How to Put Together The Ultimate Bug Out Bag

a green MOLLE backpack

Disasters, both natural and man made are becoming more and more frequent in our world today. If you woke up in the middle of the night to find yourself in a situation where you needed to leave your home within minutes, would you be prepared to do so? Or would you run around the house … Read more

50+ Tools You Should Have on the Homestead

hand tools

If you’re longing to switch to the homestead lifestyle but are frustrated by the fact that circumstances just won’t come together to make it happen for several months, or even several years, there is something you can work on right now. There are certain tools you should have on the homestead and the more of … Read more

13 Ways to Do Laundry Post-SHTF

When it comes to an extended power outage, whether living off grid by choice or due to a SHTF situation, one of the things just about everyone will have to figure out eventually is how to do laundry. Your standard electric powered washer and dryer set most likely won’t be functioning unless you’ve planned ahead … Read more

Here Are All the Foods You Can Dehydrate

dehydrated fruit in glass jars

Whether you’re an experienced prepper, new prepper, or not even into prepping, you’ve probably heard that some people dehydrate foods. Maybe you know why it’s important to know which foods you can dehydrate and you’ve finally decided to give it a try. But in case you aren’t aware of all the great reasons to dehydrate … Read more

114 Survival Supplies You Can Get at the Dollar Store


When it comes to stockpiling survival supplies, it’s not hard at all to blow your budget pretty quickly. But quality gear that you can count on is important. There are just certain things you don’t want to cut corners on when it comes to survival gear. But if you’re looking to gather some inexpensive supplies … Read more

34 Staple Foods for Your Stockpile

food stockpile canned food ramen noodles bottled water

When SHTF or even during a short term crisis, you need to know that you can feed your family, no matter what. There are a lot of choices about what to store in a SHTF stockpile. But this article will focus on staple foods, which are those foods that can be easily stored long term … Read more

33 Survival Uses for Salt

table salt in bowl in a box and in salt shaker

If you’ve come across salt on the checklist of things to stockpile for a SHTF or survival situation, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. If you’re like me, you may not even use much salt on your food at all. When I first started prepping, I didn’t even put salt on my … Read more

Preppers with Special Needs and Disabilities

motorized wheelchair

by Megan When it comes to prepping for natural disasters and other types of SHTF or grid down situations, much of the gear and supplies you might need will be very similar to what other people need in the same situation. The key focus for pretty much everyone is to make sure physical needs are … Read more

SHTF Apothecary- 15 Plants to Grow for All Natural Healing

by Megan For anyone with chronic illnesses, it doesn’t take long for prescription costs to become overwhelming, especially with recent changes in the healthcare system in the United States. In addition to rising costs for medication, most preppers realize that prescription medications will quickly become unavailable when SHTF. Even those without chronic health problems will … Read more

50 Ways to Prepare Your Homestead for SHTF

two roosters ducks and a donkey on the homestead

The truth is although you may get some advanced warning of a SHTF situation, no one will predict it with absolute certainty. There are however some predicted behaviors and events that experts can predict may happen leading up to the chaos and afterwards. These predicted behavior patterns are important to understand for anyone who is … Read more

16 Survival Expos You Don’t Want to Miss


When it comes time to learn about new gear, improve your skill set, or pick up some high quality reliable gear, only the best will do. Survival and prepping expos are great ways to do it all at once. No matter where you are in the country, you don’t want to miss these survival expos. … Read more

Last Trip to the Supermarket-80 Items to Get


If you are one of those people who are aware and paying attention, you may have some advanced notice that the S is about to hit the fan. If you’re like most preppers you are already stocking up on the supplies you know you will need. But it never hurts to add to your stockpile … Read more

12 Dangers That Await You When Bugging Out


If you’re preparing for an event where you believe you may be forced to leave your home, you need to be prepared to combat the dangers of bugging out. Bugging in is almost always a safer route to take because you are at least somewhat aware of the hazards that exist in your local area. … Read more

These 14 Urban Survival Skills are Critical


by Megan When SHTF, the most important thing for you to understand is that everything you know about how the world works can change very quickly. Most new preppers do their planning as if they will all be at home when SHTF. But the truth is you and your family members could be anywhere when … Read more

What to Do Immediately After SHTF

storm about to strike

One of the most common debates among preppers is what kind of disaster to prepare for in the near future and what to do immediately after SHTF. Many preppers believe that when SHTF it will be a natural disaster such as a tsunami, a super volcano eruption at Yellowstone, an asteroid or solar flare. Other … Read more

Top 12 Best Small Towns for Preppers to Live in

small town

When SHTF most experienced preppers know it’s important to prepare to hunker down in place or get the jump on the masses and head for their bug out retreat that has been well prepared in advance. But for anyone still in the planning stages of strategic relocation, how do you decide where to relocate or … Read more

Preppers and the Primitive Life


The majority of preppers view bugging out to live a primitive life in the woods as a last resort option. In fact, I would venture a guess that most preppers have planned or are planning a strategic relocation to make bugging in more sustainable. Others know they must endure a short-term bug out from their … Read more