Here’s How to Wear a Neck Knife

wearing a neck knife over t-shirt and under shirt

You’ll rarely talk to a prepper or anyone else who practices a lifestyle of readiness that does not carry a knife with them habitually. This is a great thing, but there is one mode of carry for a blade that is chronically underutilized in my experience, and that is the neck knife. A neck knife, … Read more

Cleaning Your Swiss Army Knife in 7 Easy Steps

open dirty swiss army knife

Is there a more sublime tool then the Swiss army knife? Is there any tool more useful? I don’t think so. The iconic Swiss army knife has accompanied generations upon generations of soldiers, workers, campers, hikers and adventurers afield, allowing them to keep a useful variety of common tools close at hand in their pockets … Read more

Should I Use a Small Pocket Knife for Self-Defense?

Gerber folder

Most preppers carry a knife for a variety of purposes, and any knife, no matter why it is carried, can be pressed into service as a defensive weapon. However, some prefer to carry a small, lightweight knife for utility chores only, eschewing the weight and bulk of a larger folding or fixed blade knife. Could … Read more

So, Why Are Knives So Expensive?

The knife is one tool that no prepper should ever go without, and you’ll never find anybody in the prepper-sphere or the business of survival instruction that recommends otherwise. Many of the popular and high performance bushcraft and survival knives carry with them a correspondingly high price tag. Especially for compact knives, you might be … Read more

The 5 Best Places to Strike in a Knife Fight

knife strike

Using a knife on another human being is a brutal business, on attack or defense. It isn’t like using a gun, with its brute mechanical efficiency: align sights, pull trigger, bang, hole is punched in target. While some gunfights happen at bad breath distance, and they sure are fights, they still lack the primal viciousness … Read more

The Best EDC Knives

edc knives

by Charles Long before history was recorded, even as scribbling on rock, man has relied on blades to help him conquer his environment. First as sharp rock and later as metal, the sophistication of knives has steadily increased through the ages while their function has remained the same: to cut, and to pierce. Both remain … Read more

26 Survival Uses for a Knife

A survival knife is probably the single most versatile tool in your BOB, INCH or GO bag, but did you know quite how much you could do with it? Here are 25 different functions of any good survival knife. Caveat: you shouldn’t do most of these unless you really have to, as you’ll damage the … Read more

Cold Steel GI Tanto update

A few weeks ago I published a review the excellent knife – the Cold Steel GI Tanto. A great knife at a great price. The ONLY complaint I had was the handle was a little too slick. Compared to the rest of the knife and the sheath included – this is a minor concern. Regardless, … Read more

Knife Review: Cold Steel GI Tanto

A couple months ago I bought the Cold Steel GI Tanto knife. I had been looking at this knife for quite some time as other Cold Steel offerings I have owned were quality items. Due to the low cost of the GI Tanto I kept my distance….until recently. I ordered one from Amazon and hoped … Read more

Knife Review: Gerber Warrant

I love knives and like most any survivalist own many. Knives have to be one of the most important and useful preparedness tools in existence.  Ever try cutting rope without  knife? Not easy. Several months ago I picked up a Gerber Warrant. This knife is generally considered to be within the “tactical” genre -whatever that … Read more

Gear Review : Benchmade Nimravus Tanto Knife

Growing up, knives were a part of life. I was given a little red Swiss Army one for Christmas when I was six or seven. Since then I have carried a knife on me everywhere it is legal to do so. A knife is perhaps the most primitive tool invented by man, and has an … Read more

Forgotten Survival Tools #1 – The Marlinspike

by Wyzyrd Hopefully, Number 1 in a series of “unusual” tools that can make life, both pre-and-post TEOTWAWKI just a little easier. I do a lot of “nautical-themed” decorative and useful rope and cord-work for an online business, so perhaps I have a skewed perspective on some very useful tools. Unless you are an avid … Read more

Remembering Some Cool Knives

When my interest first peaked in “survival” I was around 14 years old. This was in the mid-80’s between the release of the movies First Blood and Red Dawn. Survival knives began to gain popularity and there are several models I remember fondly. Now – I am not suggesting all of these were actually very … Read more

Remington F.A.S.T. Knife Durability Test

knife attached to a pole makeshift spear

A while back I reviewed a Remington Sportsman Series F.A.S.T. knife and….well….received some criticism for it. What was this criticism? Primarily its manufacturing origin of China as well as the belief that you get what you pay for. This knife is less than $20.00 and some readers posted their opinion that it will not hold up in … Read more