9 SHTF Cooking Methods That Are Stealth

boiling water on small backpacking stove

Cooking during a SHTF event is a very tricky proposition. If proper sight, sound, and smell OPSEC is not observed, everyone within a one mile radius could know you and your family not only still have food, but also have the means to prepare it. During a brief disaster, like the power going out due … Read more

105 Ways to Save Money Prepping and Homesteading

Everyone loves to save money… especially preppers and homesteaders. The more money we save on daily needs and the occasional want, the more funds exist in the family budget to funnel back into preparedness gear and agricultural supplies for the survival homestead. By nature, preppers and homesteaders tend to be money conscious folks already. But, … Read more

45 Alternative Uses for Tallow You Should Know

tallow in plastic container

Tallow has a plethora of survival uses, including ones that may be naturally healing. Tallow, like lard, is a pure form of animal fat. Making use of all parts of an animal you are harvesting should be a key component of any survival plan. Learning how to effectively use tallow will help preppers achieve that … Read more

How to Raise Chickens for Survival Purposes

lots of chickens

Chickens are perhaps the perfect survival livestock because they are inexpensive to purchase and raise, reproduce quickly, and can be raised virtually anywhere. Raising chickens as part of your survival plan offers a myriad of benefits – but only if you can keep the birds alive, safe, healthy, and producing. Learning how to hatch chicks … Read more

How to Keep Chickens Safe Now and After SHTF

free-ranging chickens

Keeping a flock of chickens safe and healthy to ensure they will be around to provide meat and eggs can seem like a challenging task on a daily basis now, before the SHTF. Once a doomsday disaster strikes, keeping the chickens safe becomes a life necessity. It doesn’t take a lot of money to protect … Read more

22 Clever Uses for Sandbags

sand bags on grass

Sandbags are excellent at keeping back flood water, and deserve a spot on every homesteader’s supply list – even if they live far away from the floodplain. They’re really cheap to buy, and have almost as many uses as the often lauded duct tape. Not only is stockpiling copious amounts of sandbags an extremely inexpensive … Read more

The Legality of Living off Grid

Living off the grid is the solution found by more and more people who either want to prepare for a long-term disaster, or just want a quiet, self sufficient life. However, moving away from crowded cities does imply some legal research about what they can and cannot do. In short, yes, it is legal to … Read more

How to Start Seeds Indoors – A Prepper’s Guide

seedling in pot

Starting seeds indoors should be a vital part of any prepper’s food security plan. You do not need a greenhouse nor a lot of expensive equipment to successfully provide all the plants you will need. Even preppers with space and light limitations can start seeds to grow their own garden plants. Growing your own vegetable, … Read more

24 Jobs That’ll Put Food on the Table Post-SHTF

Putting food on the table during a SHTF event is the motivation behind why many folks start prepping. But, we must think ahead to how we will all continue to do the same post-SHTF as stockpiled supplies eventually dwindle, game is hunted out, and society begins to rebuild. Unless an asteroid hits the Earth, life, … Read more

What Would Happen After a Nuclear Terrorist Attack

nuclear blast

Preppers planning to survive what would happen after a nuclear terrorist attack must consider not only the breakdown of both society and government, and the collapse of the nation’s food supply, but also the dire natural disaster domino effect that will also occur. A nuclear terrorist attack on the United States would most likely be … Read more

Easy DIY Carpet Cleaner Recipe

DIY carpet cleaner

Stockpiling the ingredients to make a DIY carpet cleaner should be worked into every prepper’s budget. Cleaning your carpets might not initially sound like a priority chore on your survival plan list – but it should. The bacteria and germs lurking in carpets can spark or spread illness in a short amount of time. When … Read more

10 Things You Can Do to Prep Right Now

atv in the woods

Prepping can sometimes seem like a daunting and time-consuming task that takes a lot of money to do right, especially for beginners or non-rural preppers. But, that is simply not so. Sure, there are many survival supplies that will have you digging deep into your pocket and activities that require multiple steps and preparation, but … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Survival Threats and How You Can Avoid Them


Improving you day-to-day chances of survival dramatically now, before the SHTF, means you must take a long hard look at a specific set of factors that directly and substantially influence the threats you are living under. There are three major issues that impact your overall chances of survival: Medical History And Overall Health Where You … Read more

How to Recruit Members to Your Survival Group

Recruiting members to your survival group was once a nearly unheard of idea. When the prepping movement really garnered top momentum at the turn of the century, most survivalists were either determined to go the lone wolf route, shied away from the use of the internet entirely or were active only under clever usernames for … Read more

Prepper Christmas Guide – Survival and Self-Reliance Gifts for Everyone


Prepper Christmas gifts comes in as many shapes, sizes, and types as the survivalists who will use and cherish them. Our prepping holiday wish list includes gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas shopping list – no matter their age, self-reliance level, or even the degree of reluctance, they have shown to embrace the preparedness … Read more

Prepping for Non-Preppers

preppers on the homestead

You may have stockpiled all of the preps your family will need to last five years, have mastered a copious amount of survival skills, and live off the grid in a remote area – but are you prepped for accommodating friends, family and non-preppers into your post-apocalyptic life? Turning away a complete stranger is one … Read more

DIY Oil Lamp for Emergency Lighting

burning DIY oil lamp

No matter what type of SHTF you are prepping for, expect the power grid to eventually cease to function. Many preppers stockpile oil lamps, and that is a great idea, but learning how to make oil lamps yourself will allow you to put back even more off grid light sources for a fraction of the … Read more

15 Rural EDC Items to Never Be Without

rural edc kit 1

EDC items you tote with you will be highly impacted by both where you live and where you work. State and local laws will determine what type of self-defense tools can legally be carried, and even what size of bag can be taken with you into work, shops, and restaurants you frequent when away from … Read more

Top 5 Survival Crops for Preppers

survival crops featured

Growing a survival garden is near the top of the “to do” list for all preppers, but just throwing seeds in the ground to plant a little bit of everything is definitely not the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, growing grain crops and sugar can be accomplished even if you don’t have a … Read more