Here’s How to Wear a Neck Knife

wearing a neck knife over t-shirt and under shirt

You’ll rarely talk to a prepper or anyone else who practices a lifestyle of readiness that does not carry a knife with them habitually. This is a great thing, but there is one mode of carry for a blade that is chronically underutilized in my experience, and that is the neck knife. A neck knife, … Read more

Montana State Knife Laws

Montana flag

Montana is one of the breeziest states around for knife owners, though it didn’t always used to be that way. Thanks to a slate of revisions to the state statutes covering the carry and ownership of knives beginning in 2017 that removed restrictions on action, type, blade length and no-carry locations Montana is now among … Read more

Food Crisis: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving It

unemployed men queued outside a depression soup kitchen

A confluence of events here at home in the United States, influenced by domestic and global factors, has raised the ever-increasing possibility that we could be heading into a second, major food crisis. It goes without saying that any existential or practical shortage of food will have dire implications for the health and well-being of … Read more

North Dakota State Knife Laws

North Dakota flag

North Dakota is a surprisingly restrictive state for those knife carriers who lack a concealed weapons permit, and is all the more eyebrow-raising when you consider how permissive its Southern sibling is. North Dakota’s laws governing knives are long, circular and seemingly inconsistent to the casual reader, overly complicating what should be a simple affair. … Read more

Can You Drink the Water from a Waterfall?

Samasati Waterfall

In any outdoor survival situation, acquiring water for drinking is one of your top priorities. Dehydration is seriously debilitating and can take your life in just a couple of days if you don’t have any fluids to drink. Accordingly, many preppers’ resource plans focus on locating and gathering suitable freshwater sources for drinking. One notion … Read more

Illinois State Knife Laws

flag of Illinois

Illinois is a state that is rightly infamous for its oppressive laws concerning weapons and its rampant intrusion into every single aspect of its citizens lives. Illinois in many ways represents the pinnacle of government bloat and excess gone completely out of control. Naturally their laws governing the use and ownership of knives are extraordinarily … Read more

10 Emergency Indoor Cooking Options

open fire cooking indoors

Just because you are living in the aftermath of a major disaster or even a society toppling event doesn’t mean that the daily processes of life won’t go on more or less as normal. For instance, you’ll still need to eat, and if you are enduring the circumstances at home, either because you decided to … Read more

Massachusetts State Knife Laws

Massachusetts flag

Massachusetts is a brutal state for knife ownership, in keeping with their proud tradition of extraordinary government overreach and invasiveness into the most mundane matters of civilization. The poor denizens of Massachusetts along with visitors will be harshly constrained by state laws that explicitly forbid a great many knives based on the shape of their … Read more

Nebraska State Knife Laws

Nebraska flag

Nebraska is a strange state when it comes to the civilian ownership of knives. On the one hand, the general attitude of the state regarding prosecution and test cases seems to be fairly friendly for civilian carry, but the way the statutes are written can give you an impression that is decidedly anything but friendly. … Read more

5 Safe Places to Stay Safe During Martial Law


The term martial law is just as likely to elicit a sneer of disgust as it is a shiver of apprehension. All people who love freedom know that the implementation of martial law is a significant step towards the erosion and infringement of the rights of the free. As we approach another historically momentous intersection … Read more

The $100 Bug Out Bag

basic survival kit components

For readers new to prepping, a bug out bag is a bag designed to keep you surviving for at least three days and up to a week while evacuating or running from a disaster. Normally a bug-out bag contains three days of food and water as an essential item to be packed. Everything in your … Read more

Would an Air Horn Scare a Bear?

Bears are large and dangerous animals, however charismatic they might look in pictures and videos. Found throughout the North American continent and much of the world bears are powerful and adaptable predators. Though negative interactions between bears and humans are comparatively rare, when they do occur serious injury or death is likely. Though most bear … Read more

How Long Will an EMP Disaster Last?

An EMP can be created through everyday items, or it can even be produced through a reaction via a nuclear explosion or even produced via the sun and each EMP can be placed into Phases: E1, E2 and E3. An EMP is a threat to our modern way of life. Why? Because everything we rely … Read more

Kansas State Knife Laws

flag of Kansas

Kansas is something of a pleasant surprise when it comes to knife laws. Following a significant revision of the states statutes in 2012 and 2013, Kansas now has pride of place among the freest states for citizens when it comes to the ownership and carry of knives. Kansas is a state without any restrictions on … Read more

How to Make a Bulletproof Wall

Beefing up home security is always a good idea in this increasingly troubled world we live in. Political strife, cultural division and a general air of craziness can all lead to more violence, and what violence does occur will become more intense. You need to have a plan for dealing with such occasions and just … Read more