24 Civil Defense PDF Downloads

It’s one thing to fight mother nature, but it’s a whole different ball game defending yourself from other human beings who want to harm you, particularly in the event of a war. What follows is a collection of civil defense books in electronic format that you can download on your phone or computer.

Your Basement Fallout Shelter

This e-book teaches you everything you need to know about building a fallout shelter, stockpiling it, and even practical advice such as when to leave it amidst chaos. A must read that you can get here.

Civil Defense Notebook

A really interesting collection of articles from the 1950s concerning civil defense in times of war, as well as against natural disasters. Covers cities, small towns, as well as rural areas. Download it from here.

Operations and Control of the Civil Defense Services

This may not be something you will use when in survival mode, but it will help you see the bigger picture of how authorities might respond. This is based on lessons learned in the Second Word War. Free download.

11 Steps to Survival, by the Canadian Emergency Measures Organization

A fairly broad Canadian survival guide, but it might give you some new ideas on how to prep. Get it here.

The Effects of Nuclear War – from the Library of Congress

A 1979 report that’s rather long, at over 150 pages, but covers really well a potential nuclear attack. Download it from here.

Fallout Protection – What to Know and Do About Nuclear Attack – Department of Defense

A 46 page booklet on what to do in case of a nuclear attack, covering the basics. You can download it here.

Family Shelter Series – Basement Corrugated Lean-To Shelter

This really short 4 page booklet from the Department of Defense will teach you how to build a cheap lean-to shelter that will protect you from nuclear radiation. Be advised the bill of materials is at the very end. Get it here.

Family Shelter Series – Basement Concrete Block Shelter

Another short report showing you how to build a concrete fallout shelter on your own. Free download here.

Family Shelter Series – Outside Semimounded Plywood Box Shelter

If you can’t afford to build a concrete shelter, one made of plywood should offer partial protection from radioactive matter. Learn how to build one here.

Family Shelter Series – Belowground Corrugated Steel Culvert Shelter

This prefabricated fallout shelter can be built from steel culvert, it is designed to be placed underground, and shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars. You’re going to need a few more supplies besides the steel culvert, including some sand bags. Full plans here.

Family Shelter Series – Aboveground Earth-Covered Lumber A-Frame Shelter PSD_-F-61-7

Family Shelter Series – Belowground New Construction Clay Masonary Shelter PSD_F-61-8

FEMA – Protection in the Nuclear Age

This 1985 manual comes from FEMA and covers much more than just fallout shelters. This is a good read for urban preppers. Get it here.

Home Shelter – Outside Concrete

This short guide contains plans and diagrams to help you excavate your own survival shelter. It’s primarily targeted at households that don’t have a basement, and takes into account everything you could need inside, including ventilation, and air exhaust. Download it here.

Home Shelter – Above Ground – FEMA

This type of fallout shelter is made of concrete and is an above ground shelter. It should be cheaper and easier to build than excavating an underground shelter. Get the blueprint here.

MP-15 – The Family Fallout Shelter

NBC Decontamination Field Manual 3-5 – U.S. Army

This will not only teach about the fundamentals of NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical contaminants), but it will tell you exactly what to do if you ever get exposed – how to decontaminate yourself or even an entire area. Download here.

Nuclear Weapons Effects

Design Guidance for Shelters and Safe Rooms

This FEMA guide is really you’re designing a new home and want to include a safe room. it talks about a host of things including which building materials to use, ventilation, Free download.

Radiological Defense Preparedness

Recovery from Nuclear Attack

A 1988 FEMA report on what to do in the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Shelter Management Handbook

A very interesting read about what those in charge of operating fallout shelters have to do after an attack, particularly managing the people inside.

The ABC’s of NBC Warfare Survival

This 79 page eBook covers a wide variety of survival topics such as safe rooms, protective equipment, air filtration, and decontamination procedures. Download it here.

What to Do if Nuclear War is Imminent

A basic overview on how to prepare and survive a nuclear attack, whether you’re at home, or somewhere in the open, away from home. It’s only 8 pages long, so it’s worth printing it out. Free download.

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updated 11/02/2020