10 Survival Items You Completely Forgot About

survival items

Holistic preparedness is equal parts skill-building and material preparation. If you have been prepping for any length of time, you have no doubt acquired a fair bit of gear already, and probably have a laundry list of more gear and additional provisions that you have yet to obtain. No matter which way you slice it, … Read more

Missouri State Knife Laws

Missouri flag

Missouri is a state that is generally permissive when it comes to knives and knife ownership, but one with troubling restrictions that create two sets of standards for carry depending on whether or not you have a concealed weapons permit. Also the state law covering switchblades is entirely dependent upon federal regulations on the same, … Read more

The Prepper’s Guide to Living Without a Fridge


The humble refrigerator is the most taken for granted appliance in America. this ubiquitous contraption that runs day and night in kitchens all across the nation holds our leftovers, our veggies and our dairy products, all kept cold, fresh, and safe to eat. Naturally, it is almost unthinkable that you might be forced to go … Read more

Utah State Knife Laws

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Utah is a state that is nominally pro-knife, but with major reservations. Their statutes are, quite frankly, highly perilous for the average citizen, consisting of predominantly subjective factors for determining whether or not a knife is legal under a given set of circumstances. Combined with broad definitions, and with Utah’s history of adjudicating against the … Read more

Wyoming State Knife Laws

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Wyoming is a state that is famous for its cultivated notion of independence and self-reliance, and their knife laws reflect that, even if they do have a few warts. Wyoming does not ban any kind of knife based on its action, length or other characteristics, but the state does run afoul of some poorly worded … Read more

Tennessee State Knife Laws

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As of press time, Tennessee is one of the very best states for knife owners, if not the best. Tennessee allows you to carry any kind of knife you want openly or concealed without a permit and sturdy statewide preemption statutes mean you can depend upon the state law being the gold standard from east … Read more

West Virginia State Knife Laws

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West Virginia is a state with dependably solid if flawed laws governing the possession and carry of knives. No type of knife is explicitly banned from ownership in the state, but the state does have some particular restrictions on the carry of knives if it fits into the category of deadly weapon, and the person … Read more

Oregon State Knife Laws

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Oregon’s knife laws are broadly consistent with other staunchly liberal states’ laws on the same. They are confusing, unclear, scattered, and too reliant upon legal opinion and precedent derived from actual court proceedings and cases to be useful to the average citizen. Oregon’s knife laws instill restrictions on everything from what kind of knife you … Read more

How Long Can You Run a Generator?

Generators are a common fixture in prepping and elsewhere in society wherever you’ll find a need for electricity regardless of a lack of power infrastructure, or a temporary disruption in an existing grid. Whenever you lose power due to bad weather, a prolonged grid-down situation, or even the toppling of society in general, you’ll be … Read more

3 Ways to Remove Rust from a Pocket Knife

pocket knife

If you carry a knife and use it, chances are it’s going to start getting a little rust to go along with the character marks. A pocket knife or a belt knife makes no difference: From hunting, from countless chores, from getting wet, getting drenched in sweat or just extended forays into misty and rainy … Read more

The Basics of Prepping

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More and more people are preparing today. Why? There are a lot of reasons and if you are visiting this website; you likely already have yours. The bottom line is – this world is not a safe place, and it is just flat out common sense to put some supplies back, just in case. So, … Read more

Minnesota State Knife Laws

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Minnesota is a state with odd, and seemingly contradictory knife laws. While the Minnesota statutes are quite lengthy, and the intricacy of the wording often gives the impression that a law is more restrictive than it actually is, the state is surprisingly permissive when it comes to the type and style of knives that you … Read more

Ohio State Knife Laws

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Ohio is a state with knife laws in an absolutely awful state of repair. Ohio is fairly unique among states in that most types of knives are legal for ownership and you may open carry any knife that is otherwise lawful based on the pertinent features. But by happenstance, lack of attention or deliberate malevolence, … Read more

Connecticut State Knife Laws

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Most New England states are fairly well-known, some might say infamous, for their stringent laws governing the ownership and carry of weapons, and much of the time, knives are no exception. That is definitely the case in Connecticut compared to much of the South and Southwest, but it is not so draconian as you might … Read more

Iowa State Knife Laws

Iowa flag

Iowa is a mixed-bag state when it comes to the ownership and carry of knives. With a cursory inspection of the state regulations, you might think Iowa was quite pro-knife, since it allows both open and concealed carry, and you have a fair bit of choice when it comes to choosing a legal knife. However, … Read more

15 Bug Out Bag Foods That Won’t Weigh You Down

chia, flax seeds, nuts, and pumpkin seeds in Ziplock bags

When the time comes to bug out, one equipment and supply factor that should be on every prepper’s mind is weight. If you are bugging out on foot, you’ll be carrying your BOB which is your combination pantry, toolbox, armory, home and pharmacy on your back. Even if you are planning a bug out by … Read more

10 Military Skills to Help You Survive Emergencies and SHTF

drill sergeant yelling with soldiers

It is wise to learn from the experience of others. We can look to the trials, tribulations, and lived experience of others who persevered through challenging circumstances that we ourselves may yet face. Their choices, skills, training and attitudes should inform our own. It is no stretch to say that there is nothing new under … Read more

Georgia State Knife Laws

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In recent years George’s knife laws have benefited from fairly significant revision, increasing the length of knives that citizens are legally able to carry concealed as well as incorporating statewide preemption laws that make it much easier to travel with a knife from place to place without running afoul of local laws. Georgia has always … Read more

Delaware State Knife Laws

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Delaware is a state of contrasts when it comes to knife laws, though you might find it one of the more permissive New England states in spite of a variety of restrictions. Delaware happily allows the open carry of pretty much any kind of knife, and a great variety of knives, so long as one … Read more

Here’s How to Cross a River Safely

man swimming in river

In order to escape from some disaster, the time may come when you need to bug-out on foot. If that happens, you can’t let any obstacles stand in your way. After all, you are not on a pleasure hike, you’re on a march to save your life and potentially the lives of your family and … Read more