5 Places You Should Avoid During Martial Law

tank with soldiers on city street

Plenty of preppers have a plan for seemingly all eventualities, including societal collapse and tyrannical government overreach, but I regularly see these plans fail to take into account the reality of the likely martial law scenario that will follow. Though it is true you can still get along with the business of survival more or … Read more

5 Safe Places to Stay Safe During Martial Law


The term martial law is just as likely to elicit a sneer of disgust as it is a shiver of apprehension. All people who love freedom know that the implementation of martial law is a significant step towards the erosion and infringement of the rights of the free. As we approach another historically momentous intersection … Read more

The Definitive Martial Law Survival Guide


by Alexander Imagine waking up one Wednesday morning. It is just another average day, the forecast traffic to work with a slight chance of nodding off at your desk. You make your morning cup of coffee, the oil you need to lube you up for another day at the grind. You hear your kids stirring … Read more