30 Reasons to Stockpile Alcohol for SHTF

wine bottles

This sounds counter intuitive doesn’t it? Stockpiling alcohol however doesn’t mean being drunk and disorderly and unable to cope with the situation… In fact, there are a number of very good reasons why you should stockpile alcohol – particularly wine and spirits rather than beer, which does not have such a long shelf life. Drinking … Read more

60 Camping Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


When you start out camping it’s easy to make mistakes and they can make life pretty miserable for the time you are out there. Although these may be basic to seasoned campers, they will help avoid accidents, make your campsite comfortable, and eliminate flaring tempers! 1. Check the direction of storm winds, and prepare accordingly. … Read more

The 9 Best EDC Bags for Everyday Carry

Each year, the manufacturers who listen to their customers learn a little more about how their products are being used and what can be done to improve them. Then technology keeps advancing so the quality of materials and the designs improve year on year. From backpacks to sling bags, messenger, laptop bags, pocket organizers and … Read more

Get Home Bags 101

get home backpack with flashlight knife nuts multitool and first aid kit

Unlike the bug out bag with everything (or almost everything) you need to survive away from home, the Get Home Bag (GHB) has what you need to help get you home in an emergency. Without further ado, let’s talk about what it should look like and what to pack in it. How big should the get … Read more

3 Ways to Start a Fire With Sticks


It looks easy until you try it yourself. We all kind of know the theory but once it comes down to actually starting a fire with two sticks panic sets in as your rub away and people peer over your should going: “Hasn’t it started yet?” and “Why isn’t it working?” You control the urge … Read more