First Impressions: Ganzo G704 Folding Pocket Knife

I could easily develop a serious knife collecting problem. So far in my 45 years I have managed to keep my fascination with knives in check. One of my most recent additions is the Ganzo G704 folder. If you are not familiar with Ganzo they are a Chinese manufacturer of knives with a decent reputation. Popular Ganzo supplier sent me the G704 to review.

As you can see by the post title this is a “First Impression” review. It takes time to properly evaluate a knife and it is still early in the game.


The Knife: Out of the box the Ganzo looks to be a very nice piece. This folder has an Axis lock and a 440C stainless blade. The blade and handle fit is absolutely rock solid with no wiggle or wobble. Please excuse the technical jargon.

The action is snug and very smooth. Flipping the blade open with a snap of the wrist and thumb is easily accomplished. The pocket clip is beefy and tight. TheĀ button to release the locked blade takes some effort – just as it should.

The green handle is covered with raised scales that help provide a secure grip – wet or dry.

The blade had a good utility edge out of the box. Nothing to write home about. I did take it my local “guy” and had it sharpened. Much better.

Overall length is 7.9″ inches while the blade itself measures 3.4″ inches.


I will end this “First Impression” with this – – At this early stage the Ganzo G704 appear to be a fantastic value providing an extremely high quality knife for less than the cost of a movie. I truly expected this knife to be a POS. I was totally wrong.

Give it a few more weeks and I will report back how it performs.

Take care all – Rourke


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5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Ganzo G704 Folding Pocket Knife”

  1. You took it to your “local guy” to sharpen it? I would think a “survival enthusiast such as yourself could sharpen a knife expertly. I certainly can.

    • Kevin – thanks for the comment. Although I can sharpen a knife just fine I just don’t have the time. Cost? About $4.00 each.

  2. John, before you had a list of survival items you bought from Amazon that you recommended. Do you still have a list like that laying around. A lot the reviews on there I just don’t trust. Thank you.

  3. Capt. Turbo. Good thought.

    I use a Burr King (used by most serious removal method knife makers) in my shop that will quickly put any kind of edge I want on most anything. I also have a variety of stones and other sharpening aids. Even after long experience with the sharpening aids and quality stones, I cannot reproduce the kind of edge a Burr King can create in moments. See:

    Many knife stores provide free sharpening, especially if the knife came from the store. That is but one situation where I might take a knife in for proper sharpening, especially if they had a Burr King or similar quality machine. The other would be if I ruined the edge with improper manual sharpening or misuse.

    Each of us should be able to produce a usable edge in moments with stones, it is a survival skill of course. When butchering a large animal, I may stop and sharpen my skinning knives several times using stone. But, when I’m near the shop, nothing produces a quicker and higher quality edge than the Burr King.



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