The Psychology of Survival


For many in dire circumstances, just living day-to-day is very difficult. Working in a low-income area with many who are homeless, I routinely see examples. Others I know are unemployed, or if they work, they do so part time and/or below their skill or education level – just to survive. Although these people have roofs … Read more

The Best Emergency Fabrics to Keep You Warm and Dry

man in outdoors equipment

When you think of emergency preparedness, food, water and cash are probably the first things you think of. However, having the right clothing and tools is equally important in order to keep you and your supplies safe from the elements. Most of us have a wardrobe full of cotton, which is not the best fabric … Read more

19 Critical Survival Commodities to Stockpile

stockpile items water bleach salt and more

What are critical survival commodities and how do they affect you? First there are many things that are commodities today that will not be survival commodities like computers, and other consumer electronics. But what are they, I think a good definition might be “any necessary consumable material that because of it means of production or … Read more

Smartphone Preparedness – How It Can Save Your Life

Your smartphone can be a vital survival resource in multiple ways, but probably it’s most obvious utility is the purpose for which it is primarily designed, that of communications. Despite the hand ringing and doom-mongering that some in the preppersphere drape phones with, you should know that, in reality, your cell phone is likely to … Read more

The Best Holsters for SHTF Survival


The worst part about buying a new gun… is the cost of all the accessories! It seems that your estimated amount you allot for the purchase of a new firearm doubles or triples by the time you’re finished getting everything you need with it. If you buy a new handgun, especially one for serious purposes, … Read more

Water Preparedness – Your Ultimate Guide

water bottles

“Each trooper will be charged with responsibility for preserving water. Our existence as an operating army depends on these following water saving procedures. Remember, water is life.” Dune (1984) Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi classic Dune showed us a world with very little water, where even the moisture of your own breath was captured and retained as … Read more

Bugging Out On Foot – What to Expect

woman carrying backpack outdoors

Bugging out is something that you must consider as a prepper. When a situation becomes unsalvageable, or the danger of staying put or bugging in entails risks that you are not willing to take, it is time to get out of Dodge. Many preppers plan to bug-out using a personally-owned vehicle of some kind but … Read more