Should You Mix New Gasoline With Old?

can of gas

It’s always a good idea to keep extra gas on hand, especially if you want to be prepared. You never know when shortages, disasters, or other events will cut off your access to the pump. But a big problem with gasoline compared to other types of fuel is it tends to go bad pretty quickly. … Read more

How To Start a Fire With a Batteries (5 Ways)

using a 9 volt battery and steel wool as tinder to start a fire

When the power goes out or you are in the middle of a survival situation where you need a fire it is easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t have your usual fire-starting kit or expert skill with primitive fire-starting techniques. Fortunately, there is an easy, improvised way to get your fire started: using a … Read more

164 Kick-Ass Survival Tips to Keep You Alive

survival items collage

Let’s stop beating around the bush. We all know the basics of survival: how to store food, water, and put together a bug-out bag. What we’re all really looking for are advanced, high-quality survival tips, tricks, tactics, and secrets that can help us take our preps to the next level. You can’t find these by … Read more

8 Clever Survival Uses for Glycerin

two bottles of vegetable glycerin

Smart preppers will always attempt to cover as many bases as possible with their supplies and provisions. Flexible, multi-purpose items are often the key to success in long-term survival situations, since they will help you adapt to changing conditions and unexpected needs. One area where some preppers could use a little help is on the … Read more

9 Ways to Preserve Meat By Yourself

deer meat on butcher table

If you were like me, and many other preppers, you are probably disproportionately focused on food when it comes to consumable survival supplies. This is with good reason, of course, because food is quite literally the fuel that will provide the energy to our bodies, enabling us to not just keep on living but also … Read more

10 Emergency Indoor Cooking Options

open fire cooking indoors

Just because you are living in the aftermath of a major disaster or even a society toppling event doesn’t mean that the daily processes of life won’t go on more or less as normal. For instance, you’ll still need to eat, and if you are enduring the circumstances at home, either because you decided to … Read more

Can You Really Sharpen an Axe with a Rock?

There is hardly a better tool for fieldcraft in a woodland environment than an axe. So varied and so multi-purpose is this tool that you are likely to use it for pretty much everything. Unfortunately, axes can do relatively quickly, and continuing to work and work and work with a dull axe will likely lead … Read more

7 Clever Survival Uses of Potassium Permanganate

potassium permanganate

Savvy prepping means being prepared for anything, and since time, resources and materials are always limited clever preppers will rely on choice gear and provision selections that can be used for a variety of purposes, or adaptable to different situations. Flexibility is key when you never know just what you’ll be facing day to day. … Read more

Sharpening Your Hatchet: 6 Effective Methods

a hatchet

When you spend enough time prepping, you will find that many common hand tools we take for granted today take on new life when considering them in the context of a survival situation. Owing to the importance of building and maintaining a fire in order to stay warm and stave off the threat of exposure, … Read more

6 Places to Safely Store Large Amounts of Cash

If you are like most people, you probably think the best way to safely store large amounts of cash is in the bank. But you are not most people, and you know that banks do not typically store your cash as cash, converting it instead to electronic currency, but they will also be one of … Read more

2 Clever Tricks to Recondition Old Gas on Your Own

can of gas

Any prepper, from a complete newbie to a grizzled old-hand understands the value of stockpiling vital provisions and supplies before things get bad. You don’t need me to tell you that you won’t be able to run down to the store, and get what you need after society has collapsed. Most of you probably already … Read more

10 Military Skills to Help You Survive Emergencies and SHTF

drill sergeant yelling with soldiers

It is wise to learn from the experience of others. We can look to the trials, tribulations, and lived experience of others who persevered through challenging circumstances that we ourselves may yet face. Their choices, skills, training and attitudes should inform our own. It is no stretch to say that there is nothing new under … Read more

How to Tell if Someone is Lying or Telling the Truth

lying faces

Everyone reading this right now knows how it feels to get hoodwinked. Ripped off. Tricked. Scammed. Straight-up lied to. There is one category of people that you will always have to deal with, and those people are liars. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do liars will always be there to complicate … Read more

10 Lost Pioneer Skills for SHTF

caravan wheel

The term “pioneer” evokes a gritty, somewhat romantic image; the first people in a new land or frontier to start carving out civilization from the wild and sometimes hostile bounty of nature all around them. In every culture around the world it is the pioneers who command a certain respect and not a little bit … Read more

22 Clever Uses for Sandbags

sand bags on grass

Sandbags are excellent at keeping back flood water, and deserve a spot on every homesteader’s supply list – even if they live far away from the floodplain. They’re really cheap to buy, and have almost as many uses as the often lauded duct tape. Not only is stockpiling copious amounts of sandbags an extremely inexpensive … Read more

The Right Way to Bury Money

dollar bill half-buried in the ground

If you are like me you have probably long hoped that you would come across some buried money in your excavations. It is a pleasant thought, but you likely have not given much serious thought to burying your own cash for safekeeping. Pirates did it, your great-grandparents did it, and perhaps the time is right … Read more

24 Jobs That’ll Put Food on the Table Post-SHTF

Putting food on the table during a SHTF event is the motivation behind why many folks start prepping. But, we must think ahead to how we will all continue to do the same post-SHTF as stockpiled supplies eventually dwindle, game is hunted out, and society begins to rebuild. Unless an asteroid hits the Earth, life, … Read more

7 Secret Agent Skillsets For Everyday Readiness

secret agent

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time, chances are you’ve probably encountered someone who is a little bit too taken with the idea being a sort of secret agent. I can certainly understand why: the roguish, completely self-reliant badass with a checkered past that stops at nothing in pursuit of his objective is … Read more

Camouflage for Survival – A Comprehensive Guide

soldier wearing camouflage

Camouflage is a skill and art that is often thought to go hand-in-hand with prepping and survival. If we are trying to survive or run away from some disaster that might see our societal norms and rule of law collapsed, it makes sense we want to avoid detection by other people as much as possible, … Read more

Trucker’s Hitch Knot – Easy Step by Steps

trucker's hitch knot

The Trucker’s Hitch is a mechanically advantageous block and tackle (pulley) system made only of one piece of rope. This has hundreds of uses. It’s great for guy lines for tents and tarps, it makes hoisting weights vertically significantly easier, it can produce some of the tightest tie-downs for lashing things onto a truck, cart … Read more

Survival Fitness Training Series: Jogging

jogging in the outdoors

Howdy and welcome back to our survival fitness series, where we take the fitness aspect and apply it to prepping, so you can be physically prepared for disasters and emergencies big and small. No matter how much you walk each day, you can’t really build up stamina for survival purposes unless you start doing something … Read more

Introduction to Survival Fitness

survival fitness

How long have you been prepping, now, 6 months? A year? More? I bet it’s not every day that someone comes to you and says: Look, you’ve been doing it wrong. You’re neglecting a critical aspect of your preparations that could potentially kill you in a disaster. Well, I am… I know, I know… Everything … Read more

13 Ways to Do Laundry Post-SHTF

When it comes to an extended power outage, whether living off grid by choice or due to a SHTF situation, one of the things just about everyone will have to figure out eventually is how to do laundry. Your standard electric powered washer and dryer set most likely won’t be functioning unless you’ve planned ahead … Read more