23 Evacuation / Bugging Out PDF Downloads

Bugging out is probably the most popular scenario associated with survival. I found lots of resources you can print, particularly bugging out.

Build Your Own Bug Out Bag 2.0 – Bug Out Bag Academy

A really neat starter checklist for your bug out bag. Get it here.

The Ultimate Survival Kit Checklist – from ReadyToGoSurvival

This checklist is pretty long, 59 pages, as it has a lot of text, but the upside is that it covers every item and why you need it in-depth. Get it here.

Survival Sullivan’s Bug Out Bag Bag Checklist

A minimalistic checklist that also has room to add your own items, which you can tick off later as you add them to your bug out bag. Direct download here.

City Prepping Bug Out Bag Guide

This 21 page report talks about everything pertaining to putting together a bug out bag. It doesn’t have a checklist but what it does have is critical information about how to think about it. This way you’ll know why you need an item depending on the disaster and emergencies that are likely to affect you – a.k.a. your unique situation. Get it here.

Bug Out Bag Checklist – By Skilled Survival

A longer checklist (30 pages) because it talks about each item in detail. But that’s all right – you should know why you get what you’re getting. Download here.

Essential BUG-OUT-BAG Checklist from U.S. Preppers

A 6 page checklist with bug out items you each family member should consider adding to their BOB. Consider printing several of these and have each survival tribe member tick each item as they add it tot he bag. Get the report here.


A checklist that shows actual pics of the author’s bug out bag, so you can see exactly what gear he’s using. Get the report here.

Ultimate Guide to Emergency Preparedness – City of Austin

This one has a solid checklist of possible things to add along with essential bits of emergency advice. Get it here.

ReadyMan Bugout Checklist

It spans only 6 pages, so it’s easy to print and use. Available here.

Ready for Anything Bug-Put Emergency Bag Checklist

Another one pages, available here.

Bug Out Bag Inventory Review Sheet

BOBs should ideally be reviewed twice a year, and this checklist will help you do that. There are multiple columns for you to add the date of the last inspection. Get it here.

Get Home Bag Checklist

A get home bag (GHB) is different from a bug out bag (BOB) in many regards. It’s smaller and lighter. Here’s what you should pack in it.

Basic Get Home Bag Pack List – American Prepper Network

A more comprehensive get home back checklist for preppers who take get home scenarios more seriously. Get it here.

Survival Sullivan’s Get Home Bag Checklist

A one page GHB checklist with a few empty slots to add your own items. Straight and to the point. Get it here.

Practical Emergency Preparedness

A powerpoint presentation with a few BOB examples and photos, along with basic survival advice. Something to show your kinds and non-preppers to get them to join your prepping efforts. Free download here.

CDC’s Family Emergency Kit Checklist

It covers more than just bug out bags, but it should allow you to have a solid beginner’s stockpile. Download here.


Several checklists pieced together, including a car checklist. Full download here.

Hurricane Survival Kit Checklist

Hurricanes are likely to get you to bug out, but if you have to ride one out, here’s what you should be stockpiling. Download here.

Go Bag Checklist for the Elderly

While this isn’t a replacement for a bug out bag checklist, it does have a few suggestions if you’re older you want to keep in mind. Free download.

Grab-and-Go-Bag Checklist

Yet another go bag checklist. Get it here.


A good one-pager checklist for how to prepare and survive a wildfire with your family. Download it here.


Another wildfire checklist. This one has an extra page where you can fill out additional information such as household info, contact names and phone numbers, and even insurance information. Get it here.

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