So, Are Bison Really Dangerous?


Have you ever seen a bison before? You might know them by their other name, buffalo. Whatever you call them, these huge, shaggy animals are one of North America’s most iconic species. They’re one of the main attractions at many national parks, particularly Yellowstone, where teeming throngs of tourists and nature lovers line up to … Read more

Should You Eat Grass to Avoid Starvation?

grass on dinner plate

If you find yourself in the middle of a survival scenario where you run out of food and are facing starvation, you’ll be considering all kinds of things that you never would have dreamed of eating previously. Plenty of survival experts and survival manuals will recommend you scavenge for various kinds of plant life to … Read more

What to Do If You Run Into a Snake?

grass snake

Pretty much anywhere you live in the world you can be assured you’ll eventually run into a snake in your travels. These slithering, cold blooded reptiles give many people the willies and often inspire panic. Though the vast majority of snakes are not venomous and nearly harmless to people a close encounter with a venomous … Read more

So, Why Is Shelter so Important for Survival?

tarp shelter

There are many important considerations for survival, among them the need for water and food, the need for security, and certainly a need for clean oxygen. But one of the most important survival requirements is shelter. Many survival experts, not to mention survival websites like this one, spend an inordinate amount of time preaching preparedness … Read more

How Dangerous Are Copperheads?

North America is full of snakes, all kinds, and some of them are venomous. Among these venomous snakes, the copperhead is one of the most common, and also the most likely to bite people according to various studies. Considering the copperhead’s wide distribution, behavior and likeliness to bite preppers would be well-advised to become acquainted … Read more

Exactly What Color Berries Are Safe to Eat?


Anytime one is in a wilderness survival situation bolstering your calorie intake by taking advantage of natural food sources is always a good idea. Depending upon your region and the current climate one of the best and not to mention tastiest gatherable foods found in nature are berries. But like so many things found in … Read more

Does Pinewood Work as Firewood?

a fire burning pinewood and pine cones

One of the most important considerations for successfully building and managing a fire is fuel selection. Much of the time this will be wood of one kind or another. Each and every species of wood has different characteristics that will affect things like intensity, burn time and other pertinent factors. Pine is one wood that … Read more

Here’s How to Cross a River Safely

man swimming in river

In order to escape from some disaster, the time may come when you need to bug-out on foot. If that happens, you can’t let any obstacles stand in your way. After all, you are not on a pleasure hike, you’re on a march to save your life and potentially the lives of your family and … Read more

Tinder vs. Kindling. Here’s How They Are Different

starting tinder with sun rays

You’ll learn plenty about starting a fire in all kinds of ways when you hang around preppers. In fact, you’ll likely learn more than you wanted to know! Building a fire always starts with a few fundamental factors: heat, oxygen and fuel. Combine the three, in the right ratio, and you have a fire. When … Read more

Signaling 101 for Survival

man using an emergency flare

In a survival situation communication can be vital and proficiency in signaling could save your life, or at least make it a lot easier. Anybody who works in the outdoors learns at least some basic signaling, on land woodsmen need to know where safe trails are and how to find and rescue lost adventurers. At … Read more

The Definitive Bushcraft Skills List

fire started with a Fresnel lens

Bushcraft is a word that gets thrown around very often in the survival community, but it’s also a word that far fewer people understand it. A truly skilled survivalist is someone who can use resources provided by nature exclusively to survive. Bushcraft will teach you skills not just to survive, but to thrive in comfort, and … Read more

Preppers and the Primitive Life


The majority of preppers view bugging out to live a primitive life in the woods as a last resort option. In fact, I would venture a guess that most preppers have planned or are planning a strategic relocation to make bugging in more sustainable. Others know they must endure a short-term bug out from their … Read more

Sun Power for Survival


by Ryan When forced into a survival situation, Mother Nature can provide a variety of different resources.  Many people see nature as the enemy in survival, but the right attitude is to see it as your ally.  Fighting against nature is a losing battle. However, working with nature can give you the tools you need … Read more

Stay Away from These Poisonous Plants

elder berries

Wild edibles are an excellent food source in a survival situation.  In most climates you can find wild edibles year round.  However, eating the wrong plant can make you very sick and can possibly kill you. Many plants can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting which can lead to dehydration and starvation.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature is … Read more

How and to Make a Temporary Shelter

tarp shelter

by Jonathan If the SHTF and you find yourself in a situation where you are in need of a temporary shelter, what would you use? Sometimes it isn’t possible to rely on a pre-built shelter or dwelling, so you will need to be creative and able to use whatever resources you can. Or, maybe mobility … Read more

How to Build a Shelter in the Woods

bushcraft survival shelter

Building a shelter is one of your top priorities in any survival situation.  Yes, you need water to keep you hydrated.  You need food to keep your energy levels up. You need fire to stay warm and cook food.  But a shelter ranks equally as high as those priorities. A good shelter will shield you … Read more

How to Make a Rabbit Snare


by Karen When society collapses you will eventually have to find a way to get your own food by hunting and foraging for it.  If you think prepping is all about storing away food and water, you are absolutely not going to survive.  There is simply no guarantee you will have food at any point … Read more

Fun Games Your Family Can Play in the Wilderness

camping game

Prepping as a family has its challenges, but it can also be a lot of fun, especially when you make it into a game.  One of the most important parts of prepping a family is ensuring they have wilderness and outdoor survival skills.  No matter how old the members of your family are, there are … Read more

How to Escape Quicksand

Based on my assessments when I was younger, I thought that quicksand would be a much bigger hazard as an adult. It used to be everywhere, but now you’d be hard pressed to find a modern Hollywood movie showcasing a quicksand rescue attempt. This imagined threat was so severe that even NASA scientists speculated that … Read more

Can you make fire under a lean-to shelter?


That’s what one writer I wanted to hire wrote in the demo article. According to her, “the smoke goes out the sides while the heat trapped”. Now, although I have strong opinions on things in general, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. I don’t know anyone who’s actually put fire inside a shelter which, in my opinion, is downright … Read more

3 Ways to Start a Fire With Sticks


It looks easy until you try it yourself. We all kind of know the theory but once it comes down to actually starting a fire with two sticks panic sets in as your rub away and people peer over your should going: “Hasn’t it started yet?” and “Why isn’t it working?” You control the urge … Read more