Alabama flag

Alabama State Knife Laws

October 17, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Alabama is an all-around solid state for the carry and ownership of knives. The state does lack a preemption law, which means you have to stay up to date on which cities and municipalities, and […]

Alaskan flag

Alaska State Knife Laws

October 6, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Alaska has a reputation as a rugged and mostly wild state, what might truly be called one of the last great frontiers in North America. This state is sparsely populated, vast and dangerous. Many of […]

civil war

Prepping for and Surviving Civil War

October 5, 2020 Tim Makay 1

Quite a few preppers have based all of their training, accumulation of provisions and other material or intangible preparations on plausible, society-toppling events like a second civil war. The way things are going, a civil […]

California flag

California State Knife Laws

October 1, 2020 Tim Makay 0

California is an often derided and rightly feared state when it comes to its weapons laws for civilians. Host to a massive and swollen bureaucracy that seems to delight in inflicting ever-greater and increasingly draconian […]

man tied behind his back

How to Avoid and Survive a Kidnapping

September 25, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Abduction and kidnapping has ever been a fixture of human violence. Be it done for purposes of ransom, as a psychological or emotional weapon or just to quench the sadism and bloodlust of the kidnapper, […]

hunting slingshot

Question: How Far Can a Slingshot Shoot?

September 23, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Slingshots are weapons that have been around a long time, and they are still used today for recreation, small game hunting and, in some rare cases, even self-defense or other special-purpose tasks. Compared to the […]

flag of colorado

Colorado State Knife Laws

September 18, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Colorado is a state that is rapidly moving away from its culture of independence and self-determination, instead becoming infected by the same type of overbearing pro-intrusion bugthought that has laid low California and much of […]

Arizona flag

Arizona State Knife Laws

September 15, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Arizona is a generally easygoing state when it comes to knife ownership and the carry of knives, with one small point of contention: only pocket knives are legal to concealed carry without a permit if […]

house after earthquake

How to Survive an Earthquake

September 7, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Earthquakes are one of the most common natural disasters, and though nearly everyone is familiar with them conceptually comparatively, very few people have experienced one and mercifully fewer still understand how cataclysmic and biblically destructive […]


What Can You Hunt With an AR-15?

September 3, 2020 Tim Makay 2

The AR-15 remains the rifle of choice for the modern era, and can be found in any shooting discipline, in any shooting activity. From competition to home defense and law enforcement to military service the […]


How to Use a Knife for Self-Defense

August 24, 2020 Tim Makay 1

For many preppers concerned about self-defense, guns take center stage and with good reason. Only firearms can afford a concerned citizen the tremendous combination of standoff capability, lethal power and pinpoint accuracy, and can deliver […]

blackout kit

How to Make a Blackout Kit

August 18, 2020 Tim Makay 3

Cities of steel and concrete are testaments to mankind’s ingenuity. We take a lot for granted today, including the internet, our motor vehicles, indoor plumbing and sewage, running water and more. These are far more […]

flag Maryland

Maryland State Knife Laws

August 16, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Maryland is a generally permissive state when it comes to the carry of knives, but you will be sharply limited on the style or type of knife you are allowed to carry. Pretty much the […]


How Strong Paracord Really Is

August 14, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Paracord is one of those items that you’ll never see a prepper without. This incredibly versatile, super handy cordage is known for rot resistance, flexibility, and tremendous strength out of all proportion with its diameter. […]

Alabama flag

Alabama State Trespassing Laws

August 11, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Alabama is a state with easy-to-understand trespassing laws. There aren’t too many of them, they aren’t too long, they are generally logical, and make sense. No matter what kind of trespassing is committed in the […]

caravan wheel

10 Lost Pioneer Skills for SHTF

August 10, 2020 Tim Makay 1

The term “pioneer” evokes a gritty, somewhat romantic image; the first people in a new land or frontier to start carving out civilization from the wild and sometimes hostile bounty of nature all around them. […]

Flag of Washington state

Washington State Knife Laws

August 6, 2020 Tim Makay 1

As some of the readership is probably expecting, Washington State is not particularly friendly when it comes to their citizens owning and carrying weapons. Certainly not firearms, and not particularly knives either. All one has […]