Camping Checklist: 15 Items to Always Bring

the woods somewhere in Ohio

Camping is an enjoyable recreational pursuit and a valuable prepper skill at the same time, and one that you would be well served to partake of. Camping allows you to get out into nature and disconnect from the stresses and static that are so attendant with modern life. It is a great way to recharge … Read more

Camping for Beginners: 20 Steps to Get Started

camping in tent by the lake

Camping is an enjoyable pastime, and also an essential skill; knowing how to live outdoors comfortably, securely and safely can give you the confidence you need to head off into the wild on journeys both short and long, knowing you will be able to provide both shelter and provision for yourself. The popularity of camping … Read more

60 Camping Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


When you start out camping it’s easy to make mistakes and they can make life pretty miserable for the time you are out there. Although these may be basic to seasoned campers, they will help avoid accidents, make your campsite comfortable, and eliminate flaring tempers! 1. Check the direction of storm winds, and prepare accordingly. … Read more