14 Survival Calculators for Your Garden and Stockpile

Below are numerous “tools” you can save on your computer that can assist you in planning, preparation and tracking your survival & preparedness supplies.

Spreadsheet Calculators

The spreadsheets you can save below all require additional software- such as MS Excel. If you do not have the necessary software – check out free OpenOffice.

1 Week Food Storage Plan – Spreadsheet allows automated calculation of needed food as well as other supplies based on number of people in group. Information is provided per food as to amount needed for 1 week.

Food Storage Worksheet – Quite a sophisticated Excel spreadsheet. Based on the food storage recommendations in the James Talmedge book – Making the Best of Basics – Family Preparedness Handbook.

Mormon 1 Year Food Storage – Simple spreadsheet  displays minimum food to store per person – catagorized by gender & age.

Provisions – Master list of “provisions” needed for group in spreadsheet format.

Shopping List – A pretty decent spreadsheet that lists suggested items in several ways – with suggested qty’s needed and spaces to place current inventory levels.

SHTF List – Massive list of items to have after TSHTF. Very long and very impressive.

The Ultimate Food Storage Worksheet – Very similar to the Food Storage Worksheet- larger file size – very nice.

Online Calculators

Land Size Calculator

This will tell you the minimum amount of acres you will need to become a homesteader, depending on a few variables such as the number of families living there, as well as any particular things you want to have, such as a greenhouse, any livestock and so on. Get it here.

Property Tax Estimator

This will estimate how much tax you need to pay on a property – useful if you want to buy land for your homestead or survival retreat. Here it is.

Pig Weight Calculator

If you want to estimate the weight of your hog but don’t have a suitable scale, you can just measure the length and girth, then input them into the formula or calculator you can find here.

Garden Plant Calculator

This handy gardening calculator will tell you how much to plant form each veggie to meet your family’s needs. Access it here.

Seed Quantity Calculator

Another useful calculator helping you figure out how many seeds you need for a certain amount of land. Get it here.

Food Storage Calculator from EZPrepping.com

A really easy calculator where you input the number of family members and the amount of time you want your food stockpile to last, and get instant results regarding what to stockpile. Arguably, the choice of foods is fixed, but you can always replace them with similar ones you might enjoy. Access it here.

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updated 12/03/2020

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