grid means the lights we all take for granted will no longer come on at the flip of a switch. … Read more

Will a Taser Stop an Alligator?

Firearms are the premier defensive weapon of our time, whether you are trying to protect yourself against hostile humans or aggressive, dangerous animals. In lieu of a firearm you might use a tasers for ranged defense which can work and work well against mammals, but what about reptiles? This is not a fantastical question if … Read more

Emergency Flares: Are they Waterproof?

man using an emergency flare

Chemical roadside emergency flares are an invaluable addition to any flat tire kit or vehicle carried survival kit. Almost nothing is as bright and noticeable as the flickering, red flame of a roadside flare. Designed to be used whenever a roadside emergency occurs, this naturally begs the question of whether or not these flares are … Read more

So, What is VG-10 Steel, Anyway?

Knife owners these days have no shortage of quality steels to choose from. For custom and production models alike, there is a steel to fit every budget and every requirement. In fact, there are so many steels on the market that choosing one from the dozens available at the retail counter or on a manufacturer’s … Read more

Dental Care Post-SHTF

You will hardly run into a prepper who is not making plans and accumulating gear to be ready for medical emergencies that might occur during or as the result of a disaster. The mantra that I and others in the sector preach is that one must be prepared to be their own first responder. Doctors, … Read more

Amount of Bleach to Put in Water for Purification?

Bleach is a precious and versatile survival commodity, but unfortunately one that is often overlooked in prepper stockpiles. Aside from its disinfecting, germ-fighting power for cleaning, we can also use bleach to reliably disinfect and he found water supplies that may be questionable. Pure, unadulterated bleach will reliably vanquish all sorts of bacteria and viruses … Read more

North Carolina State Knife Laws

North Carolina flag

North Carolina is regrettably a state with fantastically circular, messy, and downright confusing statutes governing the ownership and carry of knives. Several particular categories of knives are banned from ownership outright, and many common configurations of knife may not be carried concealed under any conditions. The only class of knife that is legal for concealed … Read more

Attic Insulation Step-by-Step


Sprucing up and maintaining your home is often not associated with prepping, but when you stop to think about it, it is your home itself that is one, big container for all of your many preps. If the structural integrity of that container is breached, the contents within will be vulnerable to degradation and loss, … Read more

Firewood for Survival – What You Should Know

Out of all of the tools that a prepper is likely to use in a survival situation one of the most important, and most primordial, is fire. Fire has long been mankind’s servant, even though it is one that is never truly mastered. Fire serves us by providing light, warmth, a way to cook our … Read more

What Size Should You Split Your Firewood?


When the weather turns cooler, those of us who rely on wood for heating will have much to do. Even if you are planning only the occasional summer cookout, fall bonfire or cheery winter gathering around the fire pit, you will need lots of firewood. But, chucking logs and sticks into your stove, fireplace or … Read more