19 Survival and Prepping PDF Downloads

This section consists of downloadable content related to General Survival topics – such as wilderness survival, basic preparedness steps, as well as other information that does not fit neatly in other categories.

To download any of the files, right select on Link, then Select “Save As” , then select the download location on your computer.

3 Day’s Emergency Preps

A short presentation with the very basics of survival. if you’re new to prepping, this should give you a good overview of what to do next. Get it in PDF format here.

72 Hour Supplies

A good 72 hour survival checklist for your family from Montana’s Disaster and Emergency Services. Free download here.

Desert Survival

Some good survival tips if you ever get stuck in the desert. Get the booklet here.

Emergency Supplies Checklist – from The Homeland Security

A two-page checklist you can print out and tick the items off as you get them. Just remember skills and knowledge of how to use these items are just as important. Get it here.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist – from the American Red Cross

This emergency checklist is a little more complex, which is why you really want to print it out from here.

Get Ready Now – Homeland Security

A 16-page report containing a checklist, basic common sense advice, Get it here.

How to Avoid Getting Lost

A really good resource from the U.S. Army Training Support Centers with lots of good tips to finding your ay when you’re lost. Free download.

The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist

A comprehensive checklist of what to put in your bug out bag, the main emergency bag every family member should have. Get it here.

Home Storage of Foods: Shelf Storage

Every family should build a survival stockpile, and this report will tell you which foods have the longest shelf lives. Get it here.

Winter Survival

A 46 page guide with tons of useful advice on surviving in the winter, from winter driving techniques, winter survival kits, to taking care of hypothermia. Get it here.

To Flee or Not To Flee….That is the Question

A though-provoking survival guide that may uncover holes and blind spots into your survival plans you may not have thought of before. Free download.

Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House

FEMA’s guide will walk you through prepping a shelter starting with where to place it, even talking about re-purposing an existing bathroom or basement to shield you from tornadoes and hurricanes. Full download here.

Vegetable Storage in Root Cellars – from the University of Alaska

If you have a root cellar, this report will tell you what veggies you can store, and at which temperature. Get it here.

11 Steps to Survival, by the Canadian Emergency Measures Organization

A guide covering the basics of prepping and what to do in case of an emergency (things like fires, giving first aid etc.). Get it here.

Red Cross Power Outages – Things to be Aware Of

A short blackout checklist – some of the first emergencies to prep for. Get it here.


A few quick tips to survive a power outage. Read them here.

If your location may be affected by a hurricane at some point, this checklist is mandatory. Get it here.

City Prepping Bug Out Bag Guide

If you’re an urban prepper, your bug out bag needs to be assembled in a certain way. Get it here.

Your Basement Fallout Shelter

This 30 page booklet from 1961 shows how to build your own fallout shelter in your backyard. Download it here.

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