These 8 Traps Will Catch You a Raccoon

raccoons eating bait

Raccoons are one of the most iconic North American animals, and instantly recognizable thanks to that adorable ringed tail, charming black mask and those expressive, dexterous paws so very much like human hands. Sure, raccoons are cute, but they are also an enormous pain in the butt in many settings, especially one where you are … Read more

These 10 Baits Will Catch You a Raccoon

raccoons eating

Raccoons are one of the most common North American mammals, found quite literally from coast to coast in every environment imaginable. It is no wonder that so many people have had run-ins with these adorable but often infuriating bandits of the animal kingdom. Raccoons have many noteworthy characteristics, not the least of which is their … Read more

What Can You Hunt With an AR-15?

Tegra ar-15

The AR-15 remains the rifle of choice for the modern era, and can be found in any shooting discipline, in any shooting activity. From competition to home defense and law enforcement to military service the AR-15 family of rifles remain completely dominant, the total choice for the discerning shooter. But there is still one area … Read more

Preparing Kids for Their First Hunting Trip

by Cherie What do you remember about your first hunting trip? What do you want your son, daughter or grandchild to remember about theirs? Below are tips to keep young ones in high spirits and excited about their first hunting trip. From advances in bug repellent to clever strategies for teaching gun safety, you’re sure … Read more

Improving Your Hunt: Practice Makes Perfect

By Cherie Journalist and fitness enthusiast Christopher McDougall once said, “We’re designed for persistence hunting, which is a mix of running and walking. What’s built into that kind of running is a sense of pleasure. You are designed and built and perfect for this activity, and it should be enjoyable and fun.” For those who … Read more

Hunt Now…For Later

by Jesse James ModernSurvivalOnline Patriot and Editor-at-Large   The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services estimates that about 5% of the population over 16 hunts during any given year. The study was done in 2006 and if the trend for the last 20 years is any indication, it is likely a few points lower this year. … Read more

Hunting Skills for Preppers

by SP Many preppers invest a lot of time and money into food storage.   I have seen and read many instances where some folks have been able to accumulate as much as 50,000 pounds of food.  Although this is admirable, and a good way to prepare, I tend to lean towards an old saying that … Read more