REVIEW: ArmyTek Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 Flashlight

Anyone that has read ModernSurvivalOnline for any length of time knows I have a serious flashlight fetish. Ever since I was a kid I have loved flashlights. I guess being able to see what goes bump in the night has always been important to me. As the years have past and technology has gotten better and better – flashlights have gotten more powerful and batteries are lasting longer.

I was contacted by a company called armyTek to review one of their products – the ArmyTek Predator Pro LED Flashlight. ArmyTek presented the Predator Pro as a incredibly high tech, bright, and durable world class flashlight. Thus far – it has not disappointed.

About “ArmyTek”

ArmyTek is a Canadian company that was founded to create the most exciting flashlights….period. Yes – the word is exciting because ArmyTek employs scientists and engineers from the military and space industries to develop  truly innovative flashlights with reliably second to none.

In addition to flashlights, ArmyTek also offers numerous accessories such as batteries, chargers, and remote switches.

ArmyTek is proud to be a manufacturer in North America when so many electronics are made in China. To be honest – I appreciate that.

“ArmyTek Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 Flashlight”

Fit, Feel, and Features

The Predator Pro is just one of 40 models which ArmyTek manufactures. As a super durable and reliable high-output flashlight throwing out 670 lumens of light – this is one powerful flashlight. At just a tad over 6″ inches this is not a tiny tactical light but certainly not as large as a 3 D-cell Mag-lite. At 5.8 ounces of 6061 aluminum this light is heavier than many tactical lights and provides a definite feeling of confidence in the hand.


The Predator Pro is turned on and off using an end cap switch. Momentary on and off can be accomplished by lightly pressing the rubber membrane of the switch. I had no issues and the switch worked every time in a secure fashion. The flashlight is powered by 2 CR123 batteries or a single 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. The 18650 rechargeable may be alien to most readers however there are numerous choices available on Amazon at excellent prices.


The bezel has raised edges and would be very effective for striking and protects the ultra-clear tempered glass lense. Deeply recessed sits the LED diode which can send out a blinding 670 lumens – or as low as .1 lumens (180 days on one 18650 battery).


The end cap switch has raised ridges which assist in secure engagement. No problems – no issues. Works flawless.


Another look at the bezel and as stated can be used as an expedient defensive tool. I would not want to get hit with that.


The Predator Pro is listed as being waterproof and submersible to 50 meters. That is impressive however since I am not a scuba diver I have not tested to those depths.


Included 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery available from ArmyTek. Multiple charges and no problems.


Te rubber grip as pictured above may appear unusual but works excellent in maintaining a solid grip. It can be removed or adjusted to another location.


The Predator Pro as compared to the Trustfire(middle). The Trustfire is not as bright and much lighter. Although I really like the Trustfire and find it an incredible value – comparing these two are like comparing a Pinto to an Escalade.


The Predator Pro comes with a handy case.



If you have seen other flashlight reviews the above house will look familiar. No other light tested has ever illuminated this house like this. I actually had a hard time taking this night time picture. 670 lumens does its job.


Another night time picture. This house is approx 175 yards away. No doubt shining on an opponent would be blinding for them providing a tactical advantage.


Another shot on the side of the house. Extremely bright and focused beam.


Illuminating the backyard.


I cannot overemphasize the quality and brightness of this light. There are a lot of names out there synonymous with flashlights and ArmyTek should be one of them. The 670 lumens that the Predator Pro is capable of sending down range is more than enough to light up  the woods while hunting, camping, or staying on the lookout for zombies.

By the way – the Predator Pro with a fully charged battery will last 1 hour and 20 minutes at 670 lumens. Fantastic. At a very bright level of 200 lumens – which many mainstream tactical lights are rated – 7 hours is how long it will shine. Carry a couple extra batteries and you have an excellent light source lasting a long, long time.



