About Us

Wow, can you believe Modern Survival Online (MSO) has been around since 2010? A few years ago, when I wrote an article for the founder and previous owner, John Rourke, I was so happy that he agreed. 2 years after that, I took over the website, and that took my excitement to the next level.

There were already a lot of articles, what more could I add? A lot, actually. Prepping is a never-ending endeavor – there are so many things I learned and applied about 5 years ago when I got started. We could probably write at least 10,000 topics and still not cover everything.

Growing up with my grandparents half the time on their homestead, and with my parents in the city, I was able to learn a lot from both environments, but the things most relevant to prepping were learned on the homestead: baling hay, foraging for mushrooms, taking care of livestock… I could go on and on with the things I learned at a very young age, but I’m not here to brag.

What I do want to do is tell you I searched long and hard for preppers and homesteaders and brought them here so they can teach you about all aspects of survival, including wilderness survival, emergencies, DIY, and bugging in or out.

Putting together people who are experts in various fields related to prepping, and who can bring to the table decades of experience was the only way to make MOS a reference when it comes to survival.

Shall we meet them?

Tim Makay

Tim is the main writer here on MSO, with literally hundreds of articles. He covers everything related to survival and prepping, backed up by his extensive experience in personal defense, fixing homes, farming, and gardening.

It’s no wonder since he has a wide range of experience not just with gardening and food preservation, but particularly with personal protection as well as site security (security gaps, failures in procedures, and implementing various fixes and other protection measures).

You can read Tom’s articles here, or you can e-mail him here.

Charles Yor

We have Charles, a man with a HUGE experience in everything related to firearms. You’re probably familiar with his articles, they’re simply amazing. he also writes in-depth articles on survival and prepping. You can e-mail Charles here.

Tara Dodrill

Tara Dodrill

We also have Tara to cover survival and homesteading. She’s a farmer on a fairly large homestead, and coordinates a not-so-small survival mutual assistance group consisting of friends, relatives, and family members.

Tara is probably the most prepared person I’ve ever met. She’s completely off the grid, using satellite to send me her articles, and raising animals such as goats, horses, chickens, and much more. Email Tara here.

John Rourke

John Rourke

John is the previous owner of this website, so you’re likely to find plenty of articles in his archive. His hands-on experience with prepping, stockpiling, gardening, and even fitness is priceless.

Megan Stewart

Megan Stewart

And let’s not forget Megan, who’s not only a great mother and grandmother but a fantastic prepper. While you won’t find her bugging out in case of a disaster, she’s really good at prepping to bug in, stockpiling, and even some aspects of homesteading. You can e-mail Megan here.