Choosing Between Bullies and Snowflakes

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Bullies are weaklings who pretend to be tough. Snowflakes are weaklings who prefer to be weak. They both represent extremes of dysfunctional and maladaptive behavior. They can also be viewed as a circular rather than linear model. Snowflakes do plenty of bullying by their incessant whining and reporting their outrage to sympathetic third parties They … Read more

Stocking up on Precious Metals? Might Be a Bad Idea


by Charles Talk to enough preppers about their long-term preps and you are bound to run into a decent number who plan on stockpiling at least a small quantity of precious metals for various purposes. Gold, silver, even rhodium and platinum, you’ll get a fair education form some of them regarding the importance of precious … Read more

11 Personal Safety Odds & Ends


I learned from a young age the world was not a safe place. There were people who were not just willing, but eager to hurt you. Some of them were your own family. Others were your peers you saw at school every day. Others were strangers or minimal acquaintances. Nowhere felt safe. When I was … Read more

A Rant about Political Correctness

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by Derrick Krane The following is all my opinion so I could be wrong about some things Opening thoughts: Here we are:: Radical Islamic terrorists driving trucks or vans into crowds, or stabbing people. If you say anything negative about the religious-political system of Islam, you are a racist, bigot, xenophobe, and Islamaphobe. Christians being … Read more

Gun Control: Good or Bad?

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by Carmen Amedori In the words of John R. Lott, Jr., “More Guns, Less Crime.” I first meet Mr. Lott in 2000 when he came to testify against the Glendenning “smart gun” legislation. I presented him as an expert witness to counter every aspect of the former Maryland Governor’s initiative to restrict firearm ownership from … Read more

Is Urban Survival Even Possible?

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by Tara Urban survival is basically an oxymoron. If you have extensive survival or military training, it is possible – but the chances of making it through a SHTF disaster for even an above average person in a city environment, is exceedingly slim. There are plenty of reports on the internet attempting to teach you … Read more

11 Places WW3 Could Start and How


The Historical March towards WWI and WWII Glimpsed through the backwards lens of history, major conflicts seem to unfold in a natural and predictable sequence of events.  From the perspective of the future, the events of the past are made certain.  It is generally understood that things could’ve happened no other way. But in the … Read more

An Overview of Antifa


by Derrick Krane AntiFa, a portmanteau of Anti-Fascist, is an indigenous terrorist organization.  They are described as loosely organized, without a central leadership. They have numerous independent cells throughout the United States, the UK, and Europe, with an apparent drop in/drop out membership. They are very angry people. Their motto is Punch a Nazi. They … Read more

What Is Happening with Our Uk Friends?


by Derrick Krane There are a number of disturbing incidents, events and trends taking place in the UK. Muslim refugees who have no concept of western values, or interest in assimilating are invited in to the UK. Some are terrorists posing as refugees. The prior sentence will be labeled as racist and hateful by many. … Read more

What are the Odds of a U.S. Gun-Grab?


by Chad Gun control is once again politically ascendant in the U.S. Due to the agitation, massive financial backing and coordinated astroturfing efforts of social elites using a few high-profile mass shootings as popular reaction mass, an outbreak of gun control legislation has sprang up at federal, state and local levels. Sweeping and vaguely defined … Read more

Can Armed Teachers Save Students’ Lives?


by Derrick Krane There have been numerous mass shootings, carried out by deranged individuals who enter a school, workplace, or church, and open fire, killing as many people as they can before law enforcement or an armed civilian puts them down, or they are cornered and they kill themselves. The measures that are in place … Read more

How to Stop Being a Snowflake


by Derrick Krane A snowflake has become a term to describe an entitled, whiny, weak, sensitive person, whose anxiety is easily triggered. They want everything their way all the time, and are easily offended. They take offense on behalf of others who are not offended. They have no limits or boundaries on how extreme they will … Read more

The Shocking Lives of ISIS Brides


by Isabella Here in the US, many are concerned about the threat of ISIS. We have called for stronger borders, harsher immigration policy and vetting, and supported Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban”, the temporary moratorium on travel from countries who have been known to fund and abed terrorists. And despite the cries of “islamophobia” “xenophobia” and … Read more

Will America’s Coming Collapse resemble Europe’s Current Crisis?

by Silence Dogood Currently the unraveling of Europe is becoming clear, especially to those that are paying attention. The horrific migrant crisis, the rapes, the tenuous economy, the various financial bubbles all stemming from central bankers and their money printing. Manipulated bond markets, credit markets are creating housing bubbles and have forced much of the … Read more

Why Don’t “Moderate” Muslims Speak Out?

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by Isabella With a steady of flow of jihadi attacks taking place worldwide, it might seem reasonable to ask, “If Islam is a religion of peace, and if only a “radical” minority of Muslims are responsible for terrorist acts done in the name of Islam, then why don’t “moderate” Muslims speak out against this violence … Read more

Free Speech, but Only if You’re a Leftist

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With the presently overwhelming surge of “multi-culturalism”, feminism, gay “rights”, and all other forms of “social justice,” one might seem justified in thinking that freedom was expanding in the United States.  One might think that the free exchange of ideas was increasing, not only with the “social justice” movement, but also with the ever-increasing amount … Read more

The Left Says Terrorism Isn’t a big Deal. Pathetic.


by Isabella For those of us who have attempted to talk some sense into a leftist in regards to Muslims, Islamic terrorists and the threat they pose to our lives and Western civilization, you probably heard that one of two things.  Either that the West deserves to the victim of terrorism, or that terrorism isn’t … Read more

Is the US a Socialist State?


by Aaron A 2012 Pew Research Center poll regarding positive versus negative reactions to the terms “capitalism” and “socialism” revealed that 40% of respondents had a negative reaction to capitalism while 31% had a positive reaction to socialism. If we shift our view only to millennials, a Harvard University poll of millennials (ages 18 to … Read more

Shadow Government: A Full Analysis

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People from all walks of life are preppers and people prep to varying degrees and thus it’s not a surprise that within the prepper community there are different reasons people prep. For centuries, one thing most people agree on is that the evidence shows that 1% of the people control most of the wealth and … Read more