10 Reasons Bugging Out May Not Be for You

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It is the rare prepper who will not have a plan for bugging out when a situation turns against them or looks unendurable from the beginning. Having a bug-out plan is something of a “graduation exercise” in prepping, an obvious indicator that you are serious about what you are doing, and are ready for the … Read more

How to Bug Out – The Ultimate Guide

If you are new to prepping in general you have probably already read and heard about the concept of bugging out. Or perhaps you are a relatively green prepper, and have not tackled this “big ticket” item on your prepper To-Do list. Whichever the case might be, bugging out is in some ways a sort … Read more

How to Make Your Bug-Out Bag Modular

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by Contributing Author Ah, the BOB. The prepper standby and source of constant tinkering, consternation and much discussion. There are a 1,001 ways to choose, fill and pack a BOB, but one method in particular I have been experimenting with over the past year since an associate introduced me to it has been a real … Read more

8 Overlooked Bug-Out Bag Items

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Tweaking your bug out bag is a never-ending endeavor. The more you learn, the more you add and remove items, the goal being to make it more lightweight, more functional and more tuned to your unique situation and the disasters you’re prepping for. Today we’re going to talk about some of the things you may … Read more

Critical Items for your Bug Out Bag

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If you want to start building your bug out bag but don’t know which items to buy first, look no further. There is a list of 9 critical items everyone should have, whether they are in a wilderness, rural or urban setting. These 9 items should not be compromised upon: they need to be of the highest … Read more

How to Get Fuel Mileage from Your BOV

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by Ryan Many survivalists and preppers have a vehicle specifically designated for bugging out. If your bug out location is more than about 30 miles from your home, a vehicle may be your best option. However, fuel may be hard to come by. In many disaster scenarios fuel costs would skyrocket, gas stations would be … Read more

How to Stockpile for your Motorcycle

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by Megan When properly modified as a bug out vehicle, a motorcycle can get you over terrain that only a handful of vehicles can traverse. It can also get you over some rough territory that would give a lot of “regular” trucks pause. The key thing when stockpiling your motorcycle as a bug out vehicle … Read more

Covering More Ground when Bugging Out

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by Ryan So it is time to bug out. Something horrible has happened and you need to get away from civilization as quickly as possible. You have plenty of wilderness ahead of you, but you need to move quickly and put miles behind you. The terrain is rough, the rocks are slick, and you may … Read more

Finding the Perfect Bug Out Location


by Jeanie First off there is no such thing as perfection, but there is the best available property for your needs. Finding the best Bug Out Location (BOL) depends on your requirements and personality – yes personality. Some people thrive on their own just with their immediate family while others need the support system of … Read more

How to Organize a Bug Out Bag

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by Nicholas You may be at the point where you have spent several months, if not entire years, researching different types of bug out bags and the gear to put inside of it. Throughout your research, you’ve likely come across a great variety of opinions on what the best overall type of bag is and … Read more

The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Gear List

Though a bug out bag can help you last anywhere between a couple of days to a week, a well-equipped bug out vehicle can help you survive for weeks away from home, just in case you didn’t get to or don’t have a bug out retreat. In today’s article I want to focus on the gear … Read more

Book Review: BUG OUT by Scott Williams

Scott Williams book BUG OUT – The Complete Guide for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late has been on my nightstand for quite some time. A review is long over due.  Bugging out is not a major aspect of my preparedness system however this book has certainly provided some perspective. “Bugging in” should the SHTF … Read more

3 Keys For Locating, Developing Bug-Out Destination

By Cherie Those fortunate enough to have a bunker near their homes will be in good position to survive the storm. Everyone else should have a bug-out location already scouted and mapped out, but all places of refuge are not created equal. Keep the following three pieces of advice in mind when determining your SHTF … Read more

Campers As A Bug Out Vehicle

This post originally appeared over at SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com. It can be seen HERE in its original format. – – Rourke   By the WE2’s To us, having our travel trailer is a must.  Not only do we love to travel and camp,  it just sort of “feels good” to know we pretty much will always have … Read more

Getting Past the Basics: Retreats

  I’ve been mulling an article of some sort about how things are changing so fast, and that the center can’t hold against pressure like this forever, but Remus surely beat me to it. It doesn’t really matter, though; it’s not like you really needed to hear it from me (or him).  Take any number … Read more

Seasoned Preppers “Bug Out Bag”

The following post was originally published over at SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com. It can be scene in its original format HERE. by “The Coach” I am not ashamed to say that I am 63 years old. I have been a prepping since I have been 17 years old. This is a long time before “Prepping” was fashionable.  I was … Read more

(Ultra) Lighting Up Your BOB

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The following is a guest post entry into our Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest.   (Ultra) Lighting Up Your BOB by Lou Levy             Today’s typicle BOBs can weigh between forty and seventy pounds. For many of us that’s just to much weight to haul. Happily, significant backpack weight reduction is possible without giving up the … Read more

Excellent portable survival shelter you already have….and don’t even realize it

A huge topic on many preparedness sites and forums revolves around shelter. Obviously if you are bugging in your house is your preferred shelter. If heading to a retreat then that is your planned shelter. When considering shelter a wide array of types are considered from wilderness lean-to, hammocks, tarps, tents, and sometimes nothing but … Read more

Part 7: To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question

To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question…PART 7 by M.B. Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6          This is a good spot to briefly discuss bartering. Bartering for life saving resources is a lot different than haggling over a used car or something at a garage sale. … Read more