Can You Eat Raw Corn to Survive? Is it Safe?


Every self-reliant person I know spends hour upon hour planning to accommodate the need for food in all kinds of survival situations. Yeah, you can go for weeks without food before you starve, but only a handful of days without food before you’re dangerously low on energy. But one thing that is routinely overlooked in … Read more

So, Can You Eat a Cactus for Survival?

cactus plants

Cacti thrive in hot and dry regions but can be found all over the world in areas that don’t reach below freezing. While admiring the vicious-looking appearance, you might be surprised to learn that it offers much in terms of survival. Yes, you can eat most cacti, though some varieties are toxic for humans. Generally, … Read more

So, Can You Eat Ants for Survival Purposes?

a hand covered with ants

When discussing survival scenarios, especially long-term scenarios or ones where you are trapped in the middle of the wilderness, the topic of hunting for food often comes up, and for obvious reasons. But, this discussion typically overlooks small game, and I’m talking about really small game in particular: insects. Although eating insects is nothing new … Read more

Power Outage Grocery List: 23 Items to Get

freeze dried foods

Preparing for a power outage and its impact on your life is difficult enough without worrying over how you’re going to prepare your meals. Considering that the kitchen is really the command center of the average home, anything that takes your kitchen offline is going to dramatically interfere with feeding yourself and your family. Yes, … Read more

So, How Many Calories are in an MRE?

eversafe mre

MREs, or meals-ready-to-eat, are military ration packs that every single person serving in uniform is already familiar with, and they also happen to be a long-term food storage solution for preppers. Though expensive, their combination of extraordinary shelf life and stability across a great temperature range makes them good survival food for civilians just like … Read more

So, Can you Eat Grasshoppers to Survive?

a grasshopper on a leaf

In some cultures around the world, insects feature heavily on the menu. Throughout Asia, Africa and South America bugs make up an important resource of nutrition. Similarly, bugs have commonly been turned to as a food of desperation by those in survival situations or living in times of extreme lack. It sounds gross, and it … Read more

Cooking OPSEC During a Disaster

can heated on a stove

Most preppers already know that OPSEC, or operational security, is an important concept when surviving in the aftermath of any major disaster or other long-term crisis. A loan word taken from the military, applying the concept to prepping and general survival means taking pains to keep your business your business, and not giving away to … Read more

Do Ramen Noodles Ever Expire?

uncooked ramen

Ramen noodles. You love them, or you hate them, and probably not much in between. That being said, you have to respect them for becoming so ubiquitous and so cheap. Whether they are tossed into a pack as a reliable if uninspired camping meal or used to desperately stretch the dollars of broke college kids, … Read more

Is it Safe to Heat Food in a Can?

can heated on a stove

Canned food is a reliable, convenient option, and aside from being an everyday staple in the kitchen it also serves as a fundamental part of a long-term food storage plan. You might have seen various depictions in media of people heating up canned food right in the can prior to eating it, but is this … Read more