How to make char cloth

I was recently introduced to char cloth with a brief demonstration. I was impressed with how well it worked and how simple it sounded to make it. I decided to make my own and documented the results. What is char cloth? Char cloth is a form of natural material which is “cooked” to remove all … Read more

Starting a Fire with a Fresnel lens – Step By Step

Starting a fire is one of the most rudimentary basic activities that a survivalist/prepper must be able to do. Whether for cooking, warmth, light, or protection – building a fire is critically important. One method of fire starting I have utilized over the past year is the Fresnel lens. Basically a large magnifying glass – the Fresnel lens can gather the … Read more

A stroll in the woods…

This past Saturday morning, a buddy of mine picked me up and we went scouting for turkeys on public Game Management Land. When he picked me up he said that he suggested I bring one of my pistols – which I responded by simply lifting my sweatshirt and showed him my holstered XD. I asked … Read more