Deer: Are they Dangerous?

roe deer

Around the world, deer are among the most popular game species for hunters, and since their populations are so large and they can be found in so many biomes, they remain the quarry of choice for those hunting with guns or bows. This naturally leads to some consternation with animal lovers because deer are also … Read more

The Colony Review (2013, Series)

  The Colony has an interesting premise, one that is near and dear to most preppers: The world is turned upside down because of a catastrophe and society has collapsed. It is up to a band of survivors to work together and overcome survival challenges if they want to live. For the show’s first season, … Read more

15 Conservative Movies You Should Watch

old movie tickets

Though there is no shortage of big-budget, Hollywood entertainment available through every outlet imaginable these days, it has long been difficult for conservatives to find films that really speak to their life ways and values, or at the very least, films from which conservatives can derive any message or meaning aside from “don’t act like … Read more

The 20 Best Survival Movies You Can Watch

It is no secret that serious prepping is hard work, and maintaining personal readiness is a never-ending task. That being said, all work and no relaxation makes for frayed nerves and grumpy attitudes. One traditional and time-honored pastime in America is watching movies, be it at home or out at the cinema. Pretty much all … Read more

Prepper Fiction: 299 Days

I have a copy of Glen Tate’s new book –  299 Days: The Preparation – on the way. This book is one in a series of 10 planned. Although my time is very valuable and in limited supply – I have been really trying to read more. After reading the summary of 299 Days and … Read more

The Edge (1997) Review

This week we are recommending an older movie called The Edge. This movie lends itself to thinking about wilderness preparedness. Here is a summary: In this movie, three men are stranded in the wilderness after their bush plane goes down in the remote reaches of the Alaskan interior. They must use all their survival skills to … Read more