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7 thoughts on “REVIEW: ArmyTek Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 Flashlight”

  1. Again, I think we are twins separated at birth! I’ve been a flashlight nut since childhood also. When the big Maglites came out, I owned several. I carried a Mini-Mag AA light in my pocket for many years in the Army. The new LED lights are more powerful than the Mini-Mags, so I went to a Nebo Redline for everyday carry a while back. I just recently purchased Cree lights for everyone in the family. I think they were advertised here on MSO around Christmas. They are smaller than the Nebo and less cumbersome in church clothes.

  2. WOW!!! That is definitely a nice light… I have several Streamlight stylus pro lights, they are not that intense, but they are really nice lights. I buy them on the tool truck and they give me a lifetime warranty on them so I have one in every bag I have including rechargeable batteries and hopefully soon a solar charger. Definitely want one of these now, just a little begging and pleading with the wifey and maybe???

  3. Excellent review Rourke. I also have been the victim of the “flashlight fetish” for many years. Most of the past objects of my desire now sit, battery-less, piled in a tote and shoved in a corner of my survival room, condemned to an existence in darkness by the improved LED and mirror shaping technology of today. I admit to spending way to much time surfing the net for flashlights, there’s a lot out there and quality is often suspect. This looks like a nice light and one I didn’t now about. It’s a bit odd but my Maglite LED 4 D-cell flashlight is the brightest light I have owned. Not sure of the lumens but it puts other lights to shame. I admit that all the lights I’ve compared it to are smaller so it must be it’s sheer size, the beam seems to go on forever.

    Tim, I to have been buying lights off a “tool truck” Snap-on! Mike, my local rep gives me good deals compared to the retail stores, yes the price is still high but the payments are affordable. Payments on a flashlight!…. yes… I’ve got it bad. I picked up a Bluepoint 125 lumens rechargeable that now sits on my nightstand, super reliable and bright enough to see what goes bump in the night. Streamlite fell behind in the technology curve but they’re making a comeback. I recently picked up a TLR-1 HL for my son’s pistol from Mike and for its size WOW! 630 Lumens and high quality. I may get another for my AR.

    Rourke, I’m wanting a flashlight with enough power that when I spotlight a deer…. it bursts into flames, I haven’t found it yet but these Armytek lights look promising!

  4. One flashlight junkie to the others:

    Looks like a Surefire knockoff. No doubt it works. I got suckered into a Cabella’s flashlight that looked similar to the reviewed. Priced 1/3 of my good Surefire. Got the light home only to discover a funky recharge adapter plug that wouldn’t allow the batteries to recharge. Of course Cabella’s took the defective light back and tried hard to replace it with one that ‘worked.’

    I think I’ll stay with my Surefires but the ArmyTek flashlight looks like a good deal for the money. I don’t like lights with a lot of electronics but have a look at my EDC light described following.

    For other reviews of the ArmyTek see:

    For those of you who are really flashlight junkies see the Peak Beam Maxa Beam:

    I used these for years in government service and when retired had to buy one for ranch use. There is nothing quite so bright as the xenon arc in a flashlight.

    My personal EDC light is the Surefire Kroma:
    and I have a Surefure M3 mounted on a M1A Socom.

    My all time favorite IR NVG light is the Surefure M1 my best,

    Good find and great review Rourke.

  5. Good Info PR, thanks. Surefire makes perhaps the best civilian lights available, and they are sure proud of them…. proud indeed…

  6. John,
    I’ve often traveled where the only resupply was the equipment I carried. Having so lived, I still try to have the very best of the best and live by the creed, ‘two is one and one is none.’ Most Surefires are designed be weapon mounted with impunity, I’m not sure that is true for many cheaper lights with electronics.

    In the search for brightness at night, just remember that bright usually means short life but there are a few exceptions. I bought the Maxa Beam with an arc spare back in 2002 and haven’t had to replace it yet. Xenon Arc runs hot and true.

    Having so said, it appears that the ArmyTek is a good light for the money. I like the smoothing feature the electronics provide and it should increase life. Hope Rourke keeps us advised as he uses this light.


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