Will Mylar Bags Protect Devices from an EMP?

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One of the most devastating, and sadly, one of the most plausible, mega disasters that preppers worry about today is that of an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. Generated by the detonation of a nuclear warhead, a specialized EMP device or even powerful cosmic phenomena, a potent EMP can completely destroy the electrical grid, anything connected … Read more

Here’s How to EMP-Proof Your Vehicle

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One of the hallmarks of being a good prepper is knowing what you’re up against. Understanding the nature of the threat, be it a group of people, a natural disaster or an accidental catastrophe is fundamental to preparing yourself against the consequences. No matter how big, no matter how scary, there’s always something that can … Read more

EMP How Long Does It Disable My Electronics

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One of the most worrisome and sadly also most plausible destructive events we could face is an EMP, specifically an EMP powerful enough to disable or destroy electronic devices and the infrastructure that can help us power them. Whether it is caused by a nuclear weapon detonation, a non-nuclear device or even a potent solar … Read more

So, Do EMPS Affect Batteries?

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An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is incredibly destructive for electronics, as it renders them inoperable. It is a primary concern amongst the various prepper communities as our reliance on electronics puts us at a disadvantage if an EMP were to go off. If all of your electronics are going to be fried from an EMP, then … Read more

Here’s How To Protect Your Electronics From an EMP

An electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is the stuff of nightmares for most preppers. EMPs can happen quickly with little or no warning, they are silent, and they may change life as we know it forever. Unfortunately, there is a lot that is unknown about them as well. This adds to their mystery, mystique, and the terror. … Read more

These 20 Non-Electric Devices Will Work After an EMP

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One of the greatest threats facing society today is that posed by an EMP. An EMP, short for electromagnetic pulse, could originate from natural cosmic phenomena or man-made weapon systems of the nuclear or non-nuclear variety. Whatever the cause, one powerful enough could conceivably plunge civilization across a large swath of the Earth back to … Read more

So, What Will Work After an EMP Attack? (Here are 10 Things that Will)

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One of the most terrifying, and sadly most plausible, doomsday scenarios is that of a major EMP attack. Whether it is caused by a high-altitude nuclear detonation or the deployment of a purpose-made EMP generator, either has the capability of plunging a society back into the pre-industrial era by destroying electrical grids and any technology … Read more

Are EMPs Real?

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Preppers worry about all sorts of world ending and society toppling events and disasters, and one that is whispered about the most, near the very top of the pantheon of catastrophes is the EMP. EMPs, or electromagnetic pulses are broadly discussed throughout the preppersphere, and feature prominently in all sorts of disaster and doomsday media, … Read more

How Long Will an EMP Disaster Last?

An EMP can be created through everyday items, or it can even be produced through a reaction via a nuclear explosion or even produced via the sun and each EMP can be placed into Phases: E1, E2 and E3. An EMP is a threat to our modern way of life. Why? Because everything we rely … Read more

EMP Survival 101

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All of our lives would be drastically impacted if either a man-made or natural EMP disaster happened.  It would not take weeks, or even months, to repair the power grid and all aspects of modern life, but years! If the vital piece of United States infrastructure goes down, we would awake in an entirely different … Read more

A few thoughts on EMP protection

  Quite often I receive questions and comments related to EMP protection. Let me start by saying I am not an expert on EMP. I will also tell you that I have talked to some very knowledgeable people when it comes to EMP and electronics. For me the answer to what will happen if there is … Read more

EMP and Caching

  How has it not happened? Perhaps some mad version of submarine launched mutually assured destruction could be part of the reason. Each day, I am grateful that our comfortable, convenient, existence continues unabated.   I have authored a couple of posts regarding EMP with Modern Survival, one had to do with protecting electronics and … Read more

Could “Red Dawn” really happen?

With North Korea rattling its sabers and making threats against the United States – I wondered….“Could Red Dawn really happen?”  For those who may not know what I refer the remake of the 80’s classic Red Dawn features an EMP riddled north-western United States being invaded by North Korea. I have watched the movie several times and from … Read more

PREPPER FICTION – Solar Storms 2012 Part Three

Solar Storms 2012   by Ted Howe and Shirley Swift Part III   Frank showed up at the crack of dawn with a large wild turkey. He and Sally, much to everyone’s surprise, cleaned it in the basement. Every once in a while their laughter drifted up the stairs and Gert kept winking at Nancy. … Read more

PREPPER FICTION – Solar Storms 2012 Part One

Solar Storms 2012 by Ted Howe and Shirley Swift Part I                                                                         North Liberty, Iowa – November 1, 2012   “Damn” Frank said forcefully turning the radio off and standing up. “Sounds like those solar flares are gonna’ happen after all.” “R.J., you got your ears on!” Frank excitedly yelled into the CB mike trying to get … Read more

Protecting electronic devices from EMPs

What is an EMP?  EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse.  An EMP is typically generated by the detonation of a nuclear weapon. According to a US Army report from 1994, one single high-altitude detonation has the potential to generate an electromagnetic pulse capable of covering the entire continental United States. EMPs are not harmful to humans, … Read more