The Deadwood Rocket Stove for Cooking Indoors

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By Beverly Sandlin

You all  know I am a fan of the Deadwood Stove for camping and by my grill, because I wrote about it in 2012. I even have two Deadwood Stoves! These are, to my mind, mini-wood stoves that are so well built they will be passed down for generations.

With the bitter cold winter we have had this year and the electric going on and off, I got to thinking about the Deadwood for interior cooking as well. Sorry, but I am not going to feed sticks into a rocket stove outside to cook when it is -20 with wind chills of -50 – It IS Minnesota!cans two

stove 1WOW, am I impressed! For cooking all I did was clean out a spaghetti sauce can, tear off the label, stick it upside down inside the Deadwood for height, then I took a cleaned soup can with label torn off, put 10 cotton balls in it, poured maybe a half a cup of rubbing alcohol (Wyzyrd noted that there is 70% and 90% Isopropyl Alcohol – look for the 90% if possible. This is the same stuff you have in your medicine chest for treating cuts.) over that, let it soak-in good for about 15 minutes, lit it with a BBQ lighter and I had water too hot to touch with steam rising within 5 minutes! Plenty good enough to cook on!




Worked okay with just a common candle too. But I think that a three wick survival candle would work a lot better.


Then I put one of those pocket stoves in it with a fuel tablet and that worked great!

pocket stove sideways better

boiling pot

The legs on the Deadwood are positioned to make the stove easy to cook on just sitting on a chair. Remove the legs and you have a counter top or table top stove where you can easily stand and cook.

legs unscrewed

Below the grate the Deadwood is a bit less than 5”x5” so sterno, camp heat, survival candles, fuel tablets, nearly any kind of solid camping fuel, can be used with it when inside the home and of course sticks outside.

The only thing you have to be careful of is not putting too big a pot on it that snuffs out the fire. And that may not be a problem because it can draw oxygen from below it also.

A very versatile rocket stove!

And coming up tomorrow, I will show you now I converted it to a convection heater! 



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  1. If you go to the rocketstoves website there is a book you should get—rocket mass heaters-superefficient woodstoves.
    They look liker permanent installations, though, from the picture.
    Plus, get a big fire extinguisher.


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