How to Bug Out – The Ultimate Guide

If you are new to prepping in general you have probably already read and heard about the concept of bugging out. Or perhaps you are a relatively green prepper, and have not tackled this “big ticket” item on your prepper To-Do list. Whichever the case might be, bugging out is in some ways a sort … Read more

Just What Constitutes SHTF?


“SHTF” is a time-worn and borderline cliché prepper acronym we have all heard, seen and continue to hear and see daily in prepping circles. What will you do when the SHTF? Where will you go when the SHTF? Has the SHTF? It never ends. Even so, it is an important concept. In case you have … Read more

The Best of the Best Glock 43 Holsters

The Glock 43 was one of the most anticipated pistols of the middle part of the decade, and has since firmly established itself as one of Glock’s most popular models. A superb carry pistol for deep cover applications, Glock’s single stack 9mm has proven itself a worthy standard-bearer for all of the manufacturer’s hallmarks: reliability, … Read more

How to Prepare if You’re All Alone

man alone outside

Prepping can be difficult enough when you have your family, or at least a few survival companions to help you. If you are alone, truly alone, it can be extraordinarily difficult, not to mention very risky. The challenges you’ll face as a solo prepper will be enormous in all but the most basic of survival … Read more

Pros and Cons of Manual Safeties on Handguns

M&P9c with manual safety

The inclusion of a manual safety on a handgun is an intensely personal choice for a shooter. There is no right or wrong answer as a safety lends itself better to certain kinds of shooters and certain situations better than others. A shooter’s own preference for a safety is usually formed by the sum of … Read more

An Argument for DA/SA Pistols

Beretta PX4 Storm

Modern pistol design has embraced the striker-fired action as the current paradigm. There are good reasons for this, greater mechanical simplicity and a moderate consistent trigger pull being two of the most common. Of course, the blockbuster success of a little pistol called the Glock (though not the first striker fired handgun by a long … Read more

How to Spot Thieves, Thugs and Terrorists

man in public place

Self-defense minded citizens and preppers both are regularly admonished to stay alert, to keep on watch, to be vigilant for the predatory humans that we know are always out there, somewhere, sniffing for their next easy mark. Situational awareness might as well be made the 8th Virtue. Just one problem though; we are rarely told … Read more

5 Secret Ways to Prep in Urban Environments

cars leaving city in a disaster

Prepping in an urban environment is in most ways much the same as it is in suburban and rural environments, as I and other authors on this site have written of in the past. But urban preppers face quite a few challenges that their brethren in less populated areas will not, at least not with … Read more

The Top 5 Multi-Caliber Guns and Who They Are For

Imagine a scenario where you are low on ammunition. You used the last of your supply some time ago and despite your searching high and low for more, you have come up with nada. A gun without ammo is little better than a clumsy club, or an intimidation tool at best. You know you won’t … Read more

5 Ways to Secure Your Preps From Intruders

old shed full of supplies

So your hard work and vigilance paid off; you sacrificed, scrimped, saved and religiously laid in supplies and stored provision ample enough to see you through a crisis that you hoped would never happen, but lo and behold it has. Mercifully you and your family survived. Your house is intact. You should be okay, after … Read more

The Best of the Best Self Defense Knives

All kinds of preppers carry knives and a quite a few of them have probably given some thought to using it for self defense, if they had to. A smaller fraction of those preppers have given the topic much thought, and have sought out both a quality knife suitable for fighting and the skills to … Read more

The Right Way to Carry Concealed in a Purse

woman with a handgun

One of the most popular ways for ladies who carry purses to carry their gun is, duh, in their purse. While this approach is certainly convenient and offers an easy to way to conceal the gun completely, purse carry offers its fair share of trials and risks that any prospective lady shooters should be aware … Read more

Should You Modify Defensive Firearms?

disassembled glock

When discussing firearms for personal or home defense with other like-minded shooters, a common question that crops up, and often results in argument, is whether or not modifications are acceptable on defensive firearms, and if they are, what kind or to what extent? This is rooted in a desire to enhance (or avoid impairing) performance, … Read more

Are Subcompact Pistols Worth It?

glock 17

Concealed Carry of pistols is a subject of enormous breadth and depth, covering such intricacies as who you are and what you do for a living versus where you are carrying and under what conditions you will be carrying: is the environment, permissive, semi-permissive, or restrictive? What consequences are there for you legally and socially … Read more

Awesome Airweights: Overview of 3 Smith & Wesson Lightweight J-Frames

Smith & Wesson revolvers are iconic and nearly timeless firearms that remain the fabled manufacturer’s flagship product. Their excellence in manufacture and highly innovative designs has set and continue to set very high benchmarks for wheelgun performance. There is no doubting that S&W makes effective and reliable guns for self-defense. Without question some of the … Read more

10 Carbine Drills to Master

m1 carbines

Carbines, modern, vintage or somewhere in the middle are exceedingly popular guns for general purpose readiness in prepper’s armories for good reason. Their combination of range, power and ease of use make them excellent guns for protection and harvesting game at nearly any feasible range. In the close confines of a building or the wide … Read more

Practical Carbine Skills You Are Not Practicing

m4a1 carbine

The modern semi-auto carbine is a proper do-it-all gun, equally at home putting lead on target at two yards or 200, and its nimble handling, adaptability and modest weight both ammunition and gun itself make them one of the most efficient and attractive options for preppers in a defensive capacity. For simple home defense or … Read more

The Ultimate Pandemic Survival Guide

people wearing masks

As a prepper, you have plenty to prepare for. There are all kinds of threats to your safety, large and small, but small does not always mean less deadly. In fact, of all the threats that you could face one of the smallest just so happens to be the deadliest, and the hardest to defend … Read more

The Best of the Best Pump Action Shotguns

Mossberg 590A1

The shotgun has remained a popular weapon for personal preparedness since shortly after its inception and it is, aside from innovations in the action departments, virtually unchanged since. The adaptability and versatility of the shotgun makes it a solidly dependable choice for hunting and a deadly defensive weapon. If it is a humble wood and … Read more

The Best EDC Water Bottles

water bottles

Water is one of the most essential compounds for life. While water is very plentiful the world over a given water source often has some gotchas that prevent anyone from grabbing a gulp whenever they please. It might be frozen, too salty, too contaminated with germs, bugs and other biohazards or trapped way, way underground. … Read more

Easiest Ways to Die When SHTF

man freezing in snow

I am of the opinion, and I know it will be unpopular, borderline offensive to some, that most preppers really have no idea how dangerous disasters and other SHTF events can be. Unless they have had the misfortune to live through one, that is. Natural or man-made, accidental or divine wrath, it really does not … Read more