How to Stockpile Emergency Toilet Paper

Not everything we need to acquire as preppers falls into one of the three Bs: bullets, beans and bandages. Some preps are everyday items that are entirely mundane, perhaps even considered luxuries depending on your standard of living in the world, but are nonetheless one of those items that can make things just a little … Read more

5 Ways to Secure Your Preps From Intruders

old shed full of supplies

So your hard work and vigilance paid off; you sacrificed, scrimped, saved and religiously laid in supplies and stored provision ample enough to see you through a crisis that you hoped would never happen, but lo and behold it has. Mercifully you and your family survived. Your house is intact. You should be okay, after … Read more

Bartering after TSHTF

In the event that there is some type of cataclysmic situation that reduces society and the economy back to the stone ages (or close to it) – bartering will become a common method of commerce. With that in mind – I have been putting some additional items in my preps with “barter” in mind. Here … Read more

Top 50 Budget Preparedness Items on Amazon

Frequent readers will know that I am a huge fan of for purchasing preparedness stuff – as well as all kinds of other items. Low prices, huge selection, and Free Shipping on most orders is what has be coming back month after month. Amazon offers a Prime membership, which provides benefits such as free … Read more

The Top 5 Preparedness Items you MUST own NOW—and cost less than $20.00 each

People spend thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest preparedness equipment in their preparations for when the SHTF. Too often the most common sense and inexpensive items are overlooked.   Here are the Top 5 Preparedness Items you MUST own NOW—and cost less than $20.00 each.   #1. Matches—Fire provides heat. Fire provides the ability to … Read more

Dryer Lint

Yup. Dryer lint. If you are not aware – dryer lint is an excellent tinder to start fires. Most all households have dryers with lint screens. People every day clean off the lint screen and throw away the lint. Weeks ago I started collecting the lint and use it frequently to start my fire pit. So – … Read more

Gorilla Tape – Here’s Why You Need It

Gorilla tape

Duct tape is one of the most useful additions to a survival stockpile that can be made. Super versatile in many applications – I know of nothing else that can replace it. I have several rolls of duct tape – but have found a different type that I will be stockpiling – Gorilla Tape. I … Read more

37 Survival Items You Can Get on the Cheap

flashlights and lanterns

With today’s declining economy – many of us are on tight budgets. Even so – this does doesn’t change the goal that many of us have – to prepare for troubling times ahead for ourselves and our family. Visiting some websites and reading certain books – you can get the feeling that you have to have a full year’s … Read more

Grover Rocket Stove Review

rocket stove, survival, cooking, camping, preparedness, SHTF, TSHTF, TEOTWAWKI, economic collapse

Grover Rocket Stove located at offers some very unique and preparedness-minded products. Grover Rocket Stoves are made in the USA and are an excellent solution to the often asked question – “How can I cook and heat without electricity, propane, gas, etc?”. I have a Rocket Stove just like what is pictured above and love it. It … Read more