15 Scents That Raccoons Hate the Most

two raccoons on a wooden fence

If all you know about raccoons is what you’ve learned from internet videos of them acting adorable, you’re in for a rude awakening when they start hanging around your house. They can break into your trash, infiltrate your attic, and generally make themselves a complete menace. They also carry a variety of diseases that might … Read more

10 Clever Ways to Move Heavy Loads

couple moving sofa

No matter who you are and where you live at some point in your life you have probably had to move something heavy, or several heavy somethings. Depending on your job and lifestyle, you might be moving heavy loads on the regular with or without the assistance of machines to help you. You are not … Read more

Air Drying Fruits Step-by-Step

dried apple slices

One of the best ways to preserve fresh fruit is by air-drying it. This process removes most of the water from the fruit, which helps to prevent spoilage. It also concentrates the flavor and nutrition of the fruit, making it a valuable addition to your food storage plan. Whether you’re air drying vegetables, fruits, meat, … Read more

Hmm, Why Are Rabbits Born Blind?

baby rabbit sleeping

If you have ever discovered a nest of baby bunnies in your yard, or perhaps you have raised your own, you likely noticed that their little eyes remain firmly shut for the first days of their lives, unable to see. It is definitely adorable, but the little things seem so helpless. Despite our sentiments, there … Read more

What Can You Store in a Root Cellar?

root cellar

Root cellars used to be the residential standard for storing food long term prior to the advent of modern refrigeration technology. With increasing uncertainty about the status of modern society and especially utilities, root cellars are making a comeback in prepping circles. But what all can you store in a root cellar? Root cellars are … Read more

So, What Exactly is Gray Water?

DIY greywater system from kitchen sink inside to collection container outside

Household and homestead water conservation is a big deal to preppers, and definitely one of the pillars of self-sufficiency. Water is an incredibly precious resource that most of us take for granted, and especially when trying to survive a long-term societal collapse you’ll have to make the best use of resources possible. One term you’ll … Read more

Food Crisis: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving It

unemployed men queued outside a depression soup kitchen

A confluence of events here at home in the United States, influenced by domestic and global factors, has raised the ever-increasing possibility that we could be heading into a second, major food crisis. It goes without saying that any existential or practical shortage of food will have dire implications for the health and well-being of … Read more

What Size Should You Split Your Firewood?

stacked woodpile under metal and plastic enclosure

When the weather turns cooler, those of us who rely on wood for heating will have much to do. Even if you are planning only the occasional summer cookout, fall bonfire or cheery winter gathering around the fire pit, you will need lots of firewood. But, chucking logs and sticks into your stove, fireplace or … Read more

The Prepper’s Guide to Living Without a Fridge


The humble refrigerator is the most taken for granted appliance in America. this ubiquitous contraption that runs day and night in kitchens all across the nation holds our leftovers, our veggies and our dairy products, all kept cold, fresh, and safe to eat. Naturally, it is almost unthinkable that you might be forced to go … Read more

45 Alternative Uses for Tallow You Should Know

tallow in plastic container

Tallow has a plethora of survival uses, including ones that may be naturally healing. Tallow, like lard, is a pure form of animal fat. Making use of all parts of an animal you are harvesting should be a key component of any survival plan. Learning how to effectively use tallow will help preppers achieve that … Read more

How to Raise Chickens for Survival Purposes

lots of chickens

Chickens are perhaps the perfect survival livestock because they are inexpensive to purchase and raise, reproduce quickly, and can be raised virtually anywhere. Raising chickens as part of your survival plan offers a myriad of benefits – but only if you can keep the birds alive, safe, healthy, and producing. Learning how to hatch chicks … Read more

How to Keep Chickens Safe Now and After SHTF

free-ranging chickens

Keeping a flock of chickens safe and healthy to ensure they will be around to provide meat and eggs can seem like a challenging task on a daily basis now, before the SHTF. Once a doomsday disaster strikes, keeping the chickens safe becomes a life necessity. It doesn’t take a lot of money to protect … Read more

The Legality of Living off Grid

Living off the grid is the solution found by more and more people who either want to prepare for a long-term disaster, or just want a quiet, self sufficient life. However, moving away from crowded cities does imply some legal research about what they can and cannot do. In short, yes, it is legal to … Read more

Horses for Prepping and Survival Purposes

horses moving across a small pond

Even if you’ve never owned a horse, you may have considered the feasibility of using horses for prepping and survival purposes. Horses are definitely worth considering as part of you prepping and survival planning, especially when gasoline is scarce or an EMP knocks out your car. But you can’t just go out and buy a … Read more

Basics of Homeschooling for Preppers

homeschool table

The vast majority of preppers homeschool their children instead of sending them off each day to government school. In fact, there are now more American families (preppers or not) educating their children at home than any other time in the history of the republic. Homeschooling is now legal in all 50 states, but the rules … Read more