Alabama flag

Alabama State Trespassing Laws

August 11, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Alabama is a state with easy-to-understand trespassing laws. There aren’t too many of them, they aren’t too long, they are generally logical, and make sense. No matter what kind of trespassing is committed in the […]

caravan wheel

10 Lost Pioneer Skills for SHTF

August 10, 2020 Tim Makay 1

The term “pioneer” evokes a gritty, somewhat romantic image; the first people in a new land or frontier to start carving out civilization from the wild and sometimes hostile bounty of nature all around them. […]

Flag of Washington state

Washington State Knife Laws

August 6, 2020 Tim Makay 1

As some of the readership is probably expecting, Washington State is not particularly friendly when it comes to their citizens owning and carrying weapons. Certainly not firearms, and not particularly knives either. All one has […]

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Colorado State Trespassing Laws

August 2, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Colorado is a state with generally sane and logical trespassing laws. There are relatively few of them, they are short, and they don’t beat around the bush. This makes them easy to understand compared to […]

ford truck

Surviving SHTF in Your Car

July 29, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Bugging out is a central idea in prepping, and serious preppers are constantly refining, inventing and debating which procedures are best suited for keeping themselves and their families alive when the time comes to hit […]

Michigan flag

Michigan State Knife Laws

July 24, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Michigan knife laws all around are surprisingly solid and easy to follow, with a couple of standout exceptions being restricted concealed carry of fixed blade knives. Open carry of fixed blades are permissible, but I […]

locked old door

How to Designate and Fortify a Safe Room

July 23, 2020 Tim Makay 1

When most people think of a safe room, they envision a completely enclosed, hardened vault-like room within an existing structure that is completely safe against any threat, against any form of attack or natural disaster. […]

sand bags on grass

22 Clever Uses for Sandbags

July 9, 2020 Tara Dodrill 0

Sandbags are excellent at keeping back flood water, and deserve a spot on every homesteader’s supply list – even if they live far away from the floodplain. They’re really cheap to buy, and have almost […]

dollar bill half-buried in the ground

The Right Way to Bury Money

July 2, 2020 Tim Makay 0

If you are like me you have probably long hoped that you would come across some buried money in your excavations. It is a pleasant thought, but you likely have not given much serious thought […]

wine bottles

30 Reasons to Stockpile Alcohol for SHTF

June 29, 2020 Jeanie 3

This sounds counter intuitive doesn’t it? Stockpiling alcohol however doesn’t mean being drunk and disorderly and unable to cope with the situation… In fact, there are a number of very good reasons why you should […]

kids feeding mini horses

The Legality of Living off Grid

June 10, 2020 Tara Dodrill 2

Living off the grid is the solution found by more and more people who either want to prepare for a long-term disaster, or just want a quiet, self sufficient life. However, moving away from crowded […]

Sig Sauer 2022 9mm

Review of the SIG Pro SP 2022

June 3, 2020 Tim Makay 0

Many companies become known and famous for their products, with the most successful ones going on to become iconic or indicative of what the company produces. Gun manufacturers are certainly no exception, with some of […]

a cabin on the homestead

How to Bug In – The Ultimate Guide

May 30, 2020 Tim Makay 1

Bugging out is often thought to be the ideal response to all sorts of problems for preppers, but despite its iconic place in pepperdom, in most situations you are likely better off staying put, hunkering […]