So, Can You Eat Caterpillars to Survive?

a caterpillar

One of the most pressing survival considerations, no matter the setting or the situation, is food. Yeah, everyone knows that you can go for weeks without food before you starve, but you must consider that you’ll be mentally and physically debilitated from a lack of energy long before then! Accordingly, smart preppers plan on sourcing … Read more

Does Bleach Keep Raccoons Away?

two raccoons on wooden fence

Some of the most persistent pests that you’ll have to deal with in the suburbs or out in the country are raccoons. Yeah, I get it: They are definitely cute and charming, but you won’t think they are quite so appealing when you have to pick up shredded bags of trash off your driveway at … Read more

Raccoons on the Roof? How to Scare Them

two raccoons on wooden fence

Raccoons are definitely some of the coolest and most interesting animals out there, but only if they aren’t causing problems on your property. They are relentless break-in artists when it comes to garbage cans, pet food, chicken coops, and more and if you get a large troop of them hanging around you’re bound to have … Read more

Taser Laws in Illinois: Legal or Not?

flag of Illinois

When most folks think of self-defense implements, the first thing they will think of is a gun, maybe a knife, and probably pepper spray if they aren’t inclined to either one of those. All have their pros, but tasers have special advantages that might make them the right tool for certain people. They’re extremely effective … Read more

Taser Laws in Michigan: Legal or Not?

flag of Michigan

The majority of citizens living in the US have full and nearly unfettered access to their Second Amendment rights. Sadly, this cannot be said of every state, and in these states, folks might turn to other self-defense options that are less restricted… perhaps something like a Taser… But, as it turns out, tasers themselves might … Read more

Taser Laws in Florida: Legal or Not?

florida flag

When you think of self-defense implements, your mind probably goes immediately towards guns or maybe knives. On the less-lethal side of the spectrum pepper spray is the go-to. But what about tasers? Tasers are undoubtedly effective when used properly and when they work as advertised, and they are another ranged method of self-defense. Seems like … Read more

Should You Mix New Gasoline With Old?

can of gas

It’s always a good idea to keep extra gas on hand, especially if you want to be prepared. You never know when shortages, disasters, or other events will cut off your access to the pump. But a big problem with gasoline compared to other types of fuel is it tends to go bad pretty quickly. … Read more

How Long Do Firestarters Typically Last?

fire starting kit pouch with ferro rod and waterproof matches

One of the single most important resources you can have in a survival situation is fire, and when it comes to creating one, modern fire starters are indispensable. Extremely easy to carry, brutally simple, and capable of igniting in virtually all conditions, this is something that every prepared person should have with them or as … Read more

Taser Laws in Maryland: Legal or Not?

flag of Maryland

When it comes to self-defense, the default choices for most folks are either guns or pepper spray with very little in between. But it turns out there is a pretty good “in-between” choice in the form of a taser. It’s more decisive than pepper spray, but far less likely to result in a permanent injury … Read more

21 Famous Survival Experts You Should Know

man using a bow to hunt

Even in the world of survival, there are celebrities and legends. From legendary adventures and soldiers who overcame frankly unbelievable odds, to everyday people who found themselves embroiled in a fight for their very lives, the people on this list run the gamut when it comes to experience and expertise. Many are professionals who have … Read more

Badgers: Are They Dangerous?


Badgers are virtually synonymous with tenacity, but are they dangerous? Most folks don’t know too much about badgers. These are interesting animals that are noteworthy for their intricate social and family units that form in the wild, and they’re also important game and fur animals that are harvested for their hair and for their meat. … Read more

Blue Jays: Are They Dangerous?

blue jay sitting on a branch

For most folks who live anywhere in the United States, the blue jay is a common sight in your yard. From the loud, screeching calls to their bully-like behavior at the bird feeder, these corvids are definitely unique and ubiquitous in their typical range. But these birds are also known to cause quite a commotion, … Read more

Chipmunks: Are They Dangerous?


It is hard to imagine any animal being less dangerous than a chipmunk. From their beautiful, striped fur to those adorably chubby cheeks that carry food back to their burrows, chipmunks are among the most charismatic rodents on Earth. Arguably it is only squirrels that have better publicity. They are so tiny and delicate, it’s … Read more