About Us

Wow, can you believe Modern Survival Online (MSO) has been around since 2010? A few years ago, when I wrote a guest article for John Rourke, I was sooo happy he agreed. After 1 or 2 years, I took over the website, and that took my excitement to the next level.

There were already a lot of articles, what more could I add? A lot, actually. Prepping is a never-ending endeavor – there are so many things I learned and applied about 5 years ago when i got started. I could probably write down at least 10,000 topics and still not cover everything.

Growing up with my grandparents half the time on their homestead, and with my parents in the city, I was able to learn a lot from both environments, but the things most relevant to prepping were learned on the homestead. baling hay, foraging for mushrooms, taking care of livestock… I could go on and on with the things I learned at a very young age, but I’m not here to brag.

What I do want to do is tell you I searched long and hard for preppers and homesteaders, and brought them here so they can teach you about survival, homesteading and firearms.

We have Charles, a man with a HUGE experience in everything related to firearms. You’re probably familiar with his articles, they’re simply amazing. he also writes in-depth articles on survival and prepping, that benefit

We also have Tara to cover survival and homesteading. She’s actually a farmer, and coordinates a not-so-small survival mutual assistance group. She’s probably the most prepared person I ever had the chance to meet. She’s completely off the grid, using satellite to send me her articles.

There’s also Isabella, with some unique political insights. If you’re a liberal, you’re either going to hater her articles, or seriously consider switching sides.

And let’s not forget Megan, who’s not only a great mother, but a great prepper.