31 Gardening PDF Downloads for Higher Yields

Vegetable Planting Chart

A quick reference chart with the most common veggies you might plant in your garden. Get it here.

Clemson University: Planning a Garden

A very comprehensive table with what and when to plant, however the dates are specific to South Carolina. Nevertheless, an interesting read.

Container Gardening – Article 1

A really short intro on container gardening. Free download.

Container Gardening – Article 2

Another really short intro on container gardening. If you don’t want to start a garden in the outside soil, or if you don’t have the space, this really short intro will point you in the right direction.

Container Vegetable Gardening – Univ. of Florida

A good intro on container gardening – which containers to pick, which plants to plan, fertilizing, plus a really interesting showcase of growing tomatoes in cooking oil cans. This shows you can use a lot of things as containers, not just gardening pots. Free download.

Growing Vegetables – The Basics

A really useful intro on how to start a garden. I really like how they show and tell how to rotate the veggies you grow in the garden. Get it here.

Garden Planting Chart – for Kids

If you’re looking to get your child into gardening, print him or her this handy chart so they learn the very basics of planting in an easy and fun way. Download.


What’s special about this chart is that it also tells you how much to plant to feed a family of four. Download it here.

 Raising Vegetables in Mini Gardens – from the University of Alaska

A useful primer on gardening, with a good table on the most common veggies showing when to harvest them planting depth, and spacing. get it here.

Growing Sweet Corn in Home Gardens from The University of Tennessee

A useful guide for growing different varieties of sweet corn with recommended planting dates, spacing, irrigation, and lots of tips. Get it here.

Growing Vegetables from Seed – Univ. of Tennessee

A two page intro on starting a veggie garden. Free download.

Growing Vegetables Organically

A 12 page document on how to start a garden, touching on things such as prepping the soil, composting, plant selection and more. Get it here.

Growing Vegetables in a Home Garden – Univ of Tenn

This one covers dozens over dozens of veggies and details about how to plant them. Free download.

Growing Voluptuous Vegetables

A PowerPoint presentation on how to grow veggies. Photos included.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Univ of Ga

Another short veggie growing guide, this one is from the Univ. of Georgia. Get it here.

NC State – Growing Vegetables

Yet another primer on gardening. if you live in North Carolina, this is probably for you. Get it here.

NC State – Home Vegetable Gardening

A 26-page document on how to grow a garden. Full download.

Planting a Home Vegettable Garden – Iowa State University

A started guide on gardening with info on seedlings and transplanting. Get it here.

Raised Bed Gardening- OK State

Raised beds have their advantages, the biggest one being that you don’t have to bend in order to tend to your plants. Get the guide here.

Short Season Vegetable Gardening

If you live in the pacific Northwest and have a short gardening season, this ebook is for you, as it will tell you how to make the most of the short growing season. Get it here.

Small Space Gardening – EXCELLENT!!!

A really good guide on gardening in small places from the University of Kentucky. If you live in the suburbs or all you have is a balcony, this guide will be a big help. Get it here.

Starting The Garden With Transplants

A quick guide to starting a garden using transplants. Free download.

Starting Garden Transplants – from Iowa State

Another starter guide for starting a garden using transplants. Get it here.

The Fall Vegetable Garden

An interesting guide on all the plants you can grow during the fall in your garden. Get it here.

A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening – Univ. of Florida

A 17 page in-depth guide on raised beds, covering raised bed construction, pathways and more. Get it here.

Drip Irrigation Handbook

A 96 in-depth guide on drip irrigation, taking you through all the necessary steps to setting one up, as well as mentioning the very important part of maintaining it. Get it here.

Drip Irrigation for the Yard and Garden – from the Washington State

A short and sweet guide on drip irrigation, with some good photos. Get it here.

Drip Planning Guide

Another in-depth guide on drip irrigation – 38 pages long. Full download.

Low Pressure Drip Irrigation

If you live in an urban or suburban setting, or if you have a small garden, it is possible to provide a steady water flow, for when you’re on vacation, or even if you just don’t want to worry about watering your plants. This guide will tell you how.

Year-Round Home Garden Planting Chart – from Univ. of Arkansas

If you live in Arkansas, this handy little guide will make it really easy for you to know which plants should be planted each month. Last frost dates included for each zone within the state. Get it here.

Zones 3-4 Planting Schedule

If you live in USDA hardiness zones 3 or 4, this handy table will tell you when you should plant seeds indoors or outdoors. Get it here.

updated 11/24/2020

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