Taser Laws in Illinois: Legal or Not?

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When most folks think of self-defense implements, the first thing they will think of is a gun, maybe a knife, and probably pepper spray if they aren’t inclined to either one of those. All have their pros, but tasers have special advantages that might make them the right tool for certain people. They’re extremely effective … Read more

Taser Laws in Michigan: Legal or Not?

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The majority of citizens living in the US have full and nearly unfettered access to their Second Amendment rights. Sadly, this cannot be said of every state, and in these states, folks might turn to other self-defense options that are less restricted… perhaps something like a Taser… But, as it turns out, tasers themselves might … Read more

Taser Laws in Florida: Legal or Not?

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When you think of self-defense implements, your mind probably goes immediately towards guns or maybe knives. On the less-lethal side of the spectrum pepper spray is the go-to. But what about tasers? Tasers are undoubtedly effective when used properly and when they work as advertised, and they are another ranged method of self-defense. Seems like … Read more

Taser Laws in Maryland: Legal or Not?

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When it comes to self-defense, the default choices for most folks are either guns or pepper spray with very little in between. But it turns out there is a pretty good “in-between” choice in the form of a taser. It’s more decisive than pepper spray, but far less likely to result in a permanent injury … Read more