Survival Tools

Below are numerous “tools” for download that can assist you in planning, preparation and tracking your survival & preparedness supplies.

These files all require additional software- such as MS Excel. If you do not have the necassary software – check out free OpenOffice.


1 Week Food Storage Plan – Spreadsheet allows automated calculation of needed food as well as other supplies based on number of people in group. Information is provided per food as to amount needed for 1 week.

Food Storage Worksheet – Quite a sophisticated Excel spreadsheet. Based on the food storage recommendations in the James Talmedge book – Making the Best of Basics – Family Preparedness Handbook.

Home Survival Worksheet – Spreadsheet is based on a “Bug Out” philosophy and plan. Offers calorie calculations based on group members as well a many catagories of supplies. Spreadsheet also includes idea’s on things like “Responsibilities” and “Documents”.

Mormon 1 Year Food Storage – Simple spreadsheet  displays minimum food to store per person – catagorized by gender & age.

Provisions – Master list of “provisions” needed for group in spreadsheet format.

Shopping List – A pretty decent spreadsheet that lists suggested items in several ways – with suggested qty’s needed and spaces to place current inventory levels.

SHTF List – Massive list of items to have after TSHTF. Very long and very impressive.

The Ultimate Food Storage Worksheet – Appears to be very similiar to the Food Storage Worksheet– larger file size – very nice.

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