Review: Solvent Trap Adapter from Infinite Product Solutions

Ever hear of a “solvent trap adapter”? If not you have now. Amazing what people come out with nowadays. A solvent trap adapter is a small tool which attaches to the end of a firearm and allows an oil filter or similarly threaded objects to be attached.

The intended purpose of a solvent trap adapter is to attach an oil filter to the end of a barrel to make cleaning the firearm easier. Simply attach the adapter, screw on the oil filter – and any solvents and cleaning materials that go down the barrel will collect in the oil filter rather than on your table, counter, floor, etc.

NOTE: DO NOT screw on an oil filter and shoot a hole through it. Doing so will result in your committing a felony by having an unregistered suppressor.

Below are an assortment of pictures and commentary……



Above: The Infinite Product Solutions Ruger 10/22 solvent trap adapter.

Below: Adapter slips onto the 10/22 barrel around the front sight post. Notice oil filter threading.


Below: Solvent Trap Adapter mounted to barrel. Notice that there are two brass hex screws which are tightened to secure it. It is advisable to place a barrier between the barrel ans set screw to prevent bluing removal.



Above: Another picture of the adapter mounted.

Below: Solvent trap adapter ready for the oil filter.



Above: Oil filter obtained. The solvent trap adapters can be ordered with different threads as oil filters can also have different threads. It is a good idea to take the adapter to the auto parts store to make sure the purchased oil filter fits correctly.

Below: The center threaded hole is how the oil filter is mounted to the adapter.



Above: Oil filter mounted to Infinite Product Solutions 10/22 solvent trap adapter. Everything was tight and secure.

Below: A couple of my favorite items when cleaning and lubricating my guns – Break-Free CLP and Gun Scrubber.


Infinite Product Solutions sent me the solvent trap adapter for this review – free of charge. Like always that does not sway my opinion nor what I publish. The thing works. They make numerous different models for a variety of different firearms. Whether or not you want to use something like this to reduce the mess when cleaning firearms is up to you. If so – I can recommend those made by Infinite.

For more information visit their website:


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6 thoughts on “Review: Solvent Trap Adapter from Infinite Product Solutions”

  1. “NOTE: DO NOT screw on an oil filter and shoot a hole through it. Doing so will result in your committing a felony by having an unregistered suppressor.”


    That is EXACTLY what these are for….

    I’m not wasting a 10 dollar oil filter just to catch some solvent that MIGHT com out of the barrel.

  2. I have one for the AK 47 and it seems to work well, Rourke, you are right as oil filters do have different thread sizes, a standard automobile filter seems to be the best, JohnP

  3. I believe the use of these suppressors are legal until you screw a filter on and shoot it. The 2 liter plastic Coke bottles can be attached with duck tape, but will not actually suppress the sound much……

  4. Funny, I was checking out this site just recently, as I have a .22 rifle that I wouldn’t mind “adapting”. I just need to measure the barrel diameter in order to make sure one of theirs will fit or order a custom, if the cost isn’t crazy. Another good site, among many, is
    They sell entire kits utilizing a MagLite tube. Gotta make sure to catch those solvents.


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