The 16 Best Survival Backpacks You Can Get

green backpack with two water bottles in side pockets

A backpack is incredibly important, they store and protect our gear from the weather and the eyes of others. They also organize our gear. For preppers, two backpack designs are useful: The Hiking Backpack and the Tactical Backpack. Both are different and come at different prices. They work differently from each other and depending on … Read more

The $500 Bug Out Bag

So we know how a bug-out bag can be important, they can save lives. But what makes them so important? The answer is what goes in them. From waterproofs to food, water and other items those are the items that are important. We have to pick each item carefully and this list is no exception. … Read more

The Best 8 Hazmat Suits and How to Choose Yours

man in white hazmat suit

Being prepared to face down the unexpected is paramount if you want to ensure that you and your family will persevere in the face of hard times. Disasters both natural and man-made can turn your life upside down, rob you of every possession and even kill you if you aren’t ready to face them, head-on, … Read more

How Long Do Lighters Really Last?

a Zippo-style lighter

Every prepper buying now knows how important the ability to make fire is. For all the talk about utilizing primitive methods or retro tech, hardly anything is quicker and easier to do in a bad situation than simply utilizing a lighter. Lighters are indispensable tools in a survival kit, but compared to more primitive methods … Read more

The $100 Bug Out Bag

basic survival kit components

For readers new to prepping, a bug out bag is a bag designed to keep you surviving for at least three days and up to a week while evacuating or running from a disaster. Normally a bug-out bag contains three days of food and water as an essential item to be packed. Everything in your … Read more

The Top 10 Best Emergency Candles

lighting a candle

There is one emergency situation that everyday incidents and massive disasters alike have in common, and that is a loss of power. Power outage, blackout, brownout or any other sort of mishap involving our electrical grid means the lights we all take for granted will no longer come on at the flip of a switch. … Read more

Emergency Flares: Are they Waterproof?

man using an emergency flare

Chemical roadside emergency flares are an invaluable addition to any flat tire kit or vehicle carried survival kit. Almost nothing is as bright and noticeable as the flickering, red flame of a roadside flare. Designed to be used whenever a roadside emergency occurs, this naturally begs the question of whether or not these flares are … Read more

So, What is VG-10 Steel, Anyway?

Knife owners these days have no shortage of quality steels to choose from. For custom and production models alike, there is a steel to fit every budget and every requirement. In fact, there are so many steels on the market that choosing one from the dozens available at the retail counter or on a manufacturer’s … Read more

Carabiners vs. Snap Hooks: What’s the Difference?

oval-shaped carabiner attached to rope

If you engage in climbing as a pastime, professional pursuit or in any other capacity you likely have cause to use carabiners day in and day out. But even if you aren’t working in high places you have probably seen these D- or oval-shaped clips attached to backpacks, key rings, wrenches and anything else that … Read more

Batteries – The Ultimate Prepper’s Guide


Batteries. Unless you are living some agrarian “Little House on the Prairie” lifestyle, these indispensable little marvels are utterly essential for modern life. Batteries large and small make many of our technological innovations possible and serve all kinds of purposes, from the trivial and entertaining to the critically important. From pumping out tunes to running … Read more

15 Survival Items Lying Around Your House Right Now


If you have put off prepping until very recently, you might well be unprepared for events that follow. Just imagine it… That fateful day comes when the sky literally starts falling, the government implodes or society collapses. The power goes out, the seas roar and the mountains give up their dead, cats and dogs living … Read more

10 Bug-Out Bag Items You Completely Forgot About

edc items 3

Bug-out bags are crucially important components in a prepper’s overall readiness plan, and serve as a mobile store room, armory, medicine cabinet, workshop and even house. No matter what the situation and no matter what you might be facing you will rarely make things worse by grabbing your bug out bag when you head out … Read more

The Case for Repacking Your Bug Out Bag Seasonally

You can ask any prepper what most scares them, and they will probably tell you that it is being unprepared for a bad situation. Inquire further into what they hold a serious disdain for, and they will probably tell you that it is inefficiency, or wasted effort. Accordingly, most of us will strive to be … Read more

Why Do Tactical Flashlights Have Those Sharp Edges?

Bushnell flashlight

If there is one tool that everyone should carry when they leave the house, it should be a flashlight, and preferably a bright, tough and compact tactical flashlight. These modern lights are incredibly robust and have outputs typically measured in the multi-hundred lumen range, making them more than adequate for basic illumination and also for … Read more

10 Bug-Out Bag Items You’ll Regret Buying

tactical survival kit

Every prepper should have handy a bug-out bag, or BOB. This is a central piece of equipment to many disaster and crisis response plans, as it is the BOB which will carry all of the supplies and assorted gear that a person anticipates needing when the time comes to evacuate to someplace safer. If you … Read more

So, What Exactly is a Get-Home Bag?

get home bag backpack

By now pretty much every prepper is familiar with the concept of the bug-out bag, a central piece of kit that will allow you to sustain while evacuating from your home to safer ground. But what will someone rely on if they are trying to get back to their home during times of trouble? Most … Read more

25 FEMA-Approved Emergency Essentials

FEMA logo

For preppers who are just taking their first, tender steps into the lifestyle change that is serious personal preparedness, it is easy to run into information overload. Where should you start? How do you begin? What is most important when it comes to material acquisition? The internet, boundless mine of knowledge that it is, is … Read more

12 Survival Items to Score at Home Depot

Home Depot Canada

If you are a prepper, or just know a prepper, you’ll know that there is always something that is needed. A piece of equipment, a certain item of gear, provisions, something that is missing from the ever-growing mountain of stuff in the survival stash. It is such a time-worn idea that is becoming something of … Read more

Survival Knife or Machete: Which Should I Choose?

Choosing a blade for survival is serious business for preppers. In one form or another, a bladed tool is going to be one of the most used and most important that you will have with you when the chips are down. It will be used for shelter creation, and a multitude of other tasks. Two … Read more