11 Survival Communications PDF Downloads

As you’re probably aware, communications right before, during and after a disaster will be critical to getting out o dodge, finding family members, or helping others stay alive. With the Internet, cell-phone towers and potentially even satellites being down, you may have to rely on HAM radio and other two-way radio services to send and receive precious bits of intel.

Check out these downloads below to start learning, and be sure to print out the shorter ones for offline use.

Ethics and Operating Procedures for The Radio Amateur (3rd Edition)

This manual is much more than how to be polite when using amateur radio: it’s a very good intro into the world of HAM radios. Get it here for free.


This frequency list gets updated quite often, so in addition to printing it out, you may also want to save the link to come back to it for the latest update.

FEMA’s Community Emergency Response Team PowerPoint Presentation

Though not very in-depth, this presentation will give you a quick overview of the most common alternative communications methods, with their pros and their cons. Get it here.

Basic Radio Communications for Dispatchers

Learning to communicate effectively during a disaster is paramount to getting the message across. This 40 page guide will teach you that and more. Get it here.

Two-Way Radio Protocol

Short and sweet, print this one out to always know the golden rules of radio communications, as well as the NATO alphabet. Get it here.

Guide to Radio Communications Standards for DEM Emergency Responders

Yet another guide for spelling and etiquette – this one from the Rhode Island Govt. It’s only 8 pages long, so short enough to print. Download here.


A short PowerPoint presentation introduction to the world of FRS / GMRS. Get it here as a pdf.

HAM Radio Terms Glossary

If you’re new to the world of HAM radio and wonder what all the new terms mean, this PDF explains them all. Get it here.

Successful Disaster Preparedness Supplemental Communications Plan using the Personal Radio Services

if you’re looking to set up a neighborhood communications plan via the Family Radio service, this document will guide you through the steps, and offer lots of suggestions you may not have thought of. Get it here.

Authorized Frequency Usage

If you want to know which frequencies you can and cannot use legally, this 26-page guide will tell you all about it. Download here.

Morse code charts

This document has way more than just the Morse code, which you’ll conveniently find on page 1 for you to print out. You also get the Japanese Wabun code, the Greek Morse code, and many more – which you probably won’t use but are still fun for you check out. Get it here.

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updated 10/29/2020 by Dan Stevens