The 15 Best Conservative TV Shows You Should Watch

man and woman watching tv

There is no doubt that the vast majority of Hollywood leans to the left. With its strong focus on progressive values and social justice, it can be difficult bordering on impossible for conservatives to find TV shows that reflect their worldview and values. But take heart! There are quite a few great conservative TV shows … Read more

The 10 Best Emergency Water Filters

filtering water with an Aquamira Straw filter

Water is absolutely essential for survival. there are very few preppers who need reminding of that fact, but I fear that there are quite a few who truly understand just how bad things can get, and how fast if you do not have reliable access to clean drinking water. Clean water is all around us, … Read more

10 Great Survival Furniture Ideas Anyone Can Build

wooden chairs for outside

Furniture is one of those things that you take for granted until it is gone. Everyone who heads into the woods on a hunting or camping expedition and is forced to sit on a log, boulder or the hard yet strangely soggy ground knows what I’m talking about. Furniture helps us rest more comfortably but … Read more

MRE Heaters: How Do They Work and How Do You Use Them?

Pretty much everyone who has ever served in the military and a great many preppers will be entirely familiar with MREs, or meals-ready-to-eat, those typically nutritious, sometimes delicious and often gut wrecking pre-cooked field rations. Modern MRE’s contain many components, and one component that is often discarded is the FRH, or flameless ration heater. These … Read more

What Exactly are Sandbags Used For?

soldied with machine gun behind sandbags wall

Sandbags are one of those survival items that is regularly included on many “must-have” lists of gear and goods, but often without much explanation as to why. Being so commonly recommended, they must be useful, but what exactly are sandbags used for in a survival context? Sandbags are commonly placed for defending structures against flood … Read more

Here’s How to Survive a Mugging

thief stealing a camera from a backpack

In the self-defense realm, preventing yourself and your loved ones from getting mugged is a recurring theme, and you’ll come across no shortage of self-defense experts who have seemingly unearthed the secrets of foiling a mugging with 100% certainty. It is a nice idea, but far from reality. It’s a myth that there is a … Read more

8 Clever Survival Uses for Glycerin

two bottles of vegetable glycerin

Smart preppers will always attempt to cover as many bases as possible with their supplies and provisions. Flexible, multi-purpose items are often the key to success in long-term survival situations, since they will help you adapt to changing conditions and unexpected needs. One area where some preppers could use a little help is on the … Read more

Keeping Teeth Clean with Baking Soda

baking soda in bowl on kitchen counter

Items of a multi-purpose nature are always of great benefit. Anytime you can get more mileage out of something the better off you’ll be, because you’ll be prepared for a greater variety of problems while also saving space. You’ll also be saving money. One of the best multi-purpose substances you can keep in your survival … Read more

The Colony Review (2013, Series)

  The Colony has an interesting premise, one that is near and dear to most preppers: The world is turned upside down because of a catastrophe and society has collapsed. It is up to a band of survivors to work together and overcome survival challenges if they want to live. For the show’s first season, … Read more

12 Plants that Will Surely Deter Trespassers

cactus plants

Keeping trespassers off your property and intruders out of your home is always to your benefit, but traditional barriers like fences, gates and bars are eyesores and can be expensive. But it is possible to set up significant deterrents to trespassers with various species of unique, thorny plants. This article will tell you about several … Read more