164 Kick-Ass Survival Tips to Keep You Alive

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Let’s stop beating around the bush. We all know the basics of survival: how to store food, water, and put together a bug-out bag. What we’re all really looking for are advanced, high-quality survival tips, tricks, tactics, and secrets that can help us take our preps to the next level. You can’t find these by … Read more

Can You Drink the Water from a Waterfall?

Iceland's Godafoss waterfall

In any outdoor survival situation, acquiring water for drinking is one of your top priorities. Dehydration is seriously debilitating and can take your life in just a couple of days if you don’t have any fluids to drink. Accordingly, many preppers’ resource plans focus on locating and gathering suitable freshwater sources for drinking. One notion … Read more

Can You Eat Insects for Survival?

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Any prepper worth the label will be prepared to face a survival situation by stockpiling the essentials. One of these essentials is food, and though you can live for weeks or even upwards of a month without it, your body and mind will degrade precipitously. Sourcing your own calories in the wild is not easy, … Read more

Introduction to Survival Fitness

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How long have you been prepping, now, 6 months? A year? More? I bet it’s not every day that someone comes to you and says: Look, you’ve been doing it wrong. You’re neglecting a critical aspect of your preparations that could potentially kill you in a disaster. Well, I am… I know, I know… Everything … Read more

How to Make Your Bug-Out Bag Modular

Ah, the bug out bag. The prepper standby and source of constant tinkering, consternation and much discussion. There are a 1,001 ways to choose, fill and pack a BOB, but one method in particular I have been experimenting with over the past year since an associate introduced me to it has been a real game … Read more

Defensive Handgun Ammunition – the Crush Factor

hollow point ammunition

by Eric When it comes to personal defense, it’s very hard to argue with a handgun being the best choice. Often the mere sight of a handgun will send a potential assailant fleeing simply because the bad guy wants an easy victim, not someone who is going to fight back. I actually know this from … Read more

How to Store Bleach and How to Use It to Purify Water

by Teresa The use of chlorine to disinfect water as well as to maintain hygiene in various ways is well-known. For consumers, there are primarily two common types of active chlorine that are used for cleaning purposes: sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, is typically used for laundry, cleaning materials … Read more

Post-SHTF Communication and Information

by Eric One of the most important things post-collapse is getting information. If you don’t have the right info, a slew of bad things can happen. You may not know in tine that that wildfire is getting near your house, or that invading forces have taken over a town or have blown up a bridge. … Read more

8 Overlooked Bug-Out Bag Items

Tweaking your bug out bag is a never-ending endeavor. The more you learn, the more you add and remove items, the goal being to make it more lightweight, more functional and more tuned to your unique situation and the disasters you’re prepping for. Today we’re going to talk about some of the things you may … Read more

Setting Up a Carbine for Self-Defense

by Contributing Author Rifles, specifically carbines, are excellent choices for a defensive long gun, especially when chambering an intermediate cartridge. Their combination of desirable characteristics such as light weight, compact size, mild recoil and superior projectile performance make them ideal for any setting save the most confined quarters. The choice is obvious: if a carbine … Read more

Tips and Guidance for First Time Handgun Buyers

revolver versus semi auto

by Contributing Author The purchase of a handgun is often the first item on the itinerary of the new gun owner. The handgun is the typical firearm of self-defense, and a terrific variety of designs, makes and models are available on the new and used markets. While more experienced shooters will have settled on a … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Shooting for Preppers


by Contributing Author If you are a prepper, chances are you have made firearms a part of your plans. Maybe you are new to the gun, having decided to start prepping recently, or maybe you are a homesteader from way back, and been around guns your whole life. Either way, guns are a tremendously powerful … Read more

20 Herbs You Can Use At Home


by Controbuting Author Herbs have more uses than adding flavor to your dinner. Herbs have medicinal properties that people have been tapping into for centuries. Before the time of modern medicine, you would use herbs to alleviate certain. People knew how to make medicine out of the herbs they grew and foraged. Thankfully, we do … Read more

The Definitive Martial Law Survival Guide


by Alexander Imagine waking up one Wednesday morning. It is just another average day, the forecast traffic to work with a slight chance of nodding off at your desk. You make your morning cup of coffee, the oil you need to lube you up for another day at the grind. You hear your kids stirring … Read more

The Best Calibers for Survival

best survival calibers lineup

by John If you do anything with a firearm, you probably have the “perfect” ammunition for that purpose.  It may be unsuitable for some or even all other purposes, but as long as you have a well stocked gun store nearby, who cares. But consider a survival situation.  What kind of situation, we don’t know, … Read more

DIY Fertilizer: The Complete Guide


Fertilizer is a key component of successful gardening, and using it appropriately will result in better quality crops.  When we think of fertilizer, most of us think store-bought; rarely do we think to make it ourselves. While it’s true that the most “effective” fertilizers are manufactured using complicated chemical processes, it is interesting to note … Read more

5 Easy To Grow Plants For A Survival Garden

basic survival garden

by Contributing Author One of the best ways to be prepared for the many uncertainties that life hurls at us is to grow our own food. Gardening can be a vital skill to learn ahead of time, before a disaster strikes. There can be a decent learning curve if you’ve never raised your own food … Read more