75+ Survival Downloads for Your Offline Library

There is an awful lot to learn about survival, and if you need to brush up on some particular skills or are just getting started you have come to the right place. The links below will direct you to a fountain of information for each topic ready and waiting for you to download it for offline viewing.

This information could form the core of your electronic survival library, so start putting it together today. Note that all articles, reviews and manuals are in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Reader or a similar program is required to open them. Adobe Reader is available free here.

First Aid/Medical

As a prepper, it is imperative that you become your own first responder. When seconds count, help is only ever minutes away! During a disaster or SHTF situation, properly trained medical technicians and hospital settings might be completely unavailable, or hours to days away.

Even minor injuries can take on new and deadly aspects in a survival situation so you’ll need to be prepared with the right equipment and the skills to make use of it if you want to stand a chance when injured.


You might know everything there is to know about a certain subject or two, but you don’t know everything. The business of survival is comprised of many disciplines with many interlocking skills and that means you will need tons of specialized knowledge help you make it out the other side during a disaster.

For many of us, the best way to begin learning a new skill, or to brush up on a skill we have become a little rusty on is with a book. The link above will provide you with access to all kinds of useful survival manuals on a variety of topics.

Civil Defense

The prospect of a traditional slam-bang, roll-the-tanks war in the tradition of the great World Wars is unlikely in our modern era, but it is never out of the question. It is for this reason all preppers should be at least passingly familiar with civil defense procedures and principles.

Even though we would all be grateful if war never reached our shores, the skills you learn from civil defense materials are just as useful during times of disaster and societal unrest. The link above has plenty for you.


Communications are an extremely important and chronically overlooked part of a survival plan. Reliable long-range electronic communications, or surreptitious short-range communications, might make all the difference when it comes to signaling for rescuers or just reaching other members of your survival group or family.

These are not skills that are easy to work out on the fly, so you’ll need to be practiced or at least familiar with them before disaster strikes. The material provided at this link will get you on the air in no time.


Any electromagnetic pulse event that occurs could conceivably plunge the nation instantly back to the pre-industrial era. Anything with a circuit board and many other electronic devices could be rendered non-functional in a millisecond or even destroyed outright. The consequences of such an event are difficult to collate and will be nothing short of apocalyptic.

Considering that EMPs are one secondary effect created by nuclear weapons and also a new and terrifying category of specialized strategic weapon all their own you would be wise to learn everything you can about them, and also how to defend against them.

Evacuation/Bugging Out

It isn’t fancy, it isn’t flashy and it is not particularly romantic, but your very best response to many problems will simply be to get away from them. Putting enough distance between you and a potential threat, be it the looming loss of the rule of law or an impending natural disaster, will go a long way towards keeping you and the people you care about safe.

But the journey alone can be difficult and dangerous if you don’t know what to do. You can find out what you need to know with the material provided here.

Food/Water Storage

Food and water are some of the most essential resources for survival and smart preppers will already have plenty of each on hand.

But keeping your food and water viable, accessible and properly rotated so that it does not spoil takes quite a bit of effort and intelligent planning. approaching it in a haphazard way is only going to waste money, time and effort, and potentially leave you hanging when you can least afford to go without. Check out the provided documents here to ensure your supplies remain viable.


We know food is important, but what are you going to do when your food supply runs low and you can’t just scamper down to the local grocery store to get more? You’ll need to provide it yourself, and one of the best and consistently most accessible methods for doing so is starting a garden.

No matter where you live and what kind of climate you are contending with there will be a variety of edible plants that you can grow in order to supplement your food stores. Gardening is a fulfilling pastime, and an important survival skill, but takes some specialized know-how to yield a harvest. Learn more at the links above.

General Survival

Survival is quite a simple affair when you get down to it. You must provide yourself with enough oxygen to breathe, keep your core body temperature at a viable level to support life, consumer fuel vital bodily processes and also consume enough water to maintain adequate hydration. But simple does not mean easy, and survival is anything but easy.

Mountains of literature have been written about the topic, and beginning your quest self-sufficiency with the articles, books and manuals provided here is a great first step.

Off-Grid Power

The generation, control and distribution of electricity is one of mankind’s greatest achievements, and a loss of our electrical grid is principally responsible for the havoc that results in the aftermath of all kinds of disasters.

Sure, you might plan to go without a variety of technological enhancements for your survival plan, but a better and more holistic plan might focus on creating off-grid power solutions. The link above will provide you with plenty of material for this undertaking.

Survival Tools

It is always wise to be capable of providing for your survival needs in an austere environment using nothing more than found materials and your wits, but it is slow, highly laborious and far from a sure thing.

A well-equipped prepper is a likely going to be a prepper who survives compared to one who has nothing, all things being equal. The content here will give you plenty to think about when it comes to choosing survival tools for any and all contingencies, from the everyday to the apocalyptic.


Certain man-made disasters and long-term, society-toppling events might necessitate protecting what is yours, both your property and your supplies. If that is the case you’ll need weapons as well as the know-how and the grit necessary to employ them.

This is another skill you definitely don’t want to be making up as you go along. There is much to consider depending on your lifestyle, environment and overall survival plan but this material will help you make sense of it and equip yourself with right and worthy weaponry.

Final Words

Make use of all of the material provided above the brush-off on the many and varied skills that you will need in order to be a well-rounded prepper.

By downloading and saving this content you can be well on your way to furnishing yourself a well-stocked and comprehensive survival library that you can refer to in a pinch after stress has fried your brain. Remember that paper, even electronic paper, will remember when the mind forgets!

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