6 Places to Safely Store Large Amounts of Cash

If you are like most people, you probably think the best way to safely store large amounts of cash is in the bank. But you are not most people, and you know that banks do not typically store your cash as cash, converting it instead to electronic currency, but they will also be one of … Read more

Does Pinewood Work as Firewood?

a fire burning pinewood and pine cones

One of the most important considerations for successfully building and managing a fire is fuel selection. Much of the time this will be wood of one kind or another. Each and every species of wood has different characteristics that will affect things like intensity, burn time and other pertinent factors. Pine is one wood that … Read more

Camping for Beginners: 20 Steps to Get Started

camping in tent by the lake

Camping is an enjoyable pastime, and also an essential skill; knowing how to live outdoors comfortably, securely and safely can give you the confidence you need to head off into the wild on journeys both short and long, knowing you will be able to provide both shelter and provision for yourself. The popularity of camping … Read more

Arkansas State Knife Laws

Arkansas is a predominantly knife friendly state, one that has a few regulations regarding ownership, carry, and concealment of knives. This was not always the case, but thanks to a concerted effort back in 2011, the state now enjoys far less restrictions and broader inclusivity when it comes to concealed carry. The expansion of natural … Read more

Pepper Spray – Can You Store it In Your Car?

Pepper spray is a popular and commonly employed self-defense implement that is equally effective as a less-lethal option for those who carry a firearm or as a primary defensive weapon for those who are not comfortable or permitted guns. Pepper spray is legal to own and carry almost everywhere, and is extremely prolific throughout the … Read more

20 DIY Weapons for Self-Defense

knife attached to a pole makeshift spear

Being prepared to defend oneself and one’s holdings is a big part of prepping. As it turns out, we won’t all just be able to get along. Weapons are an important part of these plans and preps, as they will afford you the power, effectiveness and sometimes the range needed to fend off desperate looters, … Read more

Peanut Butter as Survival Food – Good Idea or Not?

If you are padding your pantry with consumables in order to get ready for a long-term survival situation, chances are you will have seen plenty of spreadsheets comparing the relative benefits and nutritional value of various foods. Every prepper has their favorite, and it seems like every expert will make a contrary recommendation to those … Read more

South Carolina State Knife Laws

South Carolina flag

South Carolina would be a superb state for knife ownership and carry if it not for one, awful fly in the ointment; a lack of statewide preemption has allowed several of the largest cities and popular tourist destinations to institute local laws against the carry of knives that hardly seem like they belong in a … Read more

2 Clever Tricks to Recondition Old Gas on Your Own

can of gas

Any prepper, from a complete newbie to a grizzled old-hand understands the value of stockpiling vital provisions and supplies before things get bad. You don’t need me to tell you that you won’t be able to run down to the store, and get what you need after society has collapsed. Most of you probably already … Read more

Maine State Knife Laws

Maine flag

Maine is a highly frustrating state for knife owners to live and exist in. Despite some fairly recent advances in one category of their state statutes, in this case the legalization of automatic knives, Maine suffers terribly from laws that are extraordinarily vague, ill-defined and nearly impossible to decipher for the average person, relying instead … Read more

Texas State Knife Laws

Texas flag

Texas is by and large a solid-state for knife owners, thanks in part to significant revision of their legal code governing knives that saw significant restrictions reduced or eliminated entirely a few years back. Overall, Texas does not spend a great deal of time defining what knives are legal or illegal based on their class … Read more

How Much Would It Cost to Dig a Well on My Own?


A well is a vital water resource that is absolutely necessary if you plan on living anywhere that does not have access to copious amounts of above ground freshwater or municipal water systems. Humans have been digging and drawing water from wells pretty much forever, and though we have it down to a science one … Read more

10 Survival Items You Completely Forgot About

survival items

Holistic preparedness is equal parts skill-building and material preparation. If you have been prepping for any length of time, you have no doubt acquired a fair bit of gear already, and probably have a laundry list of more gear and additional provisions that you have yet to obtain. No matter which way you slice it, … Read more

Missouri State Knife Laws

Missouri flag

Missouri is a state that is generally permissive when it comes to knives and knife ownership, but one with troubling restrictions that create two sets of standards for carry depending on whether or not you have a concealed weapons permit. Also the state law covering switchblades is entirely dependent upon federal regulations on the same, … Read more

The Prepper’s Guide to Living Without a Fridge


The humble refrigerator is the most taken for granted appliance in America. this ubiquitous contraption that runs day and night in kitchens all across the nation holds our leftovers, our veggies and our dairy products, all kept cold, fresh, and safe to eat. Naturally, it is almost unthinkable that you might be forced to go … Read more

Utah State Knife Laws

Utah flag

Utah is a state that is nominally pro-knife, but with major reservations. Their statutes are, quite frankly, highly perilous for the average citizen, consisting of predominantly subjective factors for determining whether or not a knife is legal under a given set of circumstances. Combined with broad definitions, and with Utah’s history of adjudicating against the … Read more

Wyoming State Knife Laws

Wyoming flag

Wyoming is a state that is famous for its cultivated notion of independence and self-reliance, and their knife laws reflect that, even if they do have a few warts. Wyoming does not ban any kind of knife based on its action, length or other characteristics, but the state does run afoul of some poorly worded … Read more

Tennessee State Knife Laws

Tennessee flag

As of press time, Tennessee is one of the very best states for knife owners, if not the best. Tennessee allows you to carry any kind of knife you want openly or concealed without a permit and sturdy statewide preemption statutes mean you can depend upon the state law being the gold standard from east … Read more

West Virginia State Knife Laws

West Virginia flag

West Virginia is a state with dependably solid if flawed laws governing the possession and carry of knives. No type of knife is explicitly banned from ownership in the state, but the state does have some particular restrictions on the carry of knives if it fits into the category of deadly weapon, and the person … Read more