Pepper Spray Laws in California

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California is a state that is known for being highly restrictive when it comes to what weapons civilians can own and carry, and is also commonly thought to be a state that frowns on self-defense as well. However, there is some good news because California is generally quite permissive when it comes to pepper spray … Read more

Pepper Spray Laws in Arkansas

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Pepper spray deserves a spot in the arsenal of every defensively-minded citizen. Guns are great and knives certainly do the job, but when it comes to ranged defensive options that don’t inflict deadly injuries, pepper spray is the best thing going. And one of the very best things about pepper spray is that it is … Read more

Pepper Spray Laws in Arizona

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Pepper spray is one of the very best defensive implements that anyone can carry. If you need a solution to a confrontation that lies somewhere between harsh language and potentially deadly force, you won’t beat pepper spray. Though it is legal pretty much everywhere in the United States, laws can vary greatly and if you … Read more

Pepper Spray Laws in Connecticut

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Pepper spray is one of the finest and most well-rounded defensive implements available to the average citizen. Filling an important niche between verbal judo and lethal force, a good dose of pepper spray is highly likely to shut down an attacker before the attack actually begins. Although it is legal in all 50 states throughout … Read more

Pepper Spray Laws in Colorado

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Colorado is a state that has turned tail and shown a strongly anti-Second Amendment bias in recent years, but mercifully they have not seen fit to dramatically restrict civilians from carrying pepper spray or other defensive sprays. Residents and visitors alike in Colorado may carry any common formulation of defensive spray they prefer, and carry … Read more

Pepper Spray Laws in Delaware

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Pepper spray is an excellent defensive implement for citizens, but one that is sadly underutilized. It’s even worse when you consider that pepper spray is legal in all 50 states. Yes, you can carry pepper spray nationwide, literally, but you must be aware that each state has its own laws and regulations about what is … Read more

All Pepper Spray Laws by State

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When it comes to self-defense, being properly prepared is vital. This entails mental preparation, physical preparation, and of course material preparation- having the right tools. In America, plenty of people carry guns and knives for self-defense but there is little attention paid to humble pepper spray. That is a major mistake, since pepper spray is … Read more

Alaska’s Pepper Spray Laws: An Overview

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A great case can be made for every citizen to carry pepper spray for self-defense. No other option can do what pepper spray does as effectively and conveniently. When lethal force is too drastic an option but resorting to hand-to-hand might entail too much risk or escalation, reaching for pepper spray is the right call. … Read